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Artist Discography

Ninety Pound Wuss
Ninety Pound Wuss
[1994 - 2000]

Style: Punk / Hardcore Punk
Hometown: Port Angeles, Washington
For Fans Of: The Blamed, Blenderhead, Frodus

Band Members:
Jeff Bettger (aka Jeff Suffering)... Vocals, Keyboard
John Spalding... Guitar, BGVs
Matt Johnson... Bass
Marty Martinez... Drums

Spotify Artist Discography

  1. Hierarchy of Snakes live album, 2000 [Tooth & Nail]
  2. Short Hand Operation, 1999 [Tooth & Nail]
  3. Ninety Pound Wuss / The Captives: Home Alive Benefit '98 split EP, 1998 [Crash Rawk Records]
  4. Where Meager Die of Self-Interest, 1997 [Tooth & Nail]
  5. Kick You Hard EP, 1996 [Tooth & Nail]
  6. Ninety Pound Wuss, 1995 [Tooth & Nail]

Other Projects

  1. Blenderhead (Matt Johnson)
  2. The Cootees (Jiles O'Neal, Dale Yob)
  3. Loveland (John Spalding)
  4. The Out Circuit (Matt Johnson)
  5. Raft of Dead Monkeys (Jeff Suffering, John Spalding)
  6. Roadside Monument (Matt Johnson)
  7. Slick Shoes (Dale Yob)
  8. Suffering and the Hideous Thieves (Jeff Suffering)

Compilation Contributions

  1. Imagine No Religion, 2008 .... "Freedom" and "I Am" [Underdog Fanzine]
  2. Tooth & Nail Tenth Anniversary Box Set, 2003 .... "Outbreak" [Tooth & Nail]
  3. Songs From The Penalty Box, Vol. 4: Warped Tour Edition, 2000 .... "Queen Maggot (live)" [Tooth & Nail]
  4. Songs From The Penalty Box, Vol. 3, 1999 .... "Outbreak" [Tooth & Nail]
  5. It Goes Without Saying, 1999 .... "It Seems So Far Away" [Sign Language Records]
  6. Songs From The Penalty Box, Vol. 2, 1998 .... "The Dawning of This Night Divine" [Tooth & Nail]
  7. Home Alive Benefit Compilation, Vol. 3, 1998 .... "In Silence" (independent)
  8. Tooth & Nail 4th Anniversary Box Set, 1997 .... "Something Must Break,", "The Dawning of This First Night Divine," and "Heresy" [Tooth & Nail]
  9. Chord Magazine CD Sampler #11, 1997 .... "Something Must Break" [Chord Recordings]
  10. Songs From The Penalty Box, 1997 .... "The Dawning of This Night Divine" [Tooth & Nail]
  11. Tooth & Nail Sampler, Vol. 3, 1996 .... "Something Must Break" [Tooth & Nail]
  12. I'm Your Biggest Fan, Vol. 1, 1996 .... "Responsibility" [Tooth & Nail]

Collector's Items

  1. Short Hand Operation vinyl, 1999 [Tooth & Nail]
  2. Ninety Pound Wuss / The Captives: Home Alive Benefit '98 7" vinyl, 1998 [Crash Rawk Records]
  3. Where Meager Die of Self-Interest vinyl, 1997 [Tooth & Nail]
  4. Kick You Hard 5" vinyl, 1996 [Tooth & Nail]
  5. Ninety Pound Wuss vinyl, 1995 [Tooth & Nail]

Former Members

  1. Dale Yob... Bass
  2. Jiles O'Neal... Bass
  3. John Himmelberger... Guitar
  4. Matt Nelson... Bass

Artist Links

  1. Tooth & Nail Artist Page
  2. Discogs




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