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NEWS SOURCE: The Almost, a report
March 6, 2009

The Almost After their successful debut Southern Weather, The Almost is deep in the writing process for their follow-up sophomore album due out later this year. Today, vocalist and the brains behind the band, Aaron Gillespie, addressed fans with an update on how the process is going and a special word from his heart on fear and his trust in God...

"Updates i hear on myspace typically come in the form bulletins, but i prefer blogs in their story-like prose. Since pretty much june, i have been on tour with my mates in underoath, we have had an amazing time, literally all over the world. I wanna extend a big heck yeah!! and thanks to any of you reading this who have been to any of those shows anywhere. we adore having you there. Period.

As for the almost we have been writing. All members not just me. I will tell you i'm beyond proud of my boys, they are talented far above what i ever imagined. I'm impressed by them, i know it sounds lame but at least i have honesty on the matter, heh. For what seems like forever while i have been on this underoath train,and the almost fellas and i have been writing for a record (that i cant tell you the title of) that we start recording in April and i feel we have come up with a pretty decent little progeny of tunes. It always feels daunting writing tunes, and without sounding like i'm quoting someone, making sophmore records is wicked daunting. I feel like that second record is where you either make the "right one" or the "wrong one" i'm a huge fan of the "honest one", problem here is you can never tell if the "honest" is "right" or 'wrong". Who knows? I sure don't. Care? oh yeah. deeply.

This leads to my next few sentences of rant. Fear is bad. It will eat you. I"m honestly so so so excited about my life. My gorgeous wife, music, uo, the almost, the almost's new record, God and his never ceasing to show more mysteries. I gotta tell you though i'm afraid alot. I have people in my life who hear it alot. They hear about airplanes, rare south american sickness, my never ending fear of having my appendix act up in a foreign country, its a list man and this space is where i you write etc. so ETC. I feel that in my fear i constantly question and i tell you all this because i know people question, everyone questions. What does it look like to question? there is all types of thought processes on the subject and many different personalities on the subject and i have read about and been worried about reading about.

I wanna let you all know if your afraid, afraid or anything at all. I mean all the etc. Everyone has different fears but they all have one thing in common. They are curable. Even when we question, curable. Yep i believe that, wholeheartedly. God made people (i believe that if you don't its cool i'm not trying to make you see things the way i do or step on the proverbial toe) God made music, the things we all love, the things we all need, time, emotion and the like. He wants us to totally enjoy life in all its respects, i don't always follow close to this i almost never ever have it together, but i believe with every ounce of my being God wants us happy, joyful, and having a good time. Without making anyone feel weird and trying to sound like i know more than everyone i wana give you a bible verse on the matter. 2 timothy 1:7 says,"for God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love and, self discipline". Now like i said earlier i don't always stick to that, but the point of all this writing is to let you know we all question, we all have fears and whether they are about past present or future, God himself gets it. I get that the idea of that seems weird sometimes. I also get that at times it seems impossible, and no theologian or learned authority but i believe its true. Look at it this way: God gave us people, music, moms, dads, wives, in n out burger, waves, and friends. He knows what we need.

So wherever you are tonight know your loved and cared for. needed, wanted your fears for today are tomorow are okay even if they don't feel that way. God is there for us, and gave us people who are there for us.


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