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YOUR 2013 Year-End Top Album Picks

Friday, December 20, 2013

YOUR 2013 Year-End Top Album Picks

Hey guys! Each year, the JFH staff like to choose their favorite albums of the year and post them for all to read, and we know everyone's thoughts and opinions differ, so we - once again - want to give you, the reader, the opportunity to share YOUR top 10 albums in the Christian market of 2013!

So, please feel free to post a top 10 album list of 2013 in a format similar to below. I'll post my 2013 album picks as an example...

    1. Inland, Jars of Clay
    2. The Glorious Unfolding, Steven Curtis Chapman
    3. Need You Now, Plumb
    4. Reanimated, Family Force 5
    5. Fading West EP, Switchfoot
    6. Troubled Days, Seabird
    7. Live, All Sons & Daughters
    8. Freaks, The Hawk In Paris
    9. Currents, Eisley
    10. Black and White, Tal & Acacia

Thanks for sharing! We look forward to reading your picks of 2013 -- and Merry Christmas!

~ John DiBiase

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1. Alexander Ortiz said...

1. Instruments of Mercy- Beautiful Euology
2. Campfire- Rend Collective Experiment
3. Heroes For Sale- Andy Mineo
4. Zion- Hillsong United
5. Crave- for King and Country
6. Burning Lights- Chris Tomlin
7. Church Clothes vol. 2- Lecrae
8. Love, Hope, War- Da T.R.U.T.H
9. Royal Flush- Flame
10. Rise- Skillet

2. Billy said...

1. Stryper- no more hell to pay
2. Sacred Warrior- waiting in darkness
3. Extol- self titled
4. Red- release the panic
5. Bloodgood- dangerously close
6. Bride- incorruptible
7. Skillet- rise
8. Building 429- we won't be shaken
9. The Afters- life is beautiful
10. Love and Death- between here and lost

3. Taylor said...

1. Instruments of Mercy, Beautiful Eulogy
2. Heroes for Sale, Andy Mineo
3. Evening & Morning, The Digital Age
4. Devotion, Anberlin
5. Collapsible Lung, Relient K
6. Vessel, Twenty One Pilots
7. W.L.A.K., W.L.A.K.
8. I Am Mountain, Gungor
9. Church Clothes 2, Lecrae
10. The Ascension, Phil Wickham

4. Ben said...

1. Behold - My Epic
2. Instruments of Mercy - Beautiful Eulogy
3. Vessel - Twenty One Pilots
4. I Am Mountain - Gungor
5. Phoenix - Everything in Slow Motion
6. The Water and the Blood - Dustin Kensrue
7. Hours - Falling Up
8. Odd New Celebrity - Keep Quiet
9. Currents - Eisley
10. Rescue & Restore - August Burns Red / Be Given to the Soil - Over the Ocean / Water & Guns - Aaron Sprinkle

5. Gabriel Jones said...

1. Audio Adrenaline - Kings & Queens
2. Five Iron Frenzy - Engine of a Million Pilots
3. Andy Mineo - Heroes for Sale
4. Citizens - Citizens
5. Hillsong United - Zion
6. Beautiful Eulogy - Instruments of Mercy
7. Norma Jean - Wrongdoers
8. Jars of Clay - Inland
9. Leagues - You Belong Here (Not sure if this fits here but oh well)
10. Matt Redman - Your Grace Finds Me

Honorable Mentions:

Martin Smith - martin smith God's Great Dance Floor - Step 01 & 02

Hillsong Young & Free - We are Young & Free

Dustin Kensrue - The Water & the Blood

Ghost Ship - The Good King

OceanSpeak - Sea the Same EP

Switchfoot - Fading West EP

Newsboys - Restart

Aaron Sprinkle - Waters & Guns

Starflyer 59 - IAMACEO

(sorry for so many haha)

6. Caleb Robert said...

1. "Rescue And Restore" - August Burns Red
2. "Collider" - Cartel
3. "Zion" - Hillsong United
4. "Flight" - Search The City
5. "More Than You Think" - The Ember Days
6. "This Is All We Know" - Number One Gun
7. ""Paradigm" - States
8. "Moving Past" - The Fold
9. "The Ascension" - Phil Wickham
10. "Ghost Thief" - Living Sacrifice / "Ceasing To Breathe" -Still Remans. .... tie

7. Phil Johnson said...

ahhhhhhh so many good albums this year!
But if I had to narrow it down...

1. Fear Inside Our Bones, The Almost
2. Devotion, Anberlin
3. I Was Wrong, I'm Sorry, and I Love You, Derek Webb
4. Live, All Sons & Daughters
5. Inland, Jars of Clay
6. Engine of a Million Plots - Five Iron Frenzy
7. Instruments of Mercy - Beautiful Eulogy
8. Free Daps - Free Daps
9. The Oh Hellos' Christmas Album - The Oh Hellos
10. Collapsible Lung - Relient k

8. Andrew said...

1. Inland by Jars of Clay
2. Vessel by Twenty One Pilots
3. Fear Inside Our Bones by The Almost
4. Black and White by Tal & Acacia
5. Fiction Family Reunion by Fiction Family
6. Illusion by Spoken
7. The Glorious Unfolding by Steven Curtis Chapman
8. Currents by Eisley
9. Moving Past by The Fold
10. Kings & Queens by Audio Adrenaline

9. Josh O. said...

1) Engine of a Million Plots, Five Iron Frenzy
2) The Water And The Blood, Dustin Kensrue
3) Water & Guns, Aaron Sprinkle
4) Inland, Jars of Clay
5) Wrongdoers, Norma Jean
6) Collapsible Lung, Relient K
7) Behold, My Epic
8) The Ascension, Phil Wickham
9) Rescue & Restore, August Burns Red
10) Fear Inside Our Bones, The Almost

I also really enjoyed Anberlin's Devotion and House of Heroes' The Knock-Down Drag-Outs, but since they're compilations/re-releases I didn't include them in my list.

10. Dan V said...

1.Inland - Jars of Clay
2.Inland - Jars of Clay
3.Inland - Jars of Clay
4.Inland - Jars of Clay
5.Inland - Jars of Clay
6.Inland - Jars of Clay
7.Inland - Jars of Clay
8.Inland - Jars of Clay
9.Inland - Jars of Clay
10-99.Everything else

100.Collapsible Lung - Relient K

11. Nicholas+Ryckman said...

1.Between Here and Lost-Love and Death
2.Fear Inside Our Bones-The Almost
4.Fading West EP-Switchfoot
7.Release the Panic-RED
8.Icon For Hire-Icon For Hire
9.Proof of Life-Scott Stapp
10.Between Here and Lost, Expanded Edition-Love and Death

12. Tim said...

Good question. I'm not sure any of your 10 will reach my top 10. However, I'm waiting until next week to decide as both Everything In Slow Motion and My Epic have only just come out - I need to digest them more before determining how good they are.

13. Lucas said...

1.All Sons and Daughters-Live
2.The City Harmonic-Heart
3.Jars of Clay-Inland
4.Beautiful Eulogy-Instruments of Mercy
5.The Ember Days-More Than You Think
6.Sanctus Real-Run
7.Vota-Love Found Me
8.Chris Tomlin-Burning Lights
9.Todd Zero-Kid Heart
10.Jeremy Camp-Reckless

14. Paul said...

That's a cop out, Dan V. You can't list Jars of Clay's Inland as 1-9, and then put "everything else" as 10-99 lol. Anyway, here's my list, but in no particular order.

1. August Burns Red - Rescue & Restore
2. Extol - Extol
3. Skillet - Rise
4. Fit for a King - Creation Destruction
5. Love and Death - Between Here and Lost
6. Bloodgood - Dangerously Close
7. We As Human - We as Human
8. Hope for the Dying - Aletheia
9. Red - Release the Panic
10. Stryper - No More Hell to Pay

15. Josh+Balogh said...

1. Jars of Clay - inland
2. Gungor - I am mountain
3. Phil Wickham - the ascension
4. Five Iron Frenzy - Engine of a million plots
5. The Digital Age - evening:morning
6. Derek Webb - I was wrong, I"m sorry, I love you
7. Shane & Shane - Bring your nothing
8. Audio Adrenaline - Kings & Queens
9. Hillsong United - Zion
10. Fiction Family - Fiction family reunion

16. Musikstry said...

1. No More Hell To Pay - Stryper
2. Prevailer - For Today
3. Between Here & Lost - Love And Death
4. Love, Hope, War - Da' T.R.U.T.H.
5. Murdered Love (Deluxe) - P.O.D.
6. Devotion: Vital Special Edition (Deluxe) - Anberlin
7. The Third - Family Force 5
8. Rise (Deluxe Edition) - Skillet
9. The Bridge Between EP - Phinehas
10. Talented 10th - Sho Baraka

17. Danno said...

I haven't listened to all albums this year I've wanted to but this is what the Top 10 would look like so far.

1) Restart (Deluxe Edition)-Newsboys
2) Swallow The Ocean-NewSong
3) Carry Me-Josh Wilson
4) Time For The Show-Kerrie Roberts
5) Glorious Ruins-Hillsong
6) Let The Future Begin-Passion
7) Run-Sanctus Real
8) Worth It All-Meredith Andrews
9) Burning Lights-Chris Tomlin
10) The Ascension-Phil Wickham

18. Christopher Guy said...

1. Persuaded - Indiana Bible College
2. Revealing Jesus - Darlene Zschech
3. More And More - BJ Putnam
4. Withholding Nothing - William McDowell
5. Royal Tailor - Royal Tailor
6. Capital Kings - Capital Kings
7. Restart - Newsboys
8. Reckless - Jeremy Camp
9. Greater Than - Tye Tribbett
10.Burning Lights - Chris Tomlin

19. Tom Sehman said...

1. Guns & Water - Aaron Sprinkle
2. The White Room - Jonathan Thulin
3. Release The Panic - Red
4. Phoenix - Everything In Slow Motion
5. Stellar Kart - All In
6. On My Way to The Sun - John Elefante
7. Need You Now - Plumb
8. Thief EP- Susan Ashton
9. No More Hell to Pay - Stryper
10. Backdraft - Fallstar

20. Micah Zacharias said...

1. Hours/Midnight on Earthship- Falling Up
2. Vessel- Twenty One Pilots
3. Inland- Jars of Clay
4. Fading West EP- Switchfoot
5. The Walking in Between- Ben Rector
6. Tall Trees- Vocal Few
7. Troubled Days- Seabird
8. Everything EP- Mike Mains and the Branches
9. Quiet Frame:Wild Light- Golden Youth
10. Collapsible Lung- Relient K
HM. Atlas:Space 1- Sleeping At Last

21. Jeremy said...

This is based on the albums that I have bought this year:
10-Casting Crowns Acoustic Volume 1
9-Jeremy Camp Reckless [BEC]
8-The Advice The Advice [Inpop]
7-NewSong Swallow The Ocean [HHM]
6-John Schlitt The Christmas Project [4K]
5-Jars of Clay Inland [Gray Matters]
4-Scott Stapp Proof of Life [Wind Up]
3-Chris Tomlin Burning Lights [SixSteps]
2-Skillet Rise [Atlantic/Word]
1-Sanctus Real Run [Sparrow]

22. Mason Miller said...

1. Instruments of Mercy - Beautify Eulogy
2. Live - All Sons & Daughters
4. Campfire - Rend Experiment Collective
5. Evening Morning - The Digital Age
6. Ascension - Phil Wickham
7. Zion - Hillsong United
8. I Am Mountain - Gungor
9. Heart - The City Harmonic
10. Inland - Jars of Clay

23. Daniel said...

Made - Hawk Nelson
Rise (Deluxe Edition) - Skillet
Release The Panic - RED
Fading West EP (4 track version) - Switchfoot
Zion - Hillsong UNITED

Thats it.
Only four. :)


Elevator - Hawk Nelson
Circus For A Psycho - Skillet
Release The Panic - RED
Who We Are - Switchfoot
Relentless - Hillsong UNITED
Alive - Hillsong Young & Free
Insecurity - Jason Dunn (formal lead singer of Hawk Nelson)

24. Eddie said...

It's so hard to narrow this down to just ten albums. Note: I say albums because if I were to include Switchfoot's Fading West EP (4 track version) and their new Backstage EP #2, I would have to remove some of my top albums. Other EPs excluded from consideration are The Rocket Summer: Christmas Madness and Owl City: Accoustic.

1. Inland by Jars of Clay
2. Freaks by The Hawk in Paris
3. Fiction Family Reunion (itunes deluxe) by Fiction Family
4. Midnight on Earthship/Hours (The Machine De Ella Project) by Falling Up
5.Evening:Morning by The Digital Age
6. A Messenger by Colton Dixon
7. Devotion by Anberlin
8. Release the Panic (Deluxe) by RED
9. Rise (Deluxe) by Skillet
10. Collapsible Lung by Relient K

Honorable mentions which may have made my top ten on a different day haha.
All In by Stellar Kart, Illusion by Spoken, Campfire by Rend Collective Experiment, Heart by The City Harmonic, All the People Said Amen by Matt Maher, Anchors by I Am Empire, The Third by Family Force 5, and We As Human self titled.

Another side note:I decided that I would not include the Atlas Project by Sleeping at Last because two of the six EPs are still to be released.
Also, some of the albums in my mentions I may actually like better if I listen back through them all but I partially ranked based on how much play time each album got for me.

25. Lucas said...

This is my top songs:
Beautiful Eulogy: Instruments of Mercy
The Ember Days: The Real Jesus
The City Harmonic: Take Heart
Derek Webb: Lover Pt.3
Jars of Clay: Inland
Jars of Clay: Age of Immature Mistakes
Sanctus Real: Promises
Beautiful Eulogy: Exile Dial Tone

26. Kenn said...

1. Beautiful Eulogy - Instruments of Mercy
2. The Almost - Fear Inside Our Bones
3. Derek Webb - I was wrong, I am sorry and I love you
4. Eisley - Currents
5. Everything in Slow Motion - Phoenix
6. Jars of Clay - Eastside Manor Sessions
7. Dustin Kensrue - The Water and the Blood
8. Citizens - Citizens
9. Audrey Assad - Fortunate Fall
10. Digital Age - Morning : Evening

27. dave said...

this was one of the worst yeas for music for me. maybe the worst year since ive been listening to music. these aren't my top christian albums of this year. this is pretty much all of them. and i dont feel like writing the album titles. im going to give them a score from 1-5 too so you can get an idea of how bad most of these albums were to me.

1. spoken 4.5/5
2. aaron sprinkle 4/5
3. finding iris 4/5
4. surrogate 3.5/5
5. I am empire 3.5/5
6. jeremy camp 3/5
7. we as human 3/5
8. the almost 3/5
9. norma jean 3/5
10. red 2.5/5

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