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Monday, June 9, 2008

Hey, check this out!

Hey what's up? I wrote a blog about Tooth and Nail a few weeks ago, but it never went through. Apparently it's because something was wrong with the blog system. Anyway, I just thought about it and realized I hadn't shown the blog any love since then (and that doesn't really count anyway) so I thought I'd hit it up. Basically what I was trying to say in the awesome post that nobody read was that Tooth and Nail is still awesome. Yeah some of their recent signings haven't been all that impressive, but they've improved significantly under the influence of T&N. I won't name any names (not to pick fights or anything), but some of the bands I felt really needed it. Once their CDs came out I liked them more. Maybe not go out on the first day and buy ten copies of their album love them, but I wasn't mad at T&N anymore. I think those guys over there know what they're doing. Now if they would actually get a new website for the first time in 5 years like they promised on the newest podcast; that would be awesome. But whatever.

I think sometimes when people think of the forefront of Christian music they think of Tooth and Nail. That's alright because I think that they are publicizing some of the best stuff in the industry today; Christian AND secular. But does the Tooth really stand alone? Is the Tooth the label to end all labels? They've always been my favorite, but I don't think that they're the only label making waves with Christian music. Here's why:

Just look at The Militia Group. Over the years they've been home to The Rocket Summer, Copeland, We Shot the Moon (w/Jonathan Jones of former T&N band Waking Ashland), Lakes (w/Seth Roberts of former T&N band Watashi Wa), Man Alive, and Acceptance. Probably more. And currently, some of the guys from former Floodgate band Transition are rocking it over in The Morning Light on Fearless Records. Tyler Read, another awesome group of guys, were over at Immortal Records until it recently folded. Rise Records even has their own showcase stage at Cornerstone 2008 with bands like Here I Come Falling and Before their Eyes (also the label home to The Devil Wears Prada). Akissforjersey is on Tragic Hero in my hometown Raleigh, The Reign of Kindo is on OneEleven Records, and This Providence is on Fueled by Ramen. While not on the Nail, all of these bands have had an opportunity to reach out to different groups of people that even Tooth and Nail bands may not have come in contact with. They are on different tours, have different managers and different bosses at the end of the day. And they may have even toured with a Tooth and Nail band once or twice before.

Shouldn't we just be excited that there are bands out there still willing to make a stand for Jesus Christ, whether through positive lyrics, lifestyle witnessing, or a clear message? I mean it's easy to talk about T&N all day, but let's give some other labels some cred. Kick back and enjoy the music.


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