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Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil Set New Kickstarter Goal To Bring Band On The Road

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December 2, 2013

Just before Thanksgiving, artist/producer/director Steve Taylor launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund a brand new album with his all-star band, "The Perfect Foil." The goal, a hefty $40,000, was reached in 36 hours so the band announced today that a new goal has been set to bring the show on the road.

Today, Taylor announced:

What to do when all your dreams come true in 36 hours? Implant new dreams! WE WANT TO SEE YOUR FACES!

If you'd like to see us on tour, have we got a deal for you: You can pre-buy a concert ticket/backstage pass for $25 and fund our first tour ever.

We're gonna try and keep this simple, so here goes: 1) If you want to pre-buy a concert ticket, pledge $25 for each ticket you need and we'll send you a laminated backstage pass autographed by the band with custom lanyard for each ticket you purchase. YOU CAN SIMPLY ADD THE PRICE OF YOUR TICKETS ONTO WHATEVER BACKER REWARD YOU CHOOSE OR HAVE ALREADY CHOSEN, EVEN IF YOU'RE ONLY PLEDGING THE $1 REWARD. 2) Are we coming to your city? We will if enough people pre-buy tickets. We'll post a tentative list of tour stops in the coming days - thanks for all your suggestions - but if we don't come within a 50 mile radius of your hometown in 2014, you can return your beloved laminate for a full $25 refund. Because that's how we roll. 3) If you've still got questions, send us a message at Kickstarter and we'll either reply to you or post a response for all to see. 4) Please remember - you've already filled us with so much gratitude that our tour could arguably be fueled by love-gas.

Stretch Goal #1 ($130K) = Domestic Bliss.
If we can reach $130,000 total on Kickstarter, the plan is to kick off the tour with our special event Nashville concert and party on April 25th (see reward #10), then cover the USA in 30 days. Unless your home is in certain sections of Montana or the Dakotas, we hope to play a show within at least a 400 mile radius of wherever you live within the Continental U.S. And for those of you living in a major metropolis, we should be a whole lot closer - maybe even within walking distance.

We did a quick budget for a 20 city tour, and it breaks down like this: Transportation and fuel: $20,000 / Lodging and meals: $20,000 / Crew and equipment rentals: $20,000 / Keeping the home fires lit: $25,000 (Because some of us have kids. Who love to play with matches.) / Cheeto & Trail Mix allowance: $800 / Nightly cucumber mask (to keep our youthful glow): $1,200 / Insurance: $3,000 (Peter's amazing sense of groove is insured by Lloyd's of London.) / TOTAL COST: $90,000

Stretch Goal #2 ($150K) = Break Out The Suit.
If we hit $150,000... I will wear the On The Fritz suit live onstage each night during the encore. Although the reflective glare from this suit can cause temporary blindness, know this is going to hurt me a lot more than it hurts you.

Avert your eyes.

Stretch Goal #3 ($170K) = Break Out The Dress.
If we hit $170,000... I BREAK OUT THE DRESS for a second encore that includes "Lifeboat." Those of you who have seen the "Lifeboat" video from 1985 know that this is a very bad idea, so please save my last shred of dignity and stop giving before we reach this particular goal.

No, really. Avert your eyes.

Stretch Goal #5 ($200K) = International Showtime.
And what about those of you living abroad in places like Australia or New Zealand or the U.K. or the wilds of Europe? (Is Canada a foreign country?) This goal will allow us to fly economy class to your fair shores and play select international dates.

Stretch Goal #6 ($250K) = We Want To Play Latin America.
Because we want to play Latin America. And even if Our Friends To The South don't want to hear us, this would allow us the ability to rent our own venues. So there.

Kickstarter Link:

For more info on Steve Taylor visit the JFH Artists Database.
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