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10 Years Later - Demon Hunter

Friday, April 13, 2012

10 Years Later - Demon Hunter

In today's world, Solid State Records sees a lot of strong bands come through their part of town, but a lot of them seem to fade out after one or two albums (Once Nothing, The Famine, Twelve Gauge Valentine, etc.).  But one band has been going strong for a decade now, and has recently released a monster of a sixth album called True Defiance.  That band is Demon Hunter, and it's been ten years since we were introduced to them on Solid State.  They started as kind of an enigma with a mystery line-up, though it was rumored (and later confirmed) that Demon Hunter had formed from the remnants of former Solid State group Training For Utopia. 

When DH unleashed their self-titled debut, it was an instant attention-grabber.  The album's biggest single, "Infected," was a perfect introduction to a sound that would continue to be used album after album, but improved upon constantly: vocalist Ryan Clark screamed his way through the verses accompanied by solid metal guitar riffs and tight drumming.  But oh wait, what's this?  Singing in the chorus?  Melodies??  It may not have been a completely original idea, but it's one that Demon Hunter perfected and made into one of their signatures.  Though the metalheads in all of us fell in love with "Infected," as well as other heavy tracks like "Through the Black," "Turn Your Back and Run" and "As We Wept," these same metalheads couldn't help but fall in love with the seemingly out-of-place (but oh-so-wonderful) rock ballads "My Throat Is An Open Grave" and "The Gauntlet."  Even with the clean vocals admist a sea of screams and growls, they just seemed right.  Demon Hunter has grown with each new album, and gotten significantly better and tighter (even with several line-up changes), but let's not forget where they started: with a stellar debut album that people just couldn't get enough of.

- Scott Fryberger

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1. Kod Yount said...

My girlfriend just got me this album for my birthday, and I can't wait to listen to it. ^_^ (As soon as I clean out my ipod, haha...)

2. Todd said...

Agreed!Demon Hunter is one of the very few bands that are "heavy metal" I will bother listening too beacuse they do actually sing and have melody to most of their songs, unlike most others in the genre

3. Dan said...

I am a fan of older Demon Hunter and some newer songs. But to be honest, I am a bit bored of them. People talk about their progression as a band. They sound pretty much the same as they did 10 years ago, and haven't experimented much with the sound. It's lots of screaming with brutal riffs in the verse, sung chorus, repeat, breakdown. 2 or 3 songs with more singing than screaming, one of them being a ballad. I wish they would experiment with the sound more...

4. Ray W said...

It'd be nice if bands like Once Nothing or Twelve Gauge Valentine actually got even a third of the support Demon Hunter's got from Solid State so that they didn't have to fade into oblivion.

5. Scott said...

@Dan I don't think Demon Hunter sounds all that much the same these days. The World Is A Thorn and True Defiance have grown a LOT. Yeah, some of the stuff is the same, but they have changed significantly as well.

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