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NEWS SOURCE: Disciple, a report
February 2, 2010

Disciple **UPDATE** February 4, 2010... Here's a letter to the fans from Disciple's own Micah himself...

"3 Surgeries, 5 days
Current mood:Well
Hey everybody! This is Micah. Its come to my attention that a lot of people who have been praying for me and donating to me don't actually know what's happened. I think that if you're gonna pray for or donate to somebody that you get to know what your praying for and what your donating to. its taken a few days to sit down and make this happen, for that I apologize. But first things first, Thank thank thank all of you for your thoughts, concerns, prayers and donations already. The amount of prayer that has spread across the U.S. from family to friends to acquaintances to fans. It has been absolutely overwhelming and I am so so thankful for it all.

So here we go, i'll try not to write a novel....On January 6th I got my wisdom teeth taken out, on the 11th I found out i had 2 dry sockets, both bottom teeth so we dealt with that accordingly. Dry socket is very painful but usually heals quickly. Monday the 18th I was prescribed an an antibiotic to help rid the dry socket, it just wasn't going away. This whole time I was enduring terrible headaches but just thought it was part of the dry socket deal. Friday the 22nd I was in so much pain that I went back to see my oral surgeon, he x-rayed my mouth and head but didn't find anything abnormal so he prescribed me another antibiotic and a stronger pain pill. That pill made me finally sleep all of friday night but when i woke saturday the pain was something else. Saturday the 23rd my Mom had a pretty bad feeling and hopped on a plane from oregon. When she landed in the afternoon she knew something was wrong, made a phone call to Dr. Carter (my oral surgeon) and took me to the E.R. at vanderbilt around 2:00AM. Around 5AM sunday the 24th Adam and my mom got the results from my catscan. At this point they had fed me so many drugs i was almost entirely incoherent. What they found was an abscess/infection near the hinge of my jaw on the right side of my mouth and in between my skull and the membrane that protects the brain. Mind you on friday they scanned me and saw nothing so this infection was spreading fast. Immediately they called a team of neurosurgeons, the infectious diseases team and my oral surgeon. They needed to get me in to surgery and remove the abscess from my cranium, they informed Adam and my mom that if the infection spreads to my brain we were up against death, brain damage, paralysis, personality changes, and/or memory loss. Finally at 9:30 sunday morning they took me into surgery and all went well it hadn't gotten to my brain. I woke up in the Neurological I.C.U. with 6 IV's in my arms, a drain comin' out of my half shaved head and a catheter. Now i found out at this point that what had happened to me was very very rare. This was the 3rd case ever recorded that an infection from the mouth had spread to the cranium. This was why i was getting so much attention from all these world class surgeons and doctors. So all was calm until tuesday night when the headaches re-set in. They rushed me to the catscan and found the infection had re-grown in my jaw but my head was all clear. So Wednesday the 27th, I went back under the knife to get it removed again. The labs had came back and the infection was just a form of strep, very common infection in a very uncommon area, they just didn't understand how it worked its way to my brain or how it was even working its way into the tissue in my mouth and they still don't really. So Thursday was another recover day but by night i had headaches again, so it was to the scanner Friday morning and again to surgery friday afternoon. The infection had once again walled itself off in the tissue by my jaw. It was pretty discouraging to find out it had come back but what can ya do eh? Finally i made it until Monday the 1st with no irregular pains and no clinical changes. so 15 pounds lighter and high on vicodin they discharged me around 7PM on Monday and i've been home since.

Though I'm home, thank God, I'm in the recovery process for the next 8 weeks on a plethora of pills and 4 times a day I'm hooking up to an at home IV antibiotic. Eating's still a bit of a task because of the healing jaw muscles oh, and half my face and the right side of my mouth and gums is still numb. I did shave my head, pictures to come, i get my staples out tmro and friday the drains come out of my mouth :)If i could ask for one thing, please continue to pray that this infection stays at bay and that the feeling in my face and mouth comes back, the docs couldn't promise anything on that. As far as donations go, if you feel like you want to financially help out with my medical bills I would be more than grateful and thankful. Andrew Welch has set up a paypal account for me or you can send checks to the address at the bottom of this blog. Thank you all so so much who have already given and again to God for the continuous blessings in this situation. Please know that I am blessed and well and so thankful for such loyal friends fans and family taking such good care over me. hopefully i'll be back out playin shows soon!

Love all you guys and again, thanks a thousand times for all the prayer.

February 2, 2010... Disciple's guitarist Andrew Welch posted an update to fans asking for prayer and support for the band's second guitarist, Micah Sannan, who has suffered three surgeries recently. Please read the report from Andrew below for the details...

Update on Micah and how you can help.

FROM ANDREW: for those of you who don't know, Micah has been through a LOT lately. about a month ago he had his wisdom teeth taken out. for the next few weeks he had headaches and numbness in his face that continually got worse. he kept going to his orthodontist to see what was up and they kept sending him home with pain medicine. about a week ago Micah's mom was in town visiting and decided to take him to the hospital. by the time they got to the hospital Micah couldn't even walk because of the pain. they ran a CT scan and found there was an infection that started in his right jaw and spread to the entire right side of his head. they have since done three surgeries to try to remove the infection and Micah has spent a week in the hospital.

Ok, so obviously the best thing we can do is pray for Micah, and trust me he appreciates our prayers.

But on top of that we're going to start taking donations to cover some of his medical expenses. I'm not sure on the number exactly, but I know he's had at least 3 surgeries and that's a lot of money.

I'm asking you to give whatever you can. Whether if be you're daily gas station coffee money for a week or if you feel the need to give more. Every single little bit helps! I know times are tough right now, but I know Micah has touched the bands' life, and if you've seen them in concert yours, even if it's just by putting a smile on your face.

So here's what we can do:

1. Donate at the shows, Andrew will be more than happy to make sure the money gets to MIcah :)

2. Send cash/check and even a get well card to management at

Platform Artist Management
ATTN: Micah Sannan
256 Seaboard Lane
Suite C-103
Franklin, TN 37067

3. Paypal- Donate online:

Thank you for all the prayers, support, and donations!

# # #

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