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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Great Transparency Party Parade Tour Blog 1

Hello Everyone! Jameson here. It has been a while since I've updated our blog, and we have been super busy. We have been doing tons of writing for a new album, and we are very excited about the music we have written!

We have also been on the Party Parade Tour for about a week now with our friends Temple Veil. The tour is taking us out west for about 3 weeks. We’re currently in San Diego, California. Today we are headed to Los Angeles, California for a day off, which we are really excited about. So far the tour has been great! We have made lots of new friends on this tour, and everyone has really enjoyed our music!

Lately I have been thinking about the Christian mentality that once you are saved you are perfect—and that’s just not true. Even though we are saved, we fall short. We are only human, and we are expected to make mistakes. I think it makes some people feel like their relationship with God isn’t strong or adequate when in all actuality it is typical; you just don’t always see the problems or struggles people have. Even through all of your struggles and problems, God is there to love you and help you through them. And don’t think you have to clean yourself up to come to God. Every night Zack says from the stage, “You don’t have to clean yourself up to come to God. He just wants you to come running to him.” I believe in that saying very much.

Romans 8:38-39
38 For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the
present nor the future, nor any powers, 39 neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all
creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

I just want to encourage everyone to just go running to God with any problem, struggle, trial, or tribulation you may have. I will update this again very soon! Stay sweet!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

2011 - Wow, What a Ride!

Hey everyone! Jameson here! Well it’s officially 2012, and TGT is leaving behind the year 2011. For us, the year 2011 was full of many great times, difficult times, and memories that we will laugh at for the rest of our lives! Well, here’s a recap of some of the events of 2011:

In April we released our first single off of our Rebuild Your Love EP. Even though we had released 2 other singles off our second album, we felt very optimistic about the future of this song. The song is about showing genuine love to people—not the kind of love that is found in movies and cheesy songs, but a love that can be found in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

June was probably the busiest and most transitional period the band has ever had. I got married June 20th of this year and had a beautiful destination wedding. Before leaving to get married, Miah, our old lead singer, announced that he was leaving the band. He explained he needed to be home with his family which we completely understood and supported that decision. But this left Tommy and I wondering where to go from there. At my wedding (which was completely amazing!) Tommy played the ukulele and our manager, Alan Howe, officiated. It was truly a blessing to have them both involved in my big day! While down at my wedding we received word that our song “Rebuild Your Love” had broken the charts. After hearing that, Tommy and I decided that we definitely wanted to find the right singer and continue moving forward with TGT. The day after my wedding Tom headed back to Ohio to get ready to perform at Alive Festival while I headed out for my honeymoon.

In the month of August we got the biggest news our band has gotten so far! We heard that our single “Rebuild Your Love” had reached the #1 spot on the Christian Rock Billboard Charts. During August we had also set out for a tour with Come Wind. While on tour we performed at The Fest alongside such artists as Blessed Union of Souls, Mercy Me, Remedy Drive, and Shine Bright Baby.

In September we welcomed Zack Zaborski to our band as our new lead singer. We were very excited to get Zack and it was during this month that we played our final show with Miah. We performed at Ignite Fest with KJ52, Bread of Stone, Satellites and Sirens, Philmont, After Edmund, and many others! We were sad to see Miah go but we also knew that getting Zack was a blessing and a great sign to keep moving forward.

In November we did our first tour with Zack. We did a 2 week run throughout Florida. We had a blast and enjoyed the beautiful weather. We had one mishap in which Zack and I actually wrecked into each other on some jet-skis. We felt very blessed to walk away from the accident with no injuries, but the jet-skis were a different story. But overall, the tour was a lot of fun! November was also a month where we began shooting our music video for “Rebuild Your Love” with a hopeful release in early 2012.

In December we released our second single off of our Rebuild Your Love EP called “Chaos Parade” which was co-written with Audio Adrenaline guitarist Barry Blair. Before the release we did a 3 week run with our friends in Please Promise. This tour took us to Texas, Kansas, Illinois, and Tennessee. This tour probably left us with the least amount of room in the van and trailer because we decided to ride together and carry full lights and production. Although we were all crammed together in our 15 passenger van, we had an absolute blast! We finished up December with a show in Kentucky and a New Years Eve Show in Missouri—both of which were an amazing way to end the year for us!

All in all, 2011 has been a great year of growing for our band and a lot of big stuff has happened. We went through crazy lineup changes that left us as a 3 piece, we had our first single spend 20 weeks on the charts and our follow up single is ending the year at #21. We also had the privilege of sharing the stage with amazing artists like Flatfoot 56, Eleventyseven, The Fold, White Collar Side Show, Chasen, Grave Robber, and Francesca Battistelli. With that being said, we look forward to 2012 and we think it’s going be a big year for us. Thanks to everyone who supported us in in 2011, and we look forward to see more of you this year! Stay Sweet.


Friday, December 23, 2011

End of Give Take and Rebuild Love Tour Blog

               Sunday, December 18th was the last day of The Give, Take, and Rebuild Love Tour with Please Promise. The tour ended in Old Hickory, Tennessee, and what a bittersweet day it was! While it will be nice to see our families and friends, it was definitely sad to say goodbye to our tour-mates Please Promise. One bible verse sticks out when I think about this tour:

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” –Proverbs 27:17

This verse sticks out because of all of the trials we faced on the road this time. We were faced with automotive, parking, financial, and countless other kinds of issues, and through it all we always helped one another stay grounded. This proverb is one of my favorite. I think about all the “iron” in my life. Parents, grandparents, friends, my wife. They all play important roles in shaping me into a better follower of Christ. I really want to encourage you to think of who the “iron” in your life is.

I’m currently in Florida picking up my grandmother to take her back to Ohio for Christmas. While down here, my wife and I are enjoying the beautiful weather and doing a little last minute Christmas shopping. We are headed back to Ohio tomorrow. I’m super excited to see my family this Christmas, especially since I have not seen them in a few weeks. This will probably be my last blog before Christmas, so I hope everyone has a very blessed Christmas! Stay sweet.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Give Take and Rebuild Love Tour Blog #3

            Hello again! Jameson from TGT here! We have been on the Give, Take, and Rebuild Love Tour with our dudes in Please Promise for about 2 weeks. The past couple of days have been completely awesome! Were currently relaxing at a beachfront condo in Galveston, TX (thanks Ron!). The 2 days we have been here have been filled with lots of writing, relaxing, card playing, movie watching, and hanging out. It has been fantastic. We have one more day here and then were headed to Weatherford, TX for our show at Church of Peaster!

            Today is our last day at the condo and we’re feeling very rejuvenated! I love playing as many shows as possible when we tour but sometimes it’s nice to get some days off. It’s been a blast just getting to hang out with Please Promise and getting to know them better! We have also written quite a bit of songs and ideas since being here which we are super excited about. I love the writing process and hearing an idea go from just an idea to a completed piece of work! I look forward to the day when you all can hear it!

            On a side note, we ran into a bit of a problem last night. Our van started leaking a moderate amount of oil from one place. I got under the van to look, and since I am not a mechanic there wasn’t much I could do. So today we are going go get it checked out. I’m praying and hoping for the best! So if you’re reading this, please pray that the problem is not severe, and we will at least be able to get our van home from tour.

            I will keep the blog updated with the latest news with TGT, but for now I’m going to try to figure out the van situation! Stay sweet.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Give Take and Rebuild Love Tour Blog #2

                Hey readers out there! Jameson from TGT here. We’re still on the Give, Take, and Rebuild Love Tour with our dudes Please Promise. We haven’t updated you in a while, and we have been through lots of ups and downs on this tour. First off I would love to thank all the promoters and venues that have taken care of us on this tour so far. We have had a lot of fun playing for you and the people who showed up to see us play! While this tour has been mostly good, and we have enjoyed the time we’re spending with our fans, other bands, and Please Promise, there has also been some crazy stuff we’ve had to deal with.

We actually had a show on this tour where we basically got stiffed, and after driving all that way to play with not even compensation for gas, food or anything, it sorta left our tour with a lot of angst and frustration. When faced with a situation like this it’s hard not to react in a negative way. We are only human, but after realizing we were just dragging ourselves down, we got together to pray and pray hard. Its funny how in the midst of a problem you can be so wound up that you forget that you have a God that will take care of you no matter what. After much prayer we left this venue knowing that it will get figured out, and we have keep our eyes focused on what’s right and just try to stay positive.

Throughout this tour we have done devotionals and prayed but this is a time when we need it more than ever. Not only for our troubles but to rejoice in the triumphs we have had. We were fortunate enough to have our second single “Chaos Parade” debut at number 23 on the Christian Rock Billboard Charts, which is a major blessing, and I know we would not be where we are without the love and guidance of our Savior.

Since we are talking about blessings, I just have to say that RYFO ( has been a major blessing for us. If your not familiar with RYFO, they are an organization that helps out touring bands with a network of people who either give us a place to stay, pray for us, or do services for bands for little or no cost. The RYFO host homes we have stayed in have been too good to us. One of the homes after hearing about our troubles with the venue wrote us a check to help us out. Its amazing how generous people can be. It seems like every time we have ever stayed at a RYFO home we always have an amazing experience! So if you have never heard of this amazing organization, be sure to check it out!

We’re about 2 weeks into this tour and finally have a few days off. We were fortunate enough to be introduced to a guy named Ron who hooked us up with a condo that overlooks the Gulf of Mexico here in Galveston, TX! We’re going to spend this time doing lots of writing, relaxing, and definitely spending some time in the Word. So big thanks to Ron!

I want to leave you with a little verse in James.

James 1:2-4

Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”

 Reading this verse just brings me peace knowing that no matter what we endure personally or as a band, we will persevere through it. Well, its time for me to get to writing some awesome music! Stay sweet.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Give Take and Rebuild Love Tour Blog #1

  Hey Hi Hello! How are you all doing? It has been a while! I hope you are all doing well. It is I, Zack, Here to give you all a little update on our lives as The Great Transparency. For those of you who are unaware, we are currently on the "Give Take and Rebuild Love" tour with our good friends "Please Promise." Now let me tell you, we are having a freaking blast! The dudes in this band are amazing and have made this tour an amazing experience thus far. So if you are reading this, go check them out!

    We played our first show this past Friday at Park Place in New Philadelphia, Ohio, with a few local acts and had a great time. The kids that were there had such an amazing energy the entire show! Our buddies from Please Promise absolutely killed it. Let me just warn you all now, I will be bragging on Please Promise the entire tour and on every single blog. They are just an amazingly talented group of guys that we are extremely blessed to be traveling with. That night we ended up going home to have one last night in our own beds. Please Promise crashed at Tommy's place.

    The next morning rolls around and we find our selves getting up at the crack of dawn to combine our gear with Please Promises gear. Now let me tell yah, between all the gear we both own, this was no easy task, not even in the least bit. After a good hour or more, we finally got everything packed up, only to discover that our trailer was hanging much to low to the ground to go anywhere. But after some tricky reconfiguration, we solved the problem and headed out for Kokomo Indiana. We got there safe and sound and started setting up for our show with Always One Ministries. The show went so well and let me tell yah, Always One Ministries took such good care of us that I barely knew how to handle it. They were all so nice and extremely helpful. They fed us until we couldn't eat anymore, and then some! The light show was really sweet too! There were all kinds of lasers and fog, to be honest it almost made me sick on stage, but looked amazing. So we load up the trailer (which takes about a year and a half) and in the process it begins to rain. Not the soft, gentle rain we all know and love, but the kind of rain that's so cold and big that it hits you like a brick wall. So we hurry the loading, hop in the, and turn the key. Now as I turn the key, worse came to worse. The battery in the van had completely died and would not turn over the starter at all. Not even a little; our van was not doing a thing. So we tried and tried and tried but got nowhere what so ever. So we made a decision that we should've made long ago, we prayed over the situation; and low and behold the van started right up. It is amazing how awesome God works.

    The next morning rolls around, and at this point we were all dead, and not wanting to get out of bed at all. But whether we wanted to or not, it was time to head out for the next show. So we all hopped in the van and headed out for Robinson Illinois to play at Robinwood Assembly of God. The youth pastor and promoter Russ greeted us at the door when we arrived and instantly started taking care of us. He helped us set up and made us an amazing Stew for dinner that I personally ate way to much of. The show turned out to be a great time. Though there wasn't a huge crowd, a young lady gave her life to Christ, and that is so much better than any amount of people that could ever be at a show. We praise God with everything in us that we were able to share in that. Tomorrow we head out for Wichita Kansas and are super stoked! I hope you are all doing well and are having a blessed week! Keep your eyes open for more blogs to come! Here is a little something I want to leave you with, it is my favorite scripture and has helped me through a lot in my life. Psalms 91:7; Though ten thousand may fall to my right side, and another ten thousand to my left, I will not be harmed. This speaks to me so much because it is direct proof that our God is always there to protect us. No matter what the situation, he is and always will be our protector. I hope you can carry this and may it help you get through tough times where you feel you need a helping hand. We love you all very much, and God bless!

Zack TGT   

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Great Transparency Tour Blog 4

  Hey Hi Hello everybody! It’s Zack yet again here, how are you all today? Hopefully good, we wouldn’t want it any other way. So here are some more updates! When we last left off we had just left La Belle and were heading for Tampa to play at Causeway Baptist Church for a youth lock in. We arrived to an awesome crew and great staff who did nothing but take great care of us. The set up was smaller so it made for a very up close and personal show; which in this case was a very good thing. We got to witness to some very cool and very interested kids, which to me is better than playing for a thousand person crowd any day! There was also another band that played by the name of Beyond the gates, a three-piece ambient worship team who completely rocked the house. They really new how to not only put on a great show but really lead people into worship. Afterward we all went out for an awesome late night meal at Apple Bee’s and had a blast.

The next day we woke up early and headed out for Kissimmee Florida to play at Faith Baptist Church. As we Arrived we pulled into the parking lot to find a huge church waiting for us to rock the house! We went ahead and set up our merch and our stage equipment early so we had some chill time and where ready for sound check. Our sound guy was absolutely amazing! He gave us and all the other bands an amazing mix. The other bands that played were very talented young musicians! Ascend took the stage first and rocked the house with some upbeat and heartfelt worship really setting a good vibe for the night. Next a female fronted band by the name of Inasense rocked it out with an all original set. Then we took the stage, we had an amazing time with the kids of Kissimmee! Those guys really knew how to rock out. We were also very happy to be joined by our good friend and founder of Razzberry Records Barry Blaze. It was amazing getting to hang out with him! He drove two hours to watch our set and to present us with plaques to honor our #1 single “Rebuild your love”. It was a great honor and we are beyond grateful for such an accomplishment. After the show we were super excited to find out we were staying the night at the Disney sports resort! The place itself was ridiculous, in a good way. The buildings were huge and decked out in all things sports and Disney. The next morning we awoke early to lead worship for the Sunday morning service. We played a three-song set of all worship songs. The coolest part about the church was it was a multi-cultural church where they did one service in English, and the other in Spanish. It turned out to be a very cool experience.

After the service we loaded up the van and headed out for Tavernier to play at Burton memorial UMC. It was a very beautiful little church with an amazing staff that took very good care of us from start to finish. The soundman was amazing along with the pastor. They really helped us out with everything from load in to set up to tear down and load out. They were a huge help. The there a pretty small crowd at this show but the people that were there were very welcoming and looked like they had an fun time. We got to meet a woman at the show who came out to support the church at 94 years old. She definitely had her opinions, but was the sweetest lady we have met so far! A big shout out goes to Dorthia for some amazing stories and a lot of laughs. The next day, Pastor Kerry and his friend, Sheila who owned the boat, treated us to a day on the water. We got to go tubing out in the Gulf of Mexico, but of course with our luck with boats, we blew out the propeller. We attempted to fix it, but could not fix it while on the water. So we called up sea tow and got a tow back to the dock. While we were waiting, we had the opportunity to go snorkeling and do some diving off the boat, so it turned out to be a very fun day stranded out on the water!

I am sad to say that this was the end of out tour. We have had nothing but a great time down here in Florida and are extremely thankful to have met all the people we have met and are thankful for the safety God has provided us. Thank you to all who have been praying for us, your prayers are very much appreciated and needed! Our journey is far from over though. We head home Tuesday and have one heck of drive ahead of us. We are trusting God will provide us with safe travels and good times. Keep looking for these blogs though; they will not be ending here! We will be keeping you all in the loop on up coming events and things that are going on not only with the band but our every day walk as well. We love and thank you all!

God bless

Zack TGT   

Sunday, November 13, 2011

TGT Tour Blog 3 Air-Boats and Alligators... Gods people and creation

  What is up my brotha’s and sistas!!! How are you all today? I hope you are doing well, I know we are right now. The past two days have been nothing but amazing. Yesterday we drove from Punta Gorda to La Belle to play for First Baptist Church and arrived to a great treat. We were greeted by our new good friend Preston and were instantly taken care of above and beyond what we could have ever asked for. Preston and the guys from the youth praise band (who played right before us, and rocked the house) helped us load in all of our gear and got everything set on stage. After we got everything set and ready, the church provided dinner for not only us, but for the whole congregation. So we sat and got to share a meal with some amazing people and awesome new friends. Right before the show, we got to do a quick live interview with Rob from Call FM and had a great time with him. So the show started at just around seven with the youth praise band that played a really powerful worship set. For a group of youngsters they really brought it and lead the whole church into an amazing half hour of worship. After that we took the stage. We got to play about an hour and thirty minute set, this set was a little different though. Preston asked us to share each of our testimonies. Which none of us had really done, but were honored to have such an opportunity. So to say the least, last night was a very powerful evening not only for the crowd, but for us as well. I know for me personally it was very relieving. I had never really had a chance to fully go into my story, and let me tell you it was hard stuff. There were a lot of things that were said that only a very select few close people in my life know of. Either way it was an amazing and powerful night for all.

This morning we got up early and met up with Preston for breakfast at the church and ate until we couldn’t eat anymore. (Story of our lives) After some hang time, Preston surprised us by putting brand new tires on our trailer. And let me say they were very needed, so a huge shout out to Preston for that, thank you from the bottom of our hearts! And just to make things better, Preston loaded us into his truck and drove us into the heart of a reservation to go to Billy’s swamp. So all day we got to go on a huge buggy ride and watch alligators, some amazing birds, some huge Bison and dear, and then some wild hogs. We also got to watch the Critter show. It was a really cool experience! After that we had some lunch at the diner in the park and ate till we couldn’t eat anymore (once again). And for the grand finale, we got to go on an airboat ride around the park. We got to see all the animals from a different view and best of all; we got to see a seven-foot long gator from about ten feet away. The airboat driver turned off the engine and coasted us in until we were just feet away. It was a really awesome day to say the least.

Today really made me start thinking, it is absolutely amazing how wonderful our God is. To see the beauty of the animals, the reflections of the sun setting on the water, it is just one little glimpse of the awesome power of our God. So here’s a little something for you to try, next time you are starring out the window of your classroom, office, or house just think of the awesome power of our God. I hope you are all doing well! We will be praying for you all as do I hope you will be praying for us. We head out tomorrow for Tampa to play at Causeway Church Baptist Church. We love you all and pray that God blesses you in all that you do!  Zack TGT    


Thursday, November 10, 2011

TGT Tour Blog - Season With Salt And Salt Water

  What is up everybody! It’s Zack here from TGT filling you in on a little bit of our tour as it goes. It’s been a couple days since the last blog so I got a lot to fill you all in on. Last thing you heard we were down in Key West, FL having an amazing time with all of our new friends. (you’re the man Jeff from 33-3.) We played at Impact Church down there and had a great time. It was a smaller Church but let me tell you, the kids that crammed into that church put most crowds to shame! They had an amazing energy and you could tell that God was there in that room. So a huge shout out to all of you who came out to Impact Church in Key West and to Timothy, the man behind the whole show. You guys are the bomb! Well along our journey we may have had a bit of an incident. Our new friend Jeff took us out on an amazing Jet Ski tour. We had a blast! Well you see, as we were coming around the corner from a beautiful little cove, I happened to not be paying as much attention and accidentally ran into the back of Jameson going around 45 mph. Thanks to the awesome power of our God, neither one of us were seriously injured. One sore wrist, and a couple roughed up Jet Skis, we are thankful that is all that happened. So there’s that little bit for yah. The next morning we headed out of the Keys and up to Naples for our show at Center Pointe Community Church. Let me tell yah, Naples knows how to throw down! There was an amazing crowd and the staff was just amazing as well. We got to kick it with Call FM while we were there. Got to spend some time talking to Jillian and Josh who are both awesome people! We also got to kick it with our new friend Todd from CPCC. He took us to a really nice waterside diner and paid for our lunch. And let me tell you, it was delicious! So a big shout out to the amazing people of Center Pointe Community Church and Call FM! You guys rock! So here we are at the next day where we headed out for Punta Gorda, FL . We played for a high school Young life group and had a blast! All the kids there were awesome and really knew how to have a fun time. Later on that night we drove to our host home where we met Ginger and Doctor M. These have got to be the nicest people I have ever met! They greeted us with a big old smile and some hot delicious food, (which let me tell you is the #1 way to a man’s heart). We got to spend some good quality time with the two then headed off for bed. The next day (which was yesterday for those not keeping track…like myself haha) we got up and went out to lunch with Tom, who heads up the Young Life here in Punta Gorda. We had us some good old Chicago style chili cheese dogs and headed off to our next show. We played an acoustic set for the Wylde Life group at Punta Gorda Middle School where 71 kids showed up! It was an awesome time! So now here we are. Getting up and moving about to head out for Labelle, Florida today! We are extremely excited and ready for another show!

So we have been doing some devotionals here along this tour, and they have been nothing but amazing. It’s really nice to have something like a devotional to help keep you grounded. Especially when you can’t go to church because you’re traveling so much. So the other day we were doing a devotional right before we left Naples, FL and it was talking about seasonings. You know like cooking seasoning. At first it really threw me for a loop, like what could this have to do with anything? But in reality it makes a very good point. As Christians, we need to be the seasoning of this earth. We want to be the reason people look at Christians and say “wow, this really is better with God in my life.” Much like any dish will taste better with some seasonings on it. So here’s a little something to help you remember to be the seasoning of this earth. It’s as simple as this, every time you sit down to eat and reach for the salt and pepper, just think of ways that you can be a seasoning to this world.

I hope you are all well! God bless each and every one of you out there. Continue to pray for this band and our ministry. We are not here looking for fame or riches; we only pray that we get the message of our Lord Jesus Christ out into the world for those who need to hear it. God bless you,



Thursday, November 3, 2011

Meet Zack of The Great Transparency!

What’s up everybody, it’s Zack Zaborski. I am the new front man for The Great Transparency! I have been blessed to become a member as of 3-ish months ago now and it has been nothing but an amazing ride! Many of you have zero clue who I am and that’s just fine, but here is a little about me. I am 21 years old, born and raised in Newark Ohio. I was brought up in a Christian home with the best family a guy could ever ask for. Now if we are going to be honest, I wasn’t what you would call the most well behaved young man you have ever met. I’ll admit it I made some mistakes, a lot of which came back to bight me right in the rear. But by the grace of our amazing God, my life was turned upside down. I’m still not a perfect guy, but I strive every day to live like Jesus would and will continue to do my best to do so.

Enough about me, let’s get to the good stuff. So this is the beginning of our tour blog. We left at around 9 pm on Tuesday night and drove all through the night to get to Naples Florida today at 6 pm. Let’s just say it was one long haul. It has been a blast so far! We came right to the hotel and got right to chillin. We definitely need it. After getting some food and some hang out time we were ready to crash, and crash hard. We will be keeping you all posted throughout our trip and can’t wait to see and meet all of you at the up coming shows and meetings after that! God bless you all.

Zack Z.

Monday, January 10, 2011

TGT's 2010 - The Year-in Review

Well hello again, everyone! Miah here, and I would like to officially wish all of you a very Happy New Year on behalf of everyone in TgT. So far, 2011 has been a great year, as we've been in the studio pretty much all of this year (which has been about a week or so haha), working on our next EP, which will likely be out sometime soon! It's a new year, so what better way to ring it in than with brand new music too! We're very pumped to get this new project out and in your headphones! Get ready everyone, it's going to be awesome!

So 2010 has come and gone. Some of you might not know this, but TgT has been a band for almost five years (March 2011 will be our fifth anniversary). With that, 2010 was without a doubt our best year as a band yet, as well as our busiest. What an incredible time of new experiences, new friends, and new blessings from God! For instance, we had the great pleasure of meeting new friends and amazing musicians such as the guys in Kutless, Trevor of TFK, Matt Hammitt of Sanctus Real, and others. We also were blessed to spend some time at the home of three time Super Bowl champion defensive back Je' Rod Cherry, an amazing man of God with a heart for ministry and a wonderful family. What a blessing to get to know these great men, who serve as inspiration and examples to all of us.

As stated earlier, 2010 was our busiest year to date, having finished out the year with just under 200 shows. Some of these shows included tours with our good friends in Satellites & Sirens, Temple Veil, and Eleventyseven, all of whom helped make this year probably the most fun we've had on the road as well. You can see all of our tour recap videos with all of those great bands on our Youtube site Along with the consistant touring, TgT took the stage at several major festivals this year including Lifest (playing right before FM Static at this event was a personal highlight for me, and meeting Trevor and spending some time with him was awesome), Soul Fest, Cross Fest, Ampalooza, and Ignite Festival. On the festival note, TgT has just learned that we'll be appearing at the Alive Fest here in Ohio this year! I love festivals for many reasons, but for me, it's just a blessing getting to see so many talented bands in one place, and to get to know some of those artists on a personal level, and to see their hearts in action. Such great times! Another festival highlight this year was for Tommy, as he took in the Casting Crowns performance at Lifest litterally three feet away from their drummer backstage.

In between touring and all of the festivals, we played a variety of spot shows with great artists such as Kutless (with a crowd of almost 1,000 that night), Fireflight, Run Kid Run, Abandon Kansas, Philmont, Disciple, Spoken, Kids In The Way, Wavorly, White Collar Sideshow, and John Reuben. For a few of those bands, it was my first chance getting to see them live, and I can tell you that all of those shows did not dissapoint. 

As some of you know, we had a few tunes out on the radio this year, including our single "Don't You Ever", which stayed in the top 30 over at for 13 consecutive weeks, and our take on the Christmas classic "O Holy Night" which hopefully a majority of you were able to grab here at JFH as a free download during the holiday season. We're already talking about what song we want to do this year, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to let us know on our Facebook page sometime! We LOVE to hear your feedback and ideas!

2010 saw a changing of th guard at the position of bass. We said farewell to our good friend Chris and welcomed another dear brother in Marshall Wilver, who played with TgT in the early days, but has returned. So please be sure to say hello to Marshall at a show soon! We also began some great partnerships with some awesome companies such as SoZo Guitars, TRX Cymbals, Reverend Guitars, Knucklehead Strings, and the amazing ministry organization RYFO, who everyone needs to check out at TgT is blessed to be working with such great companies!

Finally, 2010 was the best year for me personally as my wife Amanda and I welcomed our first child into this world on May 31st, our daughter Leelah Louise! She is now 7 and a hald months, is starting to crawl, and sprouting some teeth! Such a huge blessing! Leelah's arrival truly shores up the definition of 2010 for not only myself, but for all of TgT: NEW. 2010 brought so many new things for all of us, and I know that 2011 will be no different. I thank God for His never ending mercy, and for the gifts He's given us to be able to tour all over this nation and share some good news with all of you! I'm looking forward to doing much of the same this year, and we'll be bringing new music with us! So, make this new yeat a great one, and share love whenever you can! God bless you all, and thanks for all of your support! See you on the road!

love always,

Miah & TgT

Monday, December 13, 2010

12 Days Of Christmas Tour Day 11 and 12

Well, as they say in the "biz", all good things come to an end. Thus, The 12 Days Of Christmas Tour concluded earlier tonight in Fall Creek, WI. Jonathan from Eleventyseven and I renamed the tour about a week ago to the 12 Days Of "Snow" Tour, and last night and tonight, we were justified on our decision. We performed in Green Bay, WI at a great venue called Cup O' Joy Coffee House. As we arrived, there was an overcast feel to the weather, but little did we know what was ahead for the rest of the evening. As the concert began and went on, Green Bay was hit with an incredible blizzard, with wind gusts up to 35 miles per hour, and drifting snow that would make Alaska proud. A huge thank you, however, to the small but energetic crowd that came out, knowing full well that the snow was on it's way. The show was fun, but the experience of loading the vans in the blizzard, and watching Eleventyseven (true South Carolia boys) shovel a drive way so we could park our vans, was the best part of the night.

After recovering from the blizard overnight, we awoke to 13 inches of snow, and both bands teamed with a snow blower to get our vans/trailers out of the drifts, so that we could head to Fall Creek, where during the same blizzard, a near 20 year record of snow fall was set with 21 inches. Top it all off with more fast wind, and a wind chill in the negatives, we basically knew that we were officially on our way to becoming human penguins. But, once again, the snow wasn't enough to stop not only us, but a great group of kids from coming and rocking with us for the final night of tour. Thanks to all the brave souls who helped make our Wisconsin experiences some to remember forever!

As I close out, I want to say some thank yous. First off, all thanks and praise goes to God for protecting us every single step of the way. The conditions were pretty much crazy for all 12 days, but He made a way through all the snow and wind, and I am so thankful for His mercy on this and all tours! Secondly, thanks to Eleventyseven for joining us on this festive little run. I can tell you honestly that those southern boys are three of the most genuine and awesome guys you'll ever meet, and I'm proud to call them my brothers. They are also three of the most insane and unpredictable people walking the face of the earth, but that just made this tour all the more fun! I want to thank all of you who not only come to our shows and give it your all jumping, clapping, and singing along, but read my ramblings here at JesusFreakHideOut. It's a privelage to share my heart with you every time we go out and about, and I hope that you can always take something away from one of these. And finally, thanks to JesusFreakHideOut for allowing me to share my thoughts on while on the road, and for giving you all the chance to pick up our version of O Holy Night via a free download from the site. What an awesome feeling to work with amazing people for God!

With that, I'll leave you for now. I'll be waking up in six hours to join my fellow band mates on a brisk 13 hour drive back to home sweet home: Ohio. We'll be winding down 2010 with just a pair of shows, one of which will be New Year's Eve in Mansfield, OH with our fellow Ohioan John Reuben. Keep your eyes peeled for some big stuff in 2011! God bless you all, and from all of us in TgT, have a safe, blessed, and very Merry Christmas!

love always,

Miah & TgT

Saturday, December 11, 2010

12 Days Of Christmas Tour Days 5-9

Good morning! My apologies for the layoff. The combination of long drives mixed with snowy conditions, and a lack of wifi has prevented me from getting a good blog or two in, but we have it today! The past few days have been much like the first few: amazing! It's been such a blessing to see everyone coming out to the shows despite the crazy weather, and it's been great to see everyone having a grand time. Posted are some pics of the great crowds who have been rocking with us.

Over the past few days, both bands have become big fans of vitamin c drinks. There's been some colds running rampant among both bands, so we've been breaking out the Emergencee and Airborne supplies. I've come to find out that a touring musician's best friend always ends up being vitamin c. Never leave home without it!

Finally, as some of you know, we've been playing our rendition of O Holy Night on this tour, a song that is available as a free download here at jesusfreakhideout. It truly is my favorite Christmas song, but not just because I love the melody, and it's a classic, but because of how much of a worship song it is. It's the ultimate song of celebration, as praise and worship should be. Every night that we play this song, it's truly a time of worship for me, as well a reminder of really the only reason that Christmas is here in the first place. What a miracle! It's sad to think that the story of Christmas has been boxed into being celebrated but really once a year, and it's even more sad that it has been whittled down to something of a bedtime story, or even a cliche in today's commercial world, or even not mentioned hardly at all in favor of "traditional" Christmas happenings and ideas. The birth of our Savior, the Son of God, is not a tradition, it's a miracle, and one of the greatest gifts this world has ever been given, and through that initial gift, we have all been given an opportunity to claim Him as our Savior, and thus can be given the ultimate gift: an eternal and real relationship with Jesus Christ. As every year goes by, I think more and more about what a glorious time it must have been for those who got to see Jesus for the first time in that manger. My heart is filled with joy to know that God loves us so much, that he thought to give our world this gift for all to share! How awesome is that? To God be the glory this and all times of the year! :)

I'll sign off for now, so enjoy the pics and the video of some of our escapades over the past few days. See you again soon!

love always,

Miah & TgT

Monday, December 6, 2010

12 Days Of Christmas Tour Day 4

O-H! I-O! Yes, it's good to be back in the winter wonder land known as Ohio for a few days! I come to you tonight from Macedonia, Ohio, just south of Cleveland. What a day. First of all, the Browns were once again victorious again. Secondly, the show tonight was a complete blast, as you see in the picture above. Today is also extra awesome because we're staying at the home of a three time Super Bowl champion in former NFL player Je' Rod Cherry, an awesome man of God with an equally awesome family. It's pretty cool for the obvious reason that he's played in three Super Bowls, but also, I have his rookie card. Yes, I am that nerd, and I let him know it haha. It's awesome to see him doing God's work since his time in the NFL has ended, speaking to many teens and young adults and serving as a strong example, as well as donating the first Super Bowl ring he ever won in an auction for charity to help fight hunger. What a blessing to meet him!

On a personal note, this has been one of my favorite tours that I've ever been a part of. I got to say that everyone who's been coming to the shows have been crazier and crazier each night, as has Eleventyseven. I don't think you'll ever find a nuttier group of guys, but man are they fun. I've said this before, and I'll say it again, but their new music is so good. Whenever it becomes available, you'll need to get it. Their music is just fun, and you can't help but smile whenever you hear Matt Langston's voice singing about cyborg robot squirrels.

On a final note for tonight, I would like to hear about some of your favorite things about Christmas. If you are on Facebook, head over to, and let us know what some of your favorite things about Christmas. We'll all be sharing some of our memories and favs in some blogs to come, so let's make this one big sharing experience. Have a good night, and let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!

love always,

Miah & TgT

Sunday, December 5, 2010

12 Days Of Christmas Tour Day 2 and 3

Hello, all! We're in Muncie, Indiana, home of Garfield creator Jim Davis, truly one of my favorite cartoon funnies of all time. I must say that America's favorite cat would not like hanging out with us, as the past two days we have been quite busy, with no time for Garfield's two favorite things: eating and sleeping. Well that, and playing those just plain mean pranks on poor Odie.

It feels like we've been all over this beautiful portion of the midwest, and depsite the fact that the snow and ice has been doing it's best to stop our little tour, we keep pressing on and keep rockin out! For instance, just as doors officially opened for our Day 2 show in Rock Falls, IL, a nice and steady snow fall began...and didn't end until 11am today. That didn't stop a loud and enthusiastic crowd in Rock Falls from having a blast and keeping warm.

The trend continued tonight in Indiana, with more snow and sleet. I've said this before, I'll say it again: winter time is one of the prettiest times to witness, and it's just another strong example of God's great creation, but man, winter hates pop bands. We are bound and determined to make it to every show. Even if we need to break out the massive sled and a team of 500 dogs, we will get to the show, all because we love you all. :)

We will be back in the good ol' buckeye state for a few days, and can't wait to show Eleventyseven some classic Ohio hospitality. So if you are a fellow Ohioan, please come and rock with us, you have a plethera of choices! Be safe, and beat the snow. We're in this together! Goodnight!

love always,

Miah & TgT

Saturday, December 4, 2010

12 Days Of Christmas Tour Day 1

Well hello, again! We are back on the road, and man...IT'S COLD!!! We're here in balmy Minneapolis, MN, the land of 10,000 lakes, and of course, the birthplace of the legendary coach Gordon Bombay! It's been a joy to quote one of our bands' collective favorite movies. Good times. We're also having a blast with our tour mates in Eleventyseven. They are wonderful young men, and I can't wait for their new record, which hopefully will be out sometime in 2011.

Being that this is the 12 Days Of Christmas Tour, we're playing our Christmas single "O Holy Night" at all live shows, and don't forget that you can get the song as a free download right here at JesusFreakHideOut! It is our Christmas gift to all of you fine folks, as we're so thankful for your support and prayers as we continue to travel hundreds and hundreds of miles a day to come and play silly shows for you. So please be sure to get it, and enjoy!

Before I sign off here and lay myself down to sleep on my trusty air matress, I just want to say that as we kick off this final tour of 2010, I want to encourage all of you to give this time of year some careful thought and reflection. For some, this time of year is truly the most joyful, and for some, it's a time of hustle and bustle. Then there's those, a vast majority, that don't really know why we celebrate CHRISTmas. As this tour goes on, I look to share with you some of my favorite memories of this time of year, and how it affects my heart, and my Christian walk, and how it should affect us all. But above all, it really is a joyful time! So be happy, be safe, and be merry! I'll catch up with you in snowy Rock Falls, IL tomorrow! Goodnight!

love always,

Miah & TgT

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rebuild Your Love Tour Video

Well hey everyone, Tommy here. So I thought some of you might like to see a vid from our most recent tour, the Rebuild Your Love Tour. Here it is, hope you enjoy!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rebuild Your Love Tour Days 11 - 14

Hello everyone! My apologies for the slight layoff on these. Thursday evening during the second song of our set in Monroe, GA, I suffered a twisted/severe knee sprain. I jumped up, and didn't quite land the way I should have. The show ended pretty quickly, and I was taken to the local ER. If you all could continue to pray for me on this, that would be amazing! I thank you all so much for the prayers and kind words already, I love you all very much! It's quite painful, and honestly not much fun when all I can do for the next few shows in just stand there, on one leg really, but I praise God that no surgery will be needed and that it will heal. And I'm also thankful for the best bandmates and friends I could ask for. Also, I'd love to make a quick shout out to the Forman family in Monroe, GA for helping out with everything during that situation.

Friday, we spent most of the day at gorgeous Pensacola Beach in Florida. I've stated this many times on this tour, but God's creation is so breath-taking, and it was a blessing to finally see the gulf! Just amazing. We then had the great fortune of taking part in a Rock For Life rally that night, and it really did rock! Thanks to the amazing crowd for gathering to support the importance and sanctity of life, celebrating God's creation!

Last night, we played in Franklin, TN, as part of a pre halloween show, and there was a jar of mustard shredding some great guitar riffs. There is nothing quite like seeing that in person! Great to see some old friends and eat some amazing Italian beef subs! However, it was sad to part with the Temple Veil guys. We loved every second of touring with them, and be on the lookout for them in your town soon, as they are going to be everywhere in our nation through the end of 2010. Thanks guys for an awesome tour!

Tonight, we end things in Dayton, OH. I praise God for allowing us to make it through another tour, despite some injuries and blown trailer tires, this is going to be one to remember for seeing people's hearts become transformed for His love! Keep rebuliding love, and let's change this world for Him! God bless you, and see you all again soon!

love always,

Miah & TgT

Friday, October 22, 2010

Rebuild Your Love Tour Day 10

Good evening, everyone, and welcome to another edition of the Rebuild Your Love Tour blog. Last night and tonight, our tour has been in the great city of Lake City, Florida, the native home of one of the NFL's greatest voices, Pat Summerall. I must say that I can't get enough of southern hospitality. Not only is this a beautiful area this time of year, we've been so blessed to have met and hung out with some of the nicest people around. I thank God that He continues to surround us with amazing people while we're always out and about!

Earlier today, our band had an amazing experience, something we'll never forget. We had the opportunity to canoe along the Ichetucknee River, one of the nation's clearest and cleanest bodies of water, as well as swim in the Blue Hole Spring in Ichetcuknee Springs State Park. The canoe trip was so peaceful, and was such an awesome display of God's creation. While swimming in the spring, we discovered what was the entrance to an underwater cave, and it blew us away! I highly reccommend visiting this area, it's just beautiful.

If you haven't checked out our tour mates in Temple Veil, you need to. It's been an awesome blessing getting to hear those guys night after night, and it's been so great hanging out with them. When they part ways with us, they're headed west, so please check out what they have coming up! It's great stuff!

In my next blog, I'll be sharing a few thoughts I've been having about honesty, and what God has been moving upon my heart lately. God bless you all!

love always,

Miah & TgT


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rebuild Your Love Tour Day 9

Let this be known: TgT loves the south!! We're hanging out in one of our favorite cities, Greenville, SC, and played the wonderful Channel venue here in downtown. As stated in the day 8 blog, when this venue first opened it's doors in August 2007, TgT was the first band to ever play there. Now, they have relocated to a new building in the center of the bustling downtown area, and it's such a blessing to see an amazing ministry growing in such a way. Be sure to check them out at, as they have alot of sweet events coming up! They also have some of the best food in Greenville, and some of the best coffee and smoothies!

Tomorrow, we return to the great state of Florida for the first time in a few years, with back to back shows in beautiful Lake City. We'll be hitting the beach for sure, and will have some sweet video footage of our adventures at sea for all of you to laugh at. It's also my understanding that Jameson and Tommy are on a quest to see and possibly make friends with an alligator. Not sure how that will turn out, but rest assured, I will keep you posted. They still haven't found big foot, but I think that's more of a summer thing.

We'll see you tomorrow in sunny Florida, so be safe and have a pleasent evening!

love always,

Miah & TgT

Monday, October 18, 2010

Rebuild Your Love Tour Day 8

My how time flies! We're in Greensboro, NC, birthplace of the one and only Spencer Chamberlin of Underoath. I type to you from the massive church we played at earlier tonight, as we're staying the night here. This church is bigger than some of the towns we've played in over the years. First of all, there's five floors, and what I estimate to be a three hundred rooms, all prime spots for hide and seek. Yes folks, we're all nine years old. But, let's be honest, when your on tour, hide and seek should always be tops on your list of priorities, just ahead of booking and blogging. Oh, to be young again!

Tonight's show was such a great time. Tonight kicked off what will be seven days in a row with our good friends in Temple Veil. These guys, formerly of Post Mortum, are playing some amazing music right now, and you all need to check them out. Just really pretty stuff, very soothing for the soul. We were once again blessed to share in a time of praise and worship with the audience, such a blessing to join our voices together in praise! We had church tonight, and it was just awesome. Praise God!

We're headed for Greenville, SC tomorrow, as we'll be playing at The Channel, one of the nation's finest Christian music venues, and one that will always have a special place in our bands collective heart. Just over three years ago, at The Channel's previous building, we were the first band that ever played that stage. In fact, the paint on the stage was still drying when we began sound check that afternoon. Now, this amazing ministry has a new location, and we're excited to be rocking that stage for the first time tomorrow evening. Be blessed my dear friends, we'll see you tomorrow night!

love always,

Miah & TgT


Rebuild Your Love Tour Day 7

I hear more and more these days from people and news sources that God is not real. I always hear or read about how creation just sort of happened, and that is that. We travel quite a bit in this band, and one of the most rewarding blessings we encounter is getting to see God's creation at it's finest through the mountains, the rivers, the sunrise and sunset, and something we get to enjoy bu maybe once or twice a year: the ocean. We're here in gorgeous Virginia Beach, one of the nation's most frequented vacation spots at any time of year, and after our show with Philmont last night, TgT made it's way to the Atlantic coast, and there's nothing more amazing, and not a more obvious statement of God's hand at work, than the ocean crashing it's waves on the coast under a massive blanket of night sky and stars. As the guys ran down the coast, challenging the waves to come after them (a funny site to see Chris shouting at the ocean lol), I took a moment to pray silently, for my wife and baby daughter back home, for everyone we've met on this and every tour, and for the exeperiences that lie ahead for all of us. I also prayed that people would truly recognize that God is the creator of all things. I took a long look at the stars. I love stars. I was immideietly taken to the song by Switchfoot entitled Stars. It was just an awesome moment, and my heart was full.

He truly is the God of wonders beyond our galaxy. The Lord of all creation! On this Sunday morning, and all days/nights, may He be praised as we think about and marvel at this perfect picture He's created. Be blessed today guys, and come see us on the road! We're headed for Greensboro, NC tonight, a city rich in pro-wrestling history, and that is something that I (and only me lol) am very excited about! See you at the shows, everyone!

love always,

Miah & TgT

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rebuild Your Love Tour Day 6

Freaks...geeks...and rousties! Greetings from the mountains of Elkton, VA! Last night, Day 6 was transformed into "The Greatest Show On Earth", and we were reunited with some of our most dear friends and past tourmates in White Collar Sideshow, as well as current tourmates Temple Veil. A special thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed what I still believe to be one of the most powerful ministries in the world today in White Collar. I've said this many times, but if you haven't seen them yet, and if you haven't experienced the sheer power of that story and it's presentation, then you really need to soon. TD, Veronica, and Phill are just awesome people, and their story is truly one of a kind. So, last night was for sure a family reunion, and it was quite fun, including when TD transformed Tommy into the "nerdy pig". To see that, head over to It's funny, and honestly kinda frightening. But then again, that's Tommy everyday, so you won't be too surprised.

One thing that has been so exciting for us over the past week is to see alot of you singing along to our newest song, and the titles of our tour, "Rebuild Your Love". We are so blessed to see the response to the message behind it, and it's exciting to see you all singing along, even though you've never heard it before. That pretty much let's us know it's a keeper! Thank you all for being the most amazing fans, it's quite nice!

We are now off to sunny Virginia Beach, and we'll be playing tonight with Philmont, and band that I've not seen yet, but am quite excited to do so. If you're in the area, come and rock with us! Even though it's a little chilly, we're still going to give the ocean a try, and see if we can't get ourselves into some aquatic hijinks. Have a great day everyone, and see you tonight in VA Beach!

love always,

Miah & TgT


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rebuild Your Love Tour Day 5

The date is July 4th, 1896. 39 year-old inventor Elwood Haynes successfully test drives the first ever internal combustion engine, essentially making it the first car ever driven. On October 6, 1886, natural gas was first discovered. In late 1928, Walter Kemp perfected the first ever canned tomato juice.

Why am I listing off all of these firsts? Well that's because I come to you tonight from America's official "city of firsts"...and the city all of those things were discovered in; Kokomo, Indiana.

This is not the first time we've played around this area, but tonight was amazing. We had the great fortune of being a part of an FCA rally at a local high school here in town, and it was a treat! Amidst leading worship, and playing some TgT rock & roll for them, these folks proved to be some of the kindest and most energietic we've encountered yet. The virtual heart of Indiana has raised the bar for sure, America ;).

One funny quote from tonight though would have to be this: before the show, we had been hanging out with some of the students of the school's FCA group, and one young person said they had never been to a concert before, and was jealous of their friend who had recently seen great bands such as Skillet and Relient K. I overheard this and said "well, you'll get to see one tonight!" "No, I mean a real concert." retorted the young person. What's even greater is that I'm almost certain they had no idea I was in the band playing for the evening. During the show, I did see that particular person jumping and clapping along like crazy, so I'm thinking they figured out they were in fact at a "real" show. I mean let's face it, TgT does nothing but "keep it real".

Well, I'm off to bed now, but keep this fun fact in mind: Kokomo, Indiana is native to several professianl athletes, but perhaps none greater than Don Johnson (no, not Nash Bridges), Professinal Bowlers Association Hall-Of-Famer, and 3 time national champion. He is also only one of two bolwers to ever appear on a Wheaties box.

For what it's worth, all of the fun Kokomo facts are dedicated to my good friend Alan Howe, Kokomo's favorite son. Have a great night, everyone, and we'll see you next time from the picturesque valleys of Elkton, Virginia!

love always,

Miah & TgT

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rebuild Your Love Tour Day 4

Tonight, I come to you from the Hoosier state. We're in the Indianapolis, Indiana, birthplace to the legendary king f late night David Letterman. It's always a good time when we pass through Indy, in particular when we get to spend time with the Wilhite family, one of Christian rock's most supportive families. Such great friends and fans of ours, and so good to be at their home. Thank God for amazing people!!

Tonight's show was such a good time. A big thanks to a great young Indy-area band called Blank Pages for opening for us tonight, as their high-energy pop punk got the crowd fired up, and what a fine crowd these folks were. Anyone who hangs on to Tommy Clinagn's every word deserves a high five. Also, it's always fun when we find our there's a birthday in the house, and we can bring that person up on stage and make them feel super awkward, but then reward them with a sticker for being good sports. :) The night closed out, and we now look ahead to Kokomo, Indiana for day number five. It never fails that every time we pass through Kokomo, one of, if not all of us, in TgT will sing that Beach Boys song, though I don't believe this was the Kokomo they were referring to, although I could be wrong. If anyone out there knows which one they are singing about, let me know, and I'll totally be your best friend. For real.

Be safe out there everyone, and may you continue to enjoy this amazing time of year. Early autumn is just the best, and get out there and enjoy it while you can! See you on the road, everyone!

love always,

Miah & TgT


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rebuild Your Love Tour Day 3

Hello again, faithful friends! Day 3 was as busy a day we've ever had in TgT. We kicked it off in Columbus, Ohio, finishing the vocals for our upcoming Christmas song, of which we are VERY excited about! We can't wait for you all to hear it! From there, and after a delectable Taco Bell lunch, we were off to Bluffton, OH, which is where legendary news broadcaster Hugh Downs began his broadcasting career over 60 years ago. It's also home to Bluffton University, which served as host to our show last night. A big thank you to our good friend Kevin White, a fine student in his own right at Bluffton U, for putting on the event.

This was a special night because we got to play with an amazing up and coming band called Twenty One Pilots. These guys are doing some incredible things, mixing hip-hop and piano based indie rock, and are going to make some waves very soon in the industry. Be sure to look them up if you get the chance! After the show, we were blessed to help lead an acoustic worship set, filled with great worship and sharing of testimonies. It tuly was an awesome experience, and God definitly moved in such a great way!

According to our guitarist Tommy, tour doesn't really start until we're out of Ohio for awhile, which is what happens tomorrow. Indianapolis, IN, we're coming for ya, so get ready! I'm looking forward to spending some time in the Hoosier State again, so you should join us! As always, all our dates are at! Be blessed, friends, and see you on the road!

love always,

Miah & TgT


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rebuild Your Love Tour Day 2

Hello, hello from Marysville, Ohio! Not only was it the site of a rockin show tonight, but it's also the birthplace of the founder/inventor of Mircale-Grow. Nice to know that great gardening comes from Ohio!

We started the morning visiting the sites of Mount Vernon, OH, namely, Mount Vernon Nazarene University, which as some of you know is where TgT was launched. Tommy and I were once students there...a long time ago, so needless to say we felt somewhat out of place there today. So many new things, so much had changed, but it was almost like we were back home. It was an afternoon of great weather, and great memories. After our trip down memory lane, we made our way to Marysville for a show with our dear friends in The Promise Estate (, who are honestly one of the most underrated bands we play with. Those guys are just so good, and recently released a new EP that will make your ears happy. I must say also that we tried a bacon pizza from Monarch Pizza, and it was truly amazing. That was more bacon than I've had all year lol. We had alot of fun, so good to see some of our most die hard fans, a few gals who saw us for the sixth time tonight. That was really cool, honestly. We're so blessed with the best fans a band could ever want. And it's also great to be playing new music for all of you!

Well, I'll sign off for now as a trip to Waffle House is in order. Bluffton, Ohio, your on the docket next. Let's rock it! Goodnight, everyone!

love always,

Miah & TgT

Rebuild Your Love Tour Day 1

Good morning, everyone!! I type to you today from the legendary Curtis Inn in Mount Vernon, OH. Not only is this town the birthplace of TgT, but this hotel also used to be frequented by one Paul Newman. Pretty cool, I must say. It's good to be "home". Just down the road from here at Mount Vernon Nazarene University nearly five years ago, I met our guitarist Tommy, and the rest is as they say, "history". Ah, memories :).

Anyway, the Rebuild Your Love Tour kicked off last night in the small but rockin town of Croton, OH. We played a fifth quarter event, and there is nothing like seeing not only the teens, but the adults creating a mosh pit to TgT music. I ask them to jump with me, and they start slam dancing. Talk about taking the ball and running with it, eh? But their energy was so amazing, and the show was such a great time, including the debut of some new music, which is always exciting. Tonight, we roll into Marysville, OH, another town deep-rooted in the background of TgT. So excited to see many familiar faces, and of course, hopefully make some new friends. And be sure to check out our good friends in Temple Veil ( who are joining us for the second half of this tour. We love you guys and can't wait to see you out on the road! Be blessed, my friends!

love always,

Miah & TgT



Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pop Rally Tour wrap up - All good things come to an end

And as soon as it began, it was over. The Pop Rally Tour featuring TgT and Satellites & Sirens has ended. It was a very interesting, exciting, and exausting twelve days, but one thing is certain, God was with us every step of the way! We met so many amazing new friends, and saw some amazing places/things for the first time (Punxsutawny Phil, Scranton, PA, the state of Maine, lobster). It was quite a time for us as a band.

Of the many things I'll be taking from this tour, one thing that really affected me was the amazing hospitality our bands recieved while on the road. When you do this sort of thing 150-200 dates a year, there's truly an air of uncertainty that follows you. Sometimes never really knowing when you'll be sleeping in a bed again as opposed to your trusty sleeping bag, or if dinner is going to be the pop tarts Mom sent along with you, or a home cooked meal. I thank God that at every stop, every need was met. I can tell you that my heart was filled with joy by people I had only met that same day. God's love is as real as ever, and in that week and a half, I saw it in action. What a blessing to know that as we continue to travel and all that, that God will NEVER let us down! I'm thankful this day!

I'm also thankful for my beautiful wife and little baby girl. It's so good to see them as I return home. Nothing beats being able to come home from being blessed and seeing the two most amazing blessings God ever made, at least in my opinion ;-). But I can say that I'll miss them once again as TgT embarks on another run kicking off October 8th, entitled the Rebuild Your Love Tour. For the second half of the dates, we'll be joined by our friends in the Tampa, FL based duo Temple Veil. For all information on dates for that, please check out I'll be looking forward to sharing my daily thoughts with you during that time, and I've enjoyed sharing with you during this run! Be blessed, and stay safe out there!

love always,

Miah & TgT

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pop Rally Tour Days 7 and 8 - Tourists!!

Well, it's official. If our band wasn't the biggest collection of fans of The Office, then I don't know who is. Our stop today in Scranton, PA was certainly a memorable one. From eating lunch at the famous Alfredo's Pizza Cafe, to Chris getting pictures of every landmark that the "Electric City" has to offer, it was quite a day of tourism for the touring band. Day 8 actually started where Day 7 took place, in the absolutly gorgeous country of hilly Punxsutawny, PA, home to the world's most famous and influential groundhog.

Day 7 saw us play a wonderful show for some of the great folks of Punxsy, and we were fortunate to have stayed at the world famous Pantall Hotel, which was built in 1888. I gotta tell you that this place was amazing. It was right out of the mid-70's for sure, complete with classic radiator heating and actual keys to lock the room. Not those new-fangled key cards. It was just a great experience, capped off by seeing Phil up close before we left town.

I'll be checking in tomorrow from Whitefield, Maine. This will be my first time to this great state, and I fully intend to eat some real seafood, even if Jameson and Chris have to catch it for me. Have a great weekend everyone!

love always,

Miah & TgT


Friday, September 17, 2010

Pop Rally Tour Day 6 - goodbye Maryland, hello PA

My greetings and salutations come to you today from Tommy's Grandparent's house in historic Canonsburg, PA, which of course is where the first modern Canon was used in combat, as well as photography. Anyone catch the funny there?

Monday, the tour stopped in Elkton, MD, a lovely town just minutes away from Delaware. And yes, in one way or another, all of us in TgT made sure we stopped in Delaware. Upon crossing the state line, I channeled the great Wayne Campbell and dryly proclaimed "Hi...I'm in Delaware." Something I've wanted to do all my life, really. But in all honesty, Delware is a wonderful state with lots to do, especially at the University of Delaware, which is where I got to spend some time the other night at a great coffee shop. The show was a good time, too. We played in a sports and entertainment complex that had it all: batting cages, laser tag, basketball courts, and all the ingrediants for a killer laser light disco dance party. Sadly, we did not get to challenge the Satellites & Sirens guys in laser tag, but rest assured, we will soon.

Last night, we had the great pleasure of playing alongside a great band with a lot of momentum right now in Ivoryline. Those guys are amazing, and play with quite a bit of passion. The venue is great too, the Blue Violet Cafe in Rochester, PA. Awesome people behind the ministry in the place, so if you ever are in that area, be sure to catch a show there. It's really cool. And some of the best home cooked food we've ever had! But on that note, nothing beats Grandma's cookin, and that's what we're about to have here at Tommy's G-ma's house, so I'll sign off for now and we'll see you tonight from the home of the world's most famous groundhog, Punxsutawny, PA!!

love always,

Miah & TgT

Monday, September 13, 2010

Pop Rally Tour Day 5 - Something Different

Hey everyone! We're in Frederick, Maryland tonight, and had a super rad time a the show tonight. However, I think I'm going to veer away from typical "tour talk" tonight and share a few things that God has been doing not only in the lives of us in TgT, but in the lives of people we've been meeting along out travels.

First and foremost, I'm so thankful to have a Savior who loves a loser like me enough that He lets me get into a smelly van with three of my best friends, allows us to go all over to play some rock music, and most importantly, we get to make all sorts of new friends. More recently, I've been blessed to have made some new friends through them having courage enough to approach me, someone they've never met before, and to share the burdens of their hearts. Through these times of sharing, and letting them know that I've been through so much in my own life, God allowed me to pray with these folks, and He moved in an awesome way! At Ignite Festival in Meadville, PA, I prayed with more people in that one day than any one show we've done that I can recall. His spirit was moving everywhere! It really blew me away. I thank God for those people that I talked to, and I know God has something amazing in store for them, as He does all of us I believe! As long as we stay faithful to following after Him, and learn the patience to allow Him to take control (a recurring theme within our camp as of late), then we'll be more effective in showing that same love and patience to those who need to know it and see it. On the note of following faithfully, I want to share with you one of my favorite passages of scripture from one of my favorites, the book of Psalms. I look to chapter 63: 1-8, where David prolcaims the following:

1 O God, you are my God,
earnestly I seek you;
my soul thirsts for you,
my body longs for you,
in a dry and weary land
where there is no water.
2 I have seen you in the sanctuary
and beheld your power and your glory.

3 Because your love is better than life,
my lips will glorify you.

4 I will praise you as long as I live,
and in your name I will lift up my hands.

5 My soul will be satisfied as with the richest of foods;
with singing lips my mouth will praise you.

6 On my bed I remember you;
I think of you through the watches of the night.

7 Because you are my help,
I sing in the shadow of your wings.

8 My soul clings to you;
your right hand upholds me.

One of the most frequently referenced passages, especially in contemporary worship music, there is, for my seeking heart, no better way to put how much we should be needing God everyday, and it puts it as plain as day why we NEED Him in our lives! SONICFLOOd's album Resonate contains a song aptly entitled "Fuel" that captures these verses and their meanings perfectly. To worship with David through this passage, I reccommend finding that song, and jamming it loudly! :-)

All this to say this: now more than ever, we need the fuel of God's love in our hearts. That fuel needs to feed the fire, so that we may burn bright, and as our band's name suggests, be so obviously full of love that people can see Christ just by looking at us. I praise God for that fuel, as it keeps us as a band going through al the crazy things and uncertainties that face touring bands. Take it from me, we're living proof that God's love and protection is real. Be patient, and let Him take control.

Might I say also that not only does God provide us with His fuel, but has always provided us with unleaded fuel so that we can keep coming to your towns, so praise God for never being stuck without gas! We'll see you along the next stop. :-)

love always,

Miah & TgT


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pop Rally Tour Day 4 - The Ignite Festival

Good evening everyone! Tonight's entry comes from historic Edinboro, PA, home of Olympic Gold Medalist in freestyle wrestling Bruce Baumgartner. Day 4 was just a blast to say the least, as the PRT took part in the 2010 edition of Ignite Festival, which took place in rural Meadville, PA. Friends, this was just a great time. So good to see so many great bands in one place, including Disciple, Shine Bright Baby, and our pals John Reuben and his mega-talented backing band. Also, the crowd was just a great, loud bunch who like to move. We like to move, so all was well with the world during the 30 minutes we had the stage. Thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed a free day of fellowship, worship, and rock & roll. Thankfully, the rain held off until long after we had played, and decided to drop just as Decemberadio kicked off their rockin set, which included most all of the solo from Free Bird, which was impressive, and quite convienent. Why is that, you ask? Well for starters, it's a longstanding pet peeve for most bands, especially those of us who aren't exactly known for their "shredding", when you get those guys who shout for Free Bird in between songs. The closest we come is picking out some Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster riffs that, sadly, that guy probably won't recognize. So, Decemberadio went ahead and (masterfully) planned it into the set, and it was sweet. So good to see a legendary piece of rock music be done justice. But, I digress.
Day 4 capped off with some hang time backstage with the Satellites guys, and John Reuben's hilarious bass player (and fine indie-artist in his own right) Jonathan Hape. Now for some long-awaited sleep, and then it's off to Frederick, Maryland for Day 5. Last time we were passed through for a show, there was 12 actual feet of snow around, and we made the most of jumping and diving into every drift there was. What kind of hijinks will we get into in an early-fall setting? Tune in tomorrow night to find out! For now, be safe, be real, and be following this blog! Goodnight, dear friends, and God bless you!
love always,
Miah & TgT

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pop Rally Tour Blog Days 2 and 3

Hey there, users of the internet! Miah here, typing to you from Tommy's MacBook, and hanging out in safe, lovely, Port Huron, MI. WiFi has been avoiding us the past day or so, but we won the fight tonight lol. So first, a slight recap of Day 2.

Last night, Thursday 9/9, we played in Monroe, MI with our pals in Satellites & Sirens, and Michigan-based bands Cannons and The Undivided. It was a good time, and it was a nice early fall-outdoor show. Things were going along swimmingly until S&S took the stage. Technology proved to be too much for the band from the future as the sound system shut down on 3 separate occasions during their set. For me, it was both good and bad, as the first time the system shut off, S&S was playing my favorite song entitled "Breaking The Noise". So I suppose they really did end up "breaking the noise", eh? Oh boy, I crack myself up way too much sometimes lol. Nonetheless, it all worked out, and we all went along our merry way. Which brings us to today, also known as Day 3, here in Port Huron.

Day 3 has taught us two things: vans and click tracks hate TgT. It seems that every van we've ever had (all 2 of them) somehow ends up being really shaky, and we've done everything we know to do to make this not happen anymore. We think we finally got it, but this tours not over yet lol. And for all you techy people out there, take note that if you need cables, splitters, patches, cords, plugs, Tyco RC Maximum Heat, or anything technologically related, don't go to Radio Shack. Poor Jameson had to make 2 trips to get the same thing. Thankfully, it ended up working out just fine, and we had a rockin show in the Blue Water city. Also very cool to see and hang out with future tour mates Temple Veil, who you all need to check out for sure. But for now, we head to 12:47am...being the rock stars we we leave bright and early for PA at 7am! Next stop for the Pop Rally Tour is Ignite Festival 2010 in Meadville, PA. After it's all said and done there, I'll be hittin ya with more news and views from the road!  See you at the shows!!

love always,



Pop Rally Tour Blog 1

Good morning, and greetings from the ever-trusty, never-rusty IBM ThinkPad! We're here in beautiful Canton, MI. Technically this could be considered a "Day 2" blog, but we'll make up for it tonight. Last night kicked off the much anticipated "Pop Rally Tour". We played a solo show here in Canton, MI last night, and it was amazing! What a great way to kick off a tour! It always blesses my heart to see kids moshing to TgT music. It gives me hope that we are as tough as we think we are. Haha. Anyway, more importantly than the kids attempts at hardcore dancing, was the fact that God showed up and worked in an awesome way in those lives that were there, including ours. Great time of worship, and not to mention there was an ice cream social right before we played....but being that I'm the singer....I wasn't allowed to have any! Not cool... ;)

Tonight though, we meet up with our buddies in Satellites & Sirens ( as they join us on the PRT. We'll be rockin it in Monroe, MI tonight, and after it's all said and done up there, I'll be giving you another cheerful update full of wit, whimsy, about the band. Yeah. It's too early for me to be entertaining lol. Have a rockin day kids, and please keep requesting our single "Don't You Ever" everywhere! Talk to ya tonight!




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