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04. Dear Future

Dear Future, Come Get Me
by The Fold

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Memories they haunt me, yeah they trickle in like rain. I have no choice these things effect me cast their shadow on the day. Yet through the haze I stand completed. Yeah, as spotless as can be. I do believe this choice Iíve taken, so today is a beautiful day. So we rewind back to the times when lifeís not making any sense... you would hold me, youíd understand. My lonely nights are over, you know the type, hereís to getting out alive. Dear future, come get me. Iím ready now, for anything. Here I lay in wait for better days to smile on me. I have no strength this world is freezing, cast away my apathy. Itís time I bid farewell to discord, those are years I wonít get back. Say so long to yesterday, today is a beautiful day. Dear future, come get me. Iím ready now, for anything. These lonely walls surrounding me. The past has taught me everything, Dear future, come get me. Stay on my side, hereís to getting out alive. Scratch a letter on my hand and it will say: ďDear future, come get meĒ

Behind the Song:
ďThis was the first song I wrote for this session. The minute the lyric "Dear Future, Come Get Me" arrived in my brain, I knew I had our title for the whole album. It said everything about what we were facing at the time. The band was going through a very frustrating time of feeling like everyone around us was doubting, we even lost a member of the band. Yet the three of us who remained were stronger than ever as people and friends. In our mind, if we had that, we didn't NEED anyone else, so we said bring it on! The song originally a much faster tempo, but we didn't feel the style fit where we were wanting to head for this record. Then on the way to Atlanta, I started playing with a new feel for this song that held so much lyrical significance to me. I remember pulling over for gas and jumping into the back of the van to record the vocals. The guys probably thought I was crazy--like why do you have to record vocals RIGHT NOW? But I was excited, and so was everyone else once they heard the new treatment for the song. I knew this song would be the cornerstone to this album, and it just felt so great to finally get it right." - Daniel Castady (The Fold)

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