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Artist Discography

The Violet Burning
[1989 Present]

Style: Indie / Rock

Band Members:
Michael J. Pritzl... Vocals, Guitar
Jason "Lord" Mize... Drums
Daryl "Black Cherry" Dawson... Bass
Ben Paskitti... Guitar

The Violet Burning Discography

  1. Tonight My Guitar is Full of Tears (working title for forthcoming 2nd rock album), 2018 (independent)
  2. Songs and Prayers of the Satellite Heart (working title for forthcoming prayers album), 2018 (independent)
  3. A Map of the Loneliest Places on Earth (working title for forthcoming 1st rock album), 2018 (independent)
  4. Satellite Heart Songs and Instrumentals - EP, 2018 (independent)
  5. Translator | Confessing All the Secret Things - EP, 2018 (independent)
  6. We Kissed as Though Nothing Could Fall - EP, 2018 (independent)
  7. The Story Of Our Lives, 2011 (independent)
  8. Sting Like Bees and Sing, 2009 (independent)
  9. Divine, 2008 (independent)
  10. Pomegranate, 2007 (independent)
  11. Gravity, 2007 (independent)
  12. Stars Go Down... When We Were Future Stars, 2007 (independent)
  13. Drop-Dead, 2006 [Northern]
  14. Live: The Loudest Sound In My Heart, 2005 (independent)
  15. This Is The Moment, 2003 [Northern]
  16. The Violet Underground Volume 5: Violet Christmas Vol. 1, 2003 (independent)
  17. The Violet Underground Volume 4: Distortion Is Our Friend, 2002 (independent)
  18. The Violet Underground Volume 3: Lipstick And Dynamite Wonder, 2002 (independent)
  19. The Violet Underground Volume 2: Kissing the Sky - Live in the Netherlands 1993, 2001 (independent)
  20. The Violet Underground Volume 1: We Are Electric - Live bootleg Cornerstone 2000, 2001 (independent)
  21. Faith and Devotions of a Satellite Heart, 2000 [Sovereign]
  22. I Am A Stranger In This Place - An Experiment In Vibe, 2000 [Sovereign]
  23. Demonstrates Plastic and Elastic, 1998 [Northern]
  24. The Violet Burning ("Lipstick and Dynamite Wonder"), 1996 [Domo]
  25. Lillian Gish Demo Tape, 1995 (independent)
  26. You Wouldn't Understand Anyways Demo Tape, 1994 (independent)
  27. Strength, 1991 [Bluestone]
  28. Chosen, 1990 [Vineyard]
  29. Dead Men Can't Swim, Heart Wide Open Demo Tape, 1989 (independent)

Compilation Contributions

  1. SoulFest: A Benefit For The Philippines, 2013 .... "Mon De?sir (all I want is you)" [Noisetrade]
  2. Salutations: A Tribute to The Prayer Chain, 2002 .... "Sky High" [AudioLab]
  3. A Live Tribute Recording for Gene Eugene, 2001 .... "All Right," "Elaste" [Northern]
  4. We the Living: Volume One: Rock : Pop : Alternative : Emo : Hardcore , 1998 .... [True Tunes]
  5. The Mother Of All Tribute Albums, 1998 .... "It's All Too Much" [HM]
  6. Third Wave: Reality Rock Collection, 1993 .... "Low" [ERG]
  7. Throne of Grace - Touching the Father's Heart #12, 1992 .... "Glory, Honour, Power," "All That I Need," "Light of the World" [Vineyard]
  8. Throne of Grace - Touching the Father's Heart #7, 1991 .... [Vineyard]

The Violet Burning Videography

  1. The Loudest Sound in my Heart DVD, 2005
  2. Film Show VHS, 2000

Former Members

  1. Herb Grimaud... Bass
  2. Michael Misiuk... Guitar
  3. Mike Kalmar... Drums (1998-2000)
  4. Robbie Farr... Guitar (1998-2000)
  5. Lonnie Tubbs... Drums (till 1998)
  6. Jason Picksergill... Bass (1996-1998)
  7. Andy Prickett... Guitar (1996-1998)
  8. Jeff Schroeder... Guitar (1994-1998)
  9. Kirt Gentry... Bass (till 1992, 1994-1996)
  10. Scott Tubbs... Bass (1992-1994)
  11. Sean Tubbs... Guitar (1992-1994)

The Violet Burning Links

  1. Official Site
  2. The Violet Burning Lyrics




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