Listen to the new album, United, from the Newsboys!
Listen to the new album, United, from the Newsboys!

Ask the Easter Bunny

Monday, April 4, 2011

Ask the Easter Bunny

Over the past couple years, as Easter begins to roll around, I've begun hearing something that I don't remember from my childhood.  I wasn't raised in the Church, so I was never actually taught the real meaning behind Easter.  I just knew that on Easter Sunday, I was gonna get a basket full of candy and find some unnaturally-colored eggs that some mystical bunny left in our yard for whatever reason.  It actually seems kinda rude when I think about it now.  How did that bunny even get ahold of pink and green eggs?

Tangents aside, I was never really taught that Easter was REALLY about Jesus's resurrection that ultimately meant eternal life for anybody who was willing to believe such an outrageous thing.  My main thing was hoping that the Easter Bunny didn't forget to leave us those eggs and candy.  Now, society seems to have turned the Easter Bunny into a second Santa Claus.  More than a couple times, I've literally heard parents that come into my place of business (aka Toys R Us) say this to their kids: "You want that [some random toy or whatever]?  Well, you can ask the Easter Bunny to bring it to you."

*raised eyebrow*

What?  Ask the Easter Bunny for a present?  It boggles my mind.  Is this a new thing, or have I just not really been paying attention to the commercialization of yet another holiday?

God help me not to raise my future children to be dependent on material things.  But first, help ME not to.

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