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JfH Devotionals by J.M. Farro


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.Accept Your Lot--For Now
.According to Your Faith (A)
.Adjust Your Plans
.Alone Time
."Amazing" Faith
.Anger vs. Assistance (A)
.The Antidote for Pressure and Stress
.Apparent Contradictions In The Bible
.The Appearance Of Evil
.Approaching God (A)
.Are You Seeking Great Things for Yourself? (A)
.Are We Seeking God?
.Ask For A Sign
.Avoiding Entanglements
.Avoiding Making Mistakes (A)


.The Battle is Not Yours
.Battle Scars
.Be Joyful in Hope (A)
.Believe and Receive
.Believe and See His Glory
.Believe and They'll Receive
.Believe for Victory
.Believing God for Good (A)
.Believing Prayer
.Benefit Yourself!
.Benefits and Blessings from God
.The Benefits of Salvation
.The Best is Yet to Come
.The Best Lesson My Dad Ever Taught Me
.Better to Trust the Lord
.Biblical Meditation: Part 1
.Biblical Meditation: Part 2
.Birthing the Miracles of God (A)
.Blessed to Impress (A)
.The Blessings of Sacrifice
.Blessings for the Weak
.Blunders to Blessings
.The Benefits of Rebuke (A)
.Boosting Our Prayer Power (A)
.Breaking Destructive Patterns
.Breaking Through Barriers
.Broken Promises
.By the Obedience of One
.By Their Fruit You Will Know Them


.Call On Him In Truth
.Can You Pray? (A)
.Caring Enough To Confront
.Cast Those Cares (A)
.Choose Life!
.Choosing God's Best
.The Christian Life
.Christlike Compassion
.A Climate Of Faith
.Come Boldly and Keep Coming (A)
.Come to a H.A.L.T. (A)
.Commit To Victory
.A Compassionate Comforter
.Complaints, Doubts, and Highest Purposes
.Confirmation of God's Promises (A)
.Confirming God's Will
.Confront People Directly
.The Consequences of Loose Talk

.Consider Him Faithful
.Constructive Complaining
.Costly Mistakes
.The Costs and Rewards of Discipleship (A)
.'Covered' in Prayer
.Cranky or Christlike?
.Created For Praise
.Critical Speech


.Dangerous Distractions
.The Dangers of Discouragement (A)
.The Dangers of Higher Education
.The Dangers of Strife (A)
.Darkest Before the Dawn (A)
.Dating: One Mom's Perspective
.Day-and-Night Prayers
.Dealing with Doubt (A)
.Debating Christians
.Declaring Our Way to Victory
.Defeating Negative Thinking
.Dependence Vs. Independence (A)
.Delays Are Not Necessarily Denials
.The Difference Humility Can Make
.The Difference Encouragement Can Make
.The Difference That Trust Makes (A)
.A Different Kind of Fast
.The Disaster of Wrong Desires
.'Discreet' Decisions
.Distancing Ourselves from Danger (A)
.Divine Deals
.Divine Intervention and Protection
.Do It For The Lord
.Do Not Fear Bad News
.Do The Right Thing
.Do Whatever He Tells You
.Do You Want to Get Well? (A)
.Don't Act Hastily
.Don't Be Deceived
.Don't Compare Yourself With Others (A)
.Don't Fail to Inherit God's Promises (A)
.Don't Get Lazy!
.Don't Get Offended! (A)
.Don't Go Back to Egypt
.Don't 'Follow Your Heart'
.Don't Hang Up the Phone
.Don't Measure Short
.Don't Panic!
.Don't Push!
.Don't Settle for Second Best
.Don't Try to Figure it Out
.Don't Undo Your Prayers
.Doomed to Destructive Behavior?
.Doomed To Disappoint
.The Doubt that Destroys (A)
.The Driver's Seat
.Duck Dilemma (In Times of Uncertainty) (A)


.Efforts Crowned with Success
.Encouragement for Hard Times (A)
.Encouragement for the Faithful (A)
.Encouraging Our Success
.Enter God's Rest (A)
.Envying The Wicked
.Equipped for Confrontation
.Equipped for Greater Things (A)
.Equipped for Service
.Establishing Boundaries for Our Relationships
.Even Now (A)
.Everything We Need
.Examining Our Motives
.An Example Of The Abundant Life
.Exceedingly Abundantly
.Excuses or Freedom? (A)
.Expecting God to Act (A)
.Expecting the Unexpected
.Experiencing God
.Extra Goodies


.Fair-Weather Friends
.Faith Failures
.Faith For Major Decisions
.Faith is spelled "R-I-S-K" (A)
.The Faith of Abraham (A)
.The Faith of a Child
.Faith Speaks
.Faithful in Little Things
.False Comforters, Gods, and Gumby
.Favor with God and Man (A)
.Fear Not
.The Fear of Human Opinion
.The Fear of The Lord
.Feeding Our Fear vs. Feeding Our Faith (A)
.Feeling Fragile
.Feelings of Loneliness
.Fickle Friends
.Fighting Off Fear
.Finish The Work (A)
.Flee from Sexual Immorality
.Focus on Love
.The Foolishness of Anger (A)
.Forget the Results! (A)
.Following God's Peace
.Forget the Crisis Prayers
.Four Good Reasons Not to Be Fearful
.Four Steps to Success (A)
.For Such a Time as This (A)
.A Force to Be Reckoned With (A)
.Freedom and Healing
.Freedom from the Fear of Death
.Freedom from Unforgiveness
.Freedom In Friendship

.Freely Give
.Fresh Hope
.Friendships According to God (A)
.From Grief to Gladness
.From Helplessness to Healing
.From Torment to Triumph (A)
.From Trials to Triumphs
.Fulfilling Our Glorious Destiny
.Fulfilling Our God-Given Purpose


.A Gateway of Hope
.A Gentle and Just God
.Get Out of the Way
.Get Over It! (A)
.Get Specific with Your Prayers
.Getting Alone With God
.Getting Burned
.Getting Our "Fair Share"
.Getting Serious About God's Promises
.Give Him Repeated Thanks
.Give Him the Glory!
.Giving God Control
.Giving Ourselves to Humble Tasks
.Giving Thanks in All Things
.Glad in God's Presence
.Go in God's Strength
.God Cares About the Details
.God Has a Turnaround for You
.God Hurts When We Hurt
.God is a Good Listener
.God is Doing Something New!
.God is Up to Something Good! (A)
.God Meant it for Good
.The God of Comfort
.The God of Miracles
.God Sees and Cares (A)
.A God Who Works Behind the Scenes
.God Will Do a Strange Thing
.God Will Make Another Way
.God's Antidote for Disappointment (A)
.God's Blessing-Bearing Word
.God's Care In Times Of Crisis
.God's Greater Power
.God's Healing Word (A)
.God's Instructions in the Heat of Battle
.God's Lines of Authority
.God's Goal in Speaking to Us (A)
.God's Loving Correction
.God's Plan for Our Finances
.God's Perfect Plan for Us (A)
.God's Perfect Timing (A)
.God's Perfecting Power
.God's Perspective, Promise and Power (A)
.God's Promises--True or False?
.God's Purpose in Testing Us
.God's Special Treasure
.God's Strategy for Success (A)
.God's Timing and Our Readiness
.God's Umbrella Of Protection
.God's Waiting Room
.A God Who Bends Down To Listen
.God's Will In Every Situation
.God's Winning Strategy (A)
.God's Word: Living and Active
.God-Pleasers Vs. Man-Pleasers (A)
.Going Deeper With God
.The Golden Rule for Prayer
.Good Reason to Hope
.Good Things Vs. God Things (A)
.Grace Under Pressure
.Great Lengths
.Grow Constantly in Strength


.Handling Finances God's Way
.Hard Messages
.He Gets Our Attention Through Adversity
.He Is All We Need
.He Is Our Shield
.He Lifts Us Up
.He Sees Every Tear
.He Who Promised is Faithful
.He Who Watches Over You Won't Slumber
.Healing Thoughts (A)
.Hearing the Good Sheperd's Voice
.Help from the Lord
.Help in Heartache and Hardship (A)
.Help in Our Struggles (A)
.Help in Times of Weakness (A)
.Help Is On The Way
.Helpers Vs. Saviors
.He Shall Bring it to Pass
.The High Cost of Complaining
.The High Cost of Independence
.High Quality Companionships
.A Higher Level of Faith (A)
.Hindrances to Healing
.Hindrances to Our Faith
.Holding Out For Godly Companions
.Holy Boldness (A)
.An Honest Life
.Hope For The Hopeless
.How Anger Harms
.How God Reveals Himself
.How God Speaks To Us
.How God Uses 'Nobodies'
.How to Claim God's Promises (A)
.How to Get 'God's Everything'
.How to Read the Bible
.How We Can Touch God
.How We Should "Walk" (A)
.The Humble Get the Help (A)


.I Desire to Do Your Will (A)
.I Still Have a Lot to Be Thankful For (A)
.Ignoring Words of Doubt (A)
.The Ill Effects of Worry
.Imitators of God (A)
.The Importance of Joy (A)
.The Importance of Wisdom
.'Impossible' Prayers
.In the Days to Come You'll Understand
.Increase Our Faith!
.Increasing Our Prayer Power
.Individual Ministry Needs
.Intervening Trials (A)
.An Invitation to Criticism
.Isaiah's Prayer (A)


.Jesus is Willing (A)
.Jesus The Healer
.Judge Not (A)
.Just Five Minutes a Day
.Just Say NO!

.Keep on Believing (A)
.Keeping Our Dreams In Proper Perspective
.Keep Planting Your Seed
.Keep Yourselves Fueled and Aflame
.Knowing and Trusting the Lord (A)


.Laying Hold of God's Promises (A)
.Leading Others to the Lord (A)
.Learning to Be Content
.Leave Room for God
.A Life Worth Living
.A Lesson from Lazarus (A)
.Lessons From A Loss
.Lessons from Jehoshaphat
.Let Go, Let God
.Let God's Word Do the Talking! (A)
.Let Your Light Shine
.Letting Go and Moving On
.Lies of the Enemy
.Limiting God's Blessings (A)
.Listen for His Voice
.Living Free from Indignation (A)
.Living Without Fear Or Dread
.Long-Lasting Blessings
.Look For What God Can Do
.Look Up To God (A)
.The Lord Can Give You Much More (A)
.The Lord Remembers Us
.Lord, What are You Going to Do?
.The Lord Will Provide (A)
.Loving God and People
.Loving the Unlovable (A)
.Lunatic, Liar, or Lord?


.Make the Most of Every Opportunity (A)
.Making a Difference
.Making a Distinction
.Making Our Suffering Count
.Making Way For the New
.A Matter of Trust (A)
.Meditating on God's Character
.Mercy For the Guilty
.A Message of Restoration
.The Ministry of Heartbreak *Previous Feature
.The Ministry Of Tears
.Miracles for 'Ordinary' People
.Mistakes -- A New Perspective
.The Moment We Pray
.Multiplied Provision
.My Father is Greater Than All (A)


.Needs Vs. Wants
.Negative Reports
.New Assignments (A)
.New Beginnings (A)
.Noble Vessels
.No Complaints
.No Condemnation
.No Easy Way Out
.No Expectations
.No Match for God
.No Provision for the Flesh
.No Pressure
.Not by Sight or Appearance (A)
.Not My Problem!
.Not Perfect? Read This!
.NOW is the Time of God's Favor and Salvation
.Nothing Can Hinder the Lord


.Obstacles To Fulfilling Our Ministry
.One Step at a Time (A)
.Opportunities and Open Doors
.Our Battle Against Sin (A)
.Our Burden Bearer
.Our Christmas List for God
.Our Dreams or His?
.Our Giving God
.Our Healing God
.Our Heavenly Resources for Difficult Times (A)
.Our Helper the Holy Spirit
.Our Incomparable Privileges
.Our 'Little' Troubles
.Our 'New Thing' God
.Our Peace and Personal Time with God
.Our Secret Place (A)
.Our Spiritual Mentor
.Our True Standard
.Our "Unrewarded" Work (A)
.Our Willingness to Trust
.Overcoming Anxiety (A)
.Overcoming Sin Through Prayer
.Overlooked and Unappreciated


.Pain's Positive Outcome
.Painful Times
.Passing the Test
.A Passion for Living
.Payment from Heaven
.Peace and Effective Prayer
.Peace and Stability
.Peace for Decisions
.Peace in All Circumstances
.Peace in the Days of Adversity
.Peace in the Midst of the Storm
.People are Watching
.Persevering for Prodigals
.Planting and Reaping Our Harvest
.Please Change Me
.The Positive Power of Saying "NO" (A)
.Potential Stumbling Blocks to Fulfilling Our Destiny
.Pour On the Love
.Pouring Out Our Complaints (A)
.The Power and Responsibility of Agreement
.The Power of Forgiveness (A)
.The Power of God's Implanted Word
.The Power of God's Word
.The Power of Joy
.The Power of a Peacemaker (A)
.The Power of Submission
.The Power of Our Words
.Power to Keep Calm (A)
.Practical Steps to Spending Time in God's Word
.Praise in the Midst of Problems
.Pray About Everything
.Pray And Disobey
.Pray for All People
.Pray Now!
.Pray Yourself Through It
.The Prayer of Agreement
.Prayer that Gets Results (A)
.Prayer: The Ultimate Timesaver
.Praying Effective Prayers
.Praying for Ourselves (A)
.Praying for 'Snakes'
.Praying God's Will
.Praying God's Word with Power
.Praying In Advance
.Preserving Our Families
.The Price of a Passive Response
.Prizing Our Possessions
.Problem-Solving Prayer
.The Promises of Isaiah 41:10
.Proof of His Love
.The Proper Faith Response
.The Proper Perspective
.Proper Priorities
.Prophesying Our Future
.A Prophet Without Honor
.Pursue Perseverance (A)
.A Purpose for Your Pain
.Pursuing God's Best with Passion
.Pursuing God's Perfect Path
.Pursuing Peace in Our Families
.Put Everything in God's Hands (A)
.Put It Into Practice
.Putting Off Passivity (A)
.Putting Off Procrastination (A)


.The Question of Confirmations
.The Question of Suffering
.Quietly Trusting The Lord


.Radical Blessings
.Reaching Out in Times of Trial
.Real Help Comes from God
.Reasoning Away His Blessings
.Receiving the Answers to Our Prayers (A)
.The Recipe for Abundant Joy
.Recounting the Promises of God (A)
.The Refining Process (A)
.A Refusal to Correct
.Refuse To Worry (A)
.Rejoicing in Our Labor (A)
.Relationship Restoration (A)
.Remember Me
.Resist Defeat!
.Responding to Rebels (A)
.Resting in God's Will for Us
.Restoration vs. Ruin
.Retroactive Prayer
.Return to the Lord (A)
.Revelation from Heaven (A)
.Revenge Is Sweet!
.Rewards for the Faithful (A)
.The Rewards of Childlike Faith
.The Rewards of Endurance
.The Right Decision Every Time
.The Right Response To Trials
.The Right Way to Forgive (A)
.The Right Words at the Right Time
.Rooted And Built Up
.Running a Successful Race (A)
.Running From Temptation


.The Saving Power of Praise (A)
.Saying Goodbye
.Saying 'No' To Self-Pity
.Seasons of Loneliness
.The Secrets of His Promises
.Seeds of Protection
.Seize the Promises
.Seeking Closure
.Sensitive to His Voice
.Separate Yourself
.Set Them An Example
.Shake It Off!
.Share Their Joy
.Show Us Your Mercy
.Shunning Self-Indulgence
.Shunning Bitterness in Our Suffering
.Shunning Shame and Disappointment (A)
.Shut Up and Pray
.Sin: It's All in Your Mind
.Skills Blessed by God
.Small Beginnings
.Some Good News About Suffering (A)
.The Source of Our Confidence
.Speak the Truth in Love
.Speedy Answers
.Spirit-Led Prayer
.Spiritual Smokescreens
.Spiritual Spankings
.Steer Clear of Foolish Discussions
.Steps Directed by the Lord
.Stop Doubting and Believe
.Stop Limiting God
.Stop Mixing Worry with the Word (A)
.Strength in Adversity (A)
.Strongholds of Human Reasoning
.Stubbornness: Good vs. Bad
.Stubbornness vs. Surrender
.Suffering According to God’s Will
.Supernatural Peace (A)
.Supernatural Strength (A)
.Supernatural Well-Being


.Take Heart, You Are Not Alone
.Take The Initiative
.Take The Limits Off (A)
.Taking a Stand
.Taking a Stand Against Despair (A)
.Taking Away the Props
.Taking Jealousy Seriously
.Talk to Yourself!
.Testing Will Surely Come
.That's Not What I Meant!
.Too Distressed To Pray
.Train Yourself to Be Godly
.Trivial Troubles
.The Trouble with Gossip (A)
.Trust Means...
.The Truth About Sin
.The Truth About “Venting”
.Try God
.Turning Adversities into Advantages
.Turning Misery Into Ministry
.Turning the Tables on the Enemy (A)
.Two Sides to Every Story


.Unbelieving Believers
.Unexpected Options
."UnGodly" Invitations
.Ungodly Philosophies (A)
.UnGodly Prayers
.Unwavering Faith
.Unwholesome Talk (A)


.Victory Over Temptation


.Wait for the Harvest
.Waiting for God's Best
.Walking in the Spirit (A)
.The Way Of Escape
.The Way to Freedom
.We're Not Quitters
.What Are We Living For?
.What Are You Listening To?
.What Do You Want Me to Do for You?
.What is it That You Do?
.What We Approve
.When the Wicked Succeed
.When God Closes Doors
.When Trouble Comes
.When Trouble Strikes
.When We Have to Disappoint Others
.When We 'Miss' God
.When We Need Wisdom (A)
.When Words are Many (A)
.Whether They Listen or Not (A)
.Whine Or Worship? (A)
.Who Has Believed Our Report?
.Who Is Your Source?
.Who Will Stand Up for the Lord?
.Why Are You Afraid? (A)
.Wild and Wonderful Answers to Prayer
.Winning Battles God's Way (A)
.Winning the Respect of Outsiders
.Wisdom for the Best and Quickest Solutions
.Worship Opens Doors (A)
.Wrestling for the Blessing



.You Can't Please People
.You Have a Job to Do
.You Shall Dwell at Ease
.You Will Know Them By Their Fruit
.You Will Understand Later On
.You're Too Busy!


(A) = Audio Devotional Included
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