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Give Take and Rebuild Love Tour Blog #1

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Give Take and Rebuild Love Tour Blog #1

  Hey Hi Hello! How are you all doing? It has been a while! I hope you are all doing well. It is I, Zack, Here to give you all a little update on our lives as The Great Transparency. For those of you who are unaware, we are currently on the "Give Take and Rebuild Love" tour with our good friends "Please Promise." Now let me tell you, we are having a freaking blast! The dudes in this band are amazing and have made this tour an amazing experience thus far. So if you are reading this, go check them out!

    We played our first show this past Friday at Park Place in New Philadelphia, Ohio, with a few local acts and had a great time. The kids that were there had such an amazing energy the entire show! Our buddies from Please Promise absolutely killed it. Let me just warn you all now, I will be bragging on Please Promise the entire tour and on every single blog. They are just an amazingly talented group of guys that we are extremely blessed to be traveling with. That night we ended up going home to have one last night in our own beds. Please Promise crashed at Tommy's place.

    The next morning rolls around and we find our selves getting up at the crack of dawn to combine our gear with Please Promises gear. Now let me tell yah, between all the gear we both own, this was no easy task, not even in the least bit. After a good hour or more, we finally got everything packed up, only to discover that our trailer was hanging much to low to the ground to go anywhere. But after some tricky reconfiguration, we solved the problem and headed out for Kokomo Indiana. We got there safe and sound and started setting up for our show with Always One Ministries. The show went so well and let me tell yah, Always One Ministries took such good care of us that I barely knew how to handle it. They were all so nice and extremely helpful. They fed us until we couldn't eat anymore, and then some! The light show was really sweet too! There were all kinds of lasers and fog, to be honest it almost made me sick on stage, but looked amazing. So we load up the trailer (which takes about a year and a half) and in the process it begins to rain. Not the soft, gentle rain we all know and love, but the kind of rain that's so cold and big that it hits you like a brick wall. So we hurry the loading, hop in the, and turn the key. Now as I turn the key, worse came to worse. The battery in the van had completely died and would not turn over the starter at all. Not even a little; our van was not doing a thing. So we tried and tried and tried but got nowhere what so ever. So we made a decision that we should've made long ago, we prayed over the situation; and low and behold the van started right up. It is amazing how awesome God works.

    The next morning rolls around, and at this point we were all dead, and not wanting to get out of bed at all. But whether we wanted to or not, it was time to head out for the next show. So we all hopped in the van and headed out for Robinson Illinois to play at Robinwood Assembly of God. The youth pastor and promoter Russ greeted us at the door when we arrived and instantly started taking care of us. He helped us set up and made us an amazing Stew for dinner that I personally ate way to much of. The show turned out to be a great time. Though there wasn't a huge crowd, a young lady gave her life to Christ, and that is so much better than any amount of people that could ever be at a show. We praise God with everything in us that we were able to share in that. Tomorrow we head out for Wichita Kansas and are super stoked! I hope you are all doing well and are having a blessed week! Keep your eyes open for more blogs to come! Here is a little something I want to leave you with, it is my favorite scripture and has helped me through a lot in my life. Psalms 91:7; Though ten thousand may fall to my right side, and another ten thousand to my left, I will not be harmed. This speaks to me so much because it is direct proof that our God is always there to protect us. No matter what the situation, he is and always will be our protector. I hope you can carry this and may it help you get through tough times where you feel you need a helping hand. We love you all very much, and God bless!

Zack TGT   

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