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    It's 2011 and it's time to take a look ahead at another new year of music. So, once again, we're Highlighting our most anticipated projects already in development for the year. Read on to see what records the staff of are most excited about - and why!


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Release Date: Sometime 2011
I love Needtobreathe. Love. I blame them and their amazing live show for my newfound appreciation of country-influenced Southern rock and roll. The Outsiders was one of my favorite albums of 2009, and judging by the new songs they've played on their recent tour, their fourth album will be just as great.
        - Jen Rose

I’m convinced these guys are some of the best out there right now. Developing a distinct sound that The Outsiders solidified, they’ve been delivering some strong tunes that appeal across the board (opening for Taylor Swift’s upcoming summer tour is nothing to scoff at). These guys are getting huge, mostly because more and more listeners are discovering they’re hugely talented...
        - Roger Gelwicks

After winning over the hearts and ears of music lovers with The Heat and proving with The Outsiders that lightning can strike twice, we're more than eager to hear where they go with their fourth full-length studio album. And after hearing two solid new tunes live at the end of last year, we're feeling pretty confident that it'll be a highlight of 2011.
        - John DiBiase

These guys keep getting better. The Outsiders was a definite gem that finally gained the guys some much-earned recognition. Can't wait to hear what they're cooking up for their fourth studio album.
        - Scott Fryberger

  • Visit our NEEDTOBREATHE page for more information about them...

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