Listen to the new remix album from August Burns Red!
Listen to the new remix album from August Burns Red!

Artist Discography

[1995 - 2003]

Style: Indie Rock

Band Members:
Chris Staples... Lead Vocals, Guitar
Kevin Woerner... Guitar
Ben May... Bass
Dylan Roper... Drums

Discover America Discography

  1. El Libro de Recuerdos, 2003 [Tooth & Nail]
  2. You Should Be Living, 2002 [Tooth & Nail]
  3. Regulate The Chemicals, 2002 [Tooth & Nail]
  4. Matter Has A Breaking Point, 1999 [Takehold]
  5. Missing You Dearly, 1998 [Takehold]
  6. Tomorrow EP, 1997 (independent)
  7. Twothirtyeight EP, 1996 (independent)
  8. Twothirtyeight/Gileah Split EP, 1995 (independent)

Former Members

  1. Kevin Glass... Bass (til 1997, died in car accident)
  2. Jake Brown... Bass
  3. D.J. Stone... Drums
  4. Owen Grabo... Bass guitar
  5. Daniel Lamb... Guitar
  6. Jason Anderson
  7. James Diederich... Drums
  8. ason Frazier... Drums
  9. Mike Wild

Collector's Items

  1. Further Seems Forever / Twothirtyeight Split 7" vinyl, 2002 [Tooth & Nail]




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Listen to the new remix album from August Burns Red!

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