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Street Sex

Friday, October 31, 2008

Street Sex

I was cutting the grass a couple of summers ago and got the scare of my life. at the time the yard of my house looked like a swamp area. my shrubs looked like they had afros. my oldest son was two years old at the time (he's four now). josiah dragged his little plastic lawnmower into the yard and was cutting the grass alongside daddy. then he abandoned it to head for the street in front of our house.

josiah and i have had the talk. i’ve gotten on a knee, looked him in the eye, pointed to the street and tapped it with my finger. i’ve warned him of the dangers of it. i’ve done that countless number of times. i’ve gently cupped his face in my hands, propped his head in front of mine, told him to look daddy in the eye, and said, “buddy, never, ever, ever, ever, ever get near this street. it can give you bad boo-boos and hurt you. it will make daddy sad and upset if you get near the street. I care about you so much. I love you enough that I will spank you in order to keep you out of the street.”

he still didn’t get it though. he didn’t buy into my facts about the danger of the street. so he ventured up to the street and walked alongside it. it’s like he wanted to test what i told him. he wanted to see (experience) for himself. at the same time an suv was driving toward him. christie went running after him. i shut the lawnmower off and began shouting and running after him too. but there was no urgency for him to run. he just looked at us like we were clueless. he wasn’t so sure he bought into the fact that the street could cost him his life.

i think of proverbs 7 which deals with sexual sin. being on the road so much, sexual temptation and opportunites abound. ministers have crashed and burned due to travel temptations. just this past weekend i got news of another youth pastor crashing and burning due to adultery with an intern.

for you out there in jesusfreak land, know this. you don’t have to travel far for these opportunities to seduce you. the opportunities lurk in bible studies and church congregations.

Solomon said to the young men (it applies to young women too), “Listen to me, my sons (and daughters), and pay attention to my words. Don’t let your hearts stray toward her (or him, or porn, or fantasy). Don’t wander down her wayward paths. For she has been the ruin of many; numerous men have been her victims. Her house is the road to the grave. Her bedroom is the den of death.” Proverbs 7:24-27; NLV

Fact:: If you venture into the street of sexual sin you can ruin your life, your mind, your soul. Sexual sin (this includes porn) has been the ruin of many. Few, very few, are the exception. The odds are you won't be either. Sexual sin is the road to the grave. The den of death. These are the facts.

Stay out of the street. 


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1. The Watcher said...

Great blog Jarrod, you're an inspiration to a lot of people. My youth pastor loves your stuff. Keep it up!

Read lyrics to "The Lioness" by Dead Poetic, it goes along with this blog so well. "Sex is the lioness, queen of the temple" and it's so true. How do you know that the rocks at the edge of the cliff are sturdy? You don't, and it isn't hard to fall. If you don't get near the edge of the cliff, how are you going to fall off of it? Just stay away, and stay away, and stay away.

2. austin+ said...

On a tangent to this, I love how children represent Adam and Eve accurately. Your child reminded of something that I learned for the first time recently. Adam and Eve had a very innocent, naive relationship with God though they had adult bodies. They themselves were naive in nature due to their incomprehension of the devil's deceit.

Even though God told them not to do something, they wanted to test it and cost them dearly. The road could mean death for your child while the tree for them meant death.

It was almost inevitable for sin to enter humanity though it was never an intention for humanity.

3. matt said...

nicely said, Jarrod.

I've been reading your book recently, and it's really been hitting home. Thank you so much for making it available online, and I'm sure I'll be using this with my local youth group.

4. Jarrod+Jones said...

The Watcher!
Thanks my friend... And love the lyrics to "The Lioness." Thanks for sharing that.

5. Jarrod+Jones said...

Greeaaat point dude. Nice insight. Thanks for passing it on.

6. Jarrod+Jones said...

Hey Matt,
Thanks for your encouragement. So thankful you're using the book and getting into the lives of your students. Blessings to you friend...

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