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Relient K's Ethan Luck To Release Debut Solo Project

Luck will release his first EP under the banner of Ethan Luck & The High Pressure System this summer

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May 31, 2012

Relient K drummer (and former guitarist for the O.C. Supertones) Ethan Luck has released a brand new song as part of a solo project called Ethan Luck & The High Pressure System. The song, titled "Hey, Mr. Pharisee," is available via his Bandcamp page for just $1.00. Luck also told today that a new EP will be out before the end of the summer. In a post at announcing the project, Luck also assured fans that Relient K is still top priority for him and that the band is in the studio now working on a new full-length project.

Read Ethan's announcement below for more details...

Hey friends,

Over the last couple years, Iíve really been wanting to start up a solo project to have on the side. Relient K doesnít tour like we did years ago, so thereís usually enough time off throughout the year to write stuff on my own and play around the Nashville area. Iíve gone back and fourth, over the last year, on what type of music I want to do. Being a fan of so many genres & playing multiple instruments makes it tough to decide. The one thing I did decide is that I donít care anymore. I wanna do music that makes me happy, sing about stuff that matters to me and if people donít care for it, thatís totally fine. For years I was in Punk/Ska/Reggae bands (Supertones & The Dingees) and no matter what I try and write, I feel most comfortable and happy playing some good old Ska & Reggae. I feel like I could play that stuff til I die.

Iíll be doing this on my own through Bandcamp. Although I think crowd funding sites like Kickstarter are cool, I donít need to raise funds to record. I just wanna put out music and Iíll be recording it all at home in my garage! Donít worry, the quality will be great! My goal is to get an EP out by the end of summer and periodically put up other singles, instrumentalsÖetc.

To get the ball rolling, Iíve put up my first single called ďHey, Mr. PhariseeĒ for $1.00! Hopefully youíll get a good idea of where Iím going with this. I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to getting more music to you all in the near future! If youíre interested in my new tune, head over to my Bandcamp page to grab it. If you enjoy the tune, please spread the word!

Oh yeah, Iím calling it Ethan Luck & The High Pressure System. Thereís no deep meaning behind it. I live in Tennessee and Iím fascinated by severe weather. Thats about it!


Sorry, one last thingÖObviously, Relient K is still priority. We are in the middle of recording a record right now! Just had to clear that up because you know someone will ask. Ok, Iím done.


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