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Get the new album from Psalm for free!

Artist Discography

[1992 - 1998; 2009 - Present]

Style: Metal

For Fans Of: Living Sacrifice

Band Members:
John Helmig... Guitar
Erik Adams... Vocals
Chris Wible... Drums
John Becht... Bass
Nate Shumaker... Guitar
Ryan Leach... Bass
Zack Wells... Bass

Spotify Everdown Discography

  1. Coleman / Mr. Brown (Single), 2015 (Independent)
  2. WD-40 / Black Clover (Single), 2009 (Independent)
  3. Straining, 1996 [Tooth & Nail]
  4. Sicken, 1994 [Tooth & Nail]

Compilation Contributions

  1. Summer Slam Volume 3, 2004 .... "WD40" [IVM]
  2. The Classics Hard, 2004 .... "Nation" [Tooth & Nail]
  3. 4th Anniversary Box Set, 1997 .... "Crush," "Blended" [Tooth & Nail]
  4. Songs From The Penalty Box, 1997 .... "Easy" [Tooth & Nail]
  5. Tooth & Nail Sampler Vol. 3, 1996 .... "Unleaded" [Tooth & Nail]
  6. Tooth & Nail Sampler Vol. 1, 1995 .... "Crush" [Tooth & Nail]

Collector's Items

  1. Straining Cassette, 1996 [Tooth & Nail]
  2. Sicken Cassette, 1994 [Tooth & Nail]
  3. Shelter EP Casette, 1994 (As Crawlspace)
  4. Demo EP, 1993 (As Dry Bones) (Independent)
  5. Dry Bones, 1992 (As Dry Bones) (Independent)

Former Members

  1. Ryan Leach... Bass
  2. Zack Wells... Bass
  3. Chris Allain... Bass
  4. Bryan Young... Bass
  5. Rob Wolfe... Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
  6. Mark "Rug" Fields... Bass
  7. Dave Ball... Rhythm Guitar

Music News (Not full list of articles)

  1. Ghoti Hook, Living Sacrifice, Stavesacre, Puller and Everdown Launch Kickstarter to Fund Reunion Show, October 22, 2012

Everdown Links

  1. Bandcamp
  2. Myspace
  3. Facebook




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