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JFH Devotionals by J.M. Farro

Help is On the Way

"That clinches it - help's coming, an answer's on the way, everything's going to work out." - Psalm 20:6 MSG

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My husband, Joe, was experiencing a year-long period of unemployment when I heard a young man's testimony of his own struggles with debt and lack. When this man was at his lowest point, he felt led by God to begin confessing, "Provision is on the way!" He told how his declaration of faith kept him encouraged while he waited upon the Lord for his deliverance.

As I listened to this young man's testimony, I felt impressed in my heart to begin making some similar declarations of my own. I started out by declaring many times a day, "Provision is on the way!" Then I progressed to saying, "Abundant provision is on the way!" And eventually, I began confessing with enthusiasm, "Prosperity is on the way!" I found these declarations uplifting and faith-building, and they enabled me to wait for God's deliverance with peace and joy, instead of with fear and doubt. I admit that when I first began saying them, there wasn't much faith behind them. But as I determined to speak them in spite of my feelings, faith eventually rose up in my heart, and I was able to say them with confidence and conviction.

The Bible says, "Without faith it is impossible to please God." (Hebrews 11:6 NIV) So when we are giving in to fear and doubt, instead of exercising our faith in God and His promises, we are not honoring or pleasing Him. The reason that God honors faith, is that faith honors God. And the second half of this Scripture reveals that the Lord is committed to "rewarding" us whenever we decide to demonstrate our faith in Him.

When I was going through some painful and disheartening health problems a while back, I began declaring frequently, "Healing is on the way!" I found this statement of faith comforting and encouraging, especially when my symptoms were the most troubling. Expressions of faith like these show that we believe that God is not only hearing our prayers, but that He is already in the process of answering them. Essentially, we are saying, "The answer is on its way!"

What are your needs today? What is it that you are believing God for? Provision? Healing? Promotion? Relationships? Begin speaking in faith that help is on the way, and open the door for the Lord to work mightily on your behalf!

Prayer: Lord, I repent of all fear and doubt that I have let creep into my heart in times of difficulty and distress. I ask that You increase my faith as I do my part by devoting myself to You and Your Word. Show me what declarations of faith to confess, so that I may please You, and receive all the good things You have in store for me!

- J. M. Farro

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