Listen to the new album, United, from the Newsboys!
Listen to the new album, United, from the Newsboys!

Rebuild Your Love Tour Day 5

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rebuild Your Love Tour Day 5

The date is July 4th, 1896. 39 year-old inventor Elwood Haynes successfully test drives the first ever internal combustion engine, essentially making it the first car ever driven. On October 6, 1886, natural gas was first discovered. In late 1928, Walter Kemp perfected the first ever canned tomato juice.

Why am I listing off all of these firsts? Well that's because I come to you tonight from America's official "city of firsts"...and the city all of those things were discovered in; Kokomo, Indiana.

This is not the first time we've played around this area, but tonight was amazing. We had the great fortune of being a part of an FCA rally at a local high school here in town, and it was a treat! Amidst leading worship, and playing some TgT rock & roll for them, these folks proved to be some of the kindest and most energietic we've encountered yet. The virtual heart of Indiana has raised the bar for sure, America ;).

One funny quote from tonight though would have to be this: before the show, we had been hanging out with some of the students of the school's FCA group, and one young person said they had never been to a concert before, and was jealous of their friend who had recently seen great bands such as Skillet and Relient K. I overheard this and said "well, you'll get to see one tonight!" "No, I mean a real concert." retorted the young person. What's even greater is that I'm almost certain they had no idea I was in the band playing for the evening. During the show, I did see that particular person jumping and clapping along like crazy, so I'm thinking they figured out they were in fact at a "real" show. I mean let's face it, TgT does nothing but "keep it real".

Well, I'm off to bed now, but keep this fun fact in mind: Kokomo, Indiana is native to several professianl athletes, but perhaps none greater than Don Johnson (no, not Nash Bridges), Professinal Bowlers Association Hall-Of-Famer, and 3 time national champion. He is also only one of two bolwers to ever appear on a Wheaties box.

For what it's worth, all of the fun Kokomo facts are dedicated to my good friend Alan Howe, Kokomo's favorite son. Have a great night, everyone, and we'll see you next time from the picturesque valleys of Elkton, Virginia!

love always,

Miah & TgT

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