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  • Tool of God One, We'll Meet Again - Single (2021) /
    eteran indie artist Tool of God One is back with a new single. While a lot of his music is hip-hop and dance-related tracks crafted for a club setting, his newest single is an acoustic based song that is a bit more touching. "We'll Meet Again" is a tribute to TOG-1's rap partner Da Child's mother. While TOG-1 doesn't necessary talk about the disease that Da Child's mother had, it can assumed that it was something like dementia or Alzheimer's as TOG-1 raps... Read the Full Review
  • Project Bosch, Trust Me in the Dark EP (2021) /
    Project Bosch is fronted by longtime Radio Friendly member Bosch Boschetti, and came about due to the interruption in the music industry known as Covid-19. With his band on pause, Bosch is setting out solo this time around. Drawing on his experience with Radio Friendly from the last two decades, Bosch spread his wings with this three song EP titled Trust Me in the Dark. Stylistically, these songs are... Read the Full Review
  • Matt Case, Without Christmas EP (2021) /
    Longtime musician and singer/songwriter Matt Case has spent much of his life allowing his music to be used in live ministry, but has only actively been recording music for a few years now. His third album comes in the form of a Christmas EP, just in time for the holidays. Without Christmas contains seven tracks, most of which are classic carols and are bookended by two versions of the title track... Read the Full Review
  • Dale Larson, The King in the Cage (2021) / Instagram
    Scripture songs have grown in popularity over the past decade, with some groups making that their speciality. Most of the time, they're singing the Bible verbatim, and backing it with a folk or piano driven track. Dale Larson, making his music debut with The King in the Cage, shakes up the formula. His focus is on the book of Ecclesiastes, but he doesn't sing it line by line. There are moments when he does pull whole verses out and put them to music, but most of the time, he pulls out the thought behind the passage and even adds some New Testament understanding... Read the Full Review
  • People of Hope, Only You - Single (2021) /
    People of Hope Church is a rapidly growing church located in Murfreesboro, TN. The church's proximity to Nashville has blessed them with a host of talented musicians and songwriters who have a desire to write music that praises and lifts of the name of Jesus. The church has been writing music over the last year and sharing it within their own congregation, but now the worship team has just released their debut single, "Only You"... Read the Full Review
  • Helium114, Made to Fly (2021) / Instagram
    Punk comes in all shapes and sizes, from the seven-piece antics of Showbread to the multi-instrumentalist work of independent artist Luke Greene, professionally known as Helium114. As a solo artist, Greene found himself with total creative freedom on his debut album, Made To Fly, allowing him to experiment to his heart's content. And he took full advantage of that, mixing an old school pop punk sound... Read the Full Review
  • Dana Owusu, Paralyzed No More - Single (2021) / Instagram
    Dana Owusu is an independent musician and native of St. Louis, Missouri where her collegiate athletic pursuits came to a screeching halt due to a deveatating injury. This life-altering event initially sent her reeling into depression, but a divine moment with God became the genesis of her debut single "Paralyzed No More." Just like her varied life experience in college athletics, the military and music... Read the Full Review
  • Zoetic, Worth It - Single (2021) /
    It's always an appreciated effort when a new artist comes along who tries to do something different. Tired of the same-old in CCM, that's what the duo of Kierstyn St. John and Emma Voron are aiming to do, with their self-described Christian jazz pop fusion act, Zoetic. "Worth It" is their fourth standalone single since their self-titled debut EP in 2018, and the first to also get an official release for the... Read the Full Review
  • Sophie Keye, Trinkets (2021) /
    Australian born and classically trained in college, indie artist Sophie Keye made the switch to Contemporary styled music upon her introduction to producer Lee Bradshaw. This happened while in pursuit of fulfilling the dream of recording her own album. Sophie certainly has a powerful voice, and also possesses the skill to artfully vary her approach to include tenderness and some non-showy vocal runs... Read the Full Review
  • Will Keizer, Angel in a Haunted House (2020) /
    With a wide range of influences, ranging from Bruce Cockburn to Elvis to The Killers, singer/songwriter Will Keizer has come out of the woodwork with his first new album since 2016's Pictures in the Dark. Released in March 2020, Angel in a Haunted House is much more suited for Halloween, with its darkly jaunty tunes and overall eerie feeling. Though it's not necessarily scary or horror-themed... Read the Full Review
  • Behold the Dawn, This Is Between Me and God Remetaled (2021) /
    Three years after the release of Oh God What Have I Done, the hard rock/metal project known as Behold the Dawn is back with album number two, This Is Between Me and God Remetaled. It's a sequel of sorts, as Behold the Dawn exists to tell an ongoing story about a follower of Christ in a world of sin and temptation, but it's also a revised and remastered (and of course "remetaled") version of... Read the Full Review
  • Tommy Positivity, Above Not Beneath - Single (2021) / Tommy's Instragram
    Tommy Positivity is an up-and-coming hip hop artist seeking to give an edgier alternative to mainstream artists who use their platform to push political views. Tommy Positivity, however, looks at the politics and then points to Jesus. One of his latest singles, "Above Not Beneath", is a sort of diss track aimed at social media. For Tommy, he stays above the din and keeps his focus heavenward. While the... Read the Full Review
  • Ascend the Soul, The Art Of Faith (2021) /
    Earlier this year, hard rock/metal outfit Ascend the Soul released a song called "Leap Of Faith," the first single from their then-upcoming album, The Art of Faith. The song showed us a band that was promising, if not pretty rough around the edges. Now, the full album has arrived, and unfortunately, it doesn't build upon the stronger aspects of the single. One... Read the Full Review
  • Tool of God One, Real Men Love Jesus - Single (2021) /
    Tool of God One (TOG-1) has a long history with hip-hop, but after some disappointments and record deals falling through, he stepped away from the game. After discovering one of his songs was used without permission on a popular hip-hop compilation, TOG-1 felt God calling him back to hip-hop -- except this time the Kingdom of God is his focus. TOG-1's newest single, "Real Men Love Jesus," conveys a very... Read the Full Review
  • FKA Promise, Break Through - Single (2021) / Instagram
    FKA Promise is a multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, producer and MC who, through Christ, overcame a life of pain and addiction. FKA Promise now devotes his life, and musical output, to testify to the goodness he has experienced since coming to know Jesus. Our very own Josh Balogh even gave him props as a top indie artist to watch out for last year. FKA Promise released a three-song EP in 2020... Read the Full Review
  • Distant Haze, Lost Time (2020) /
    Some bands get together and have an official album within a year or two. But sometimes, a band takes a few years to really hone its craft before recording anything. Such is the case for Illinois rock band, Distant Haze. Although they did release a short EP in 2017, the year after they formed, they took another three years to put out their first full-length record. This proved to be a wise decision, as... Read the Full Review
  • Tool of God One, God's Unstoppable - Single (2021) /
    New to Christian music, but not the music industry itself, mysterious hip-hop/trance/dance artist Tool of God One has reset his aim from a mainstream audience to that of inspiring believers to be useful for God's service. After giving up on a music career at one point, the San Diego native's passion was reignited to motivate and inspire all Christians to answer their calling. This newfound purpose resulted... Read the Full Review
  • Ryan Faison, Your Will in Me - Single (2021) /
    Ryan Faison is a student ministries pastor, adjunct professor, and is now breaking into the music scene with his first single, "Your Will in Me." This is a prelude to an EP Faison plans on releasing later this year. His debut single is a passionate, upbeat pop worship song about God's trustworthiness and leaning into that to let Him lead. The lyrics are... Read the Full Review
  • Nostalgia, NOSTALGIA: The Third (2021) /
    Nostalgia is the product of writer and musician Griffin Barnes. His 2021 release, NOSTALGIA: The Third, follows in the same vein as his first two (NOSTALGIA: The Album and NOSTALGIA: The Sequel) as a sequel -- making his current releases into a trilogy. Barnes is the sole creator behind Nostalgia and handles all aspects. Barnes takes a humble approach to his craft and... Read the Full Review
  • D.J. Ramsay, Warrior King (2020) / Official Site
    D.J. Ramsay is a singer/songwriter/instrumentalist and worship leader. Ramsay's background is wide and varied ranging from hard rock, jazz, and even southern gospel. Despite the different influences over the years, Ramsay's preferred musical medium is melodic hard rock and heavy metal. Ramsay combines his love of superheroes and Jesus Christ into his musical output and records music in order to... Read the Full Review
  • KDMusic, Sunshine for Rainy Days (2019) /
    Led by singer/songwriter Dave Whitcroft, the musical collective called KDMusic released their debut album, Sunshine For Rainy Days, back in November of 2019. Mastered by Pete Maher, who has worked with artists like U2 and The Rolling Stones, Sunshine For Rainy Days is a terrific sounding album that weaves its way through acoustic pop music with a Rend Collective-esque mix of Celtic folk and modern CCM. This is what much of the album is built on, but KDMusic experiments with... Read the Full Review
  • Reverend James Elmore Jenkins, Side B - EP (2021) / Facebook
    Reverend James Elmore Jenkins has both a name and a voice that belies a road-weary troubadour, replete with the stories to match. After spending many years in various bands, including The Otis Nixon Band in 2003 and The Moon which released three albums before disbanding, Jenkins struck out on his own in 2020 with a trio of albums, including a full-length and two EPs. Here in 2021, he is following up the last of those releases... Read the Full Review
  • Ascend the Soul, Leap Of Faith - Single (2021) /
    Based out of multiple areas of Kentucky, alternative metal band Ascend The Soul is looking to "rise" to the attention of a national audience with their soon-to-be-released sophomore album titled, The Art of Faith due in May of 2021. Taking a giant leap forward from the very DIY 2020 debut, advance single, "Leap of Faith" shows a band musically coming into its own. The guitar work is first-rate with a strong rhythm section complementing for an overall tight sound... Read the Full Review
  • George Hillman, God Said - Single (2021) /
    Music runs in the blood of singer/songwriter George Hillman; he grew up in a musical family, has owned and operated his own recording studio since the late '80s, and has even opened for the likes of Crystal Lewis. Hillman's first and only studio album, Walls of Freedom, was released in 1994, but in 2014, he started releasing singles, with his tenth single landing in 2021. Titled "God Said," the song is an upbeat, jazzy, classic rhythm... Read the Full Review
  • Amanda Danziger, Intercede - Single (2020) /
    After releasing her 5-song EP Head & Heart in 2019, singer/songwriter Amanda Danziger has decided to take things a little slower (at least compared to modern standards), releasing one single in 2020. But she jump-started 2021 with another new single, "Intercede." Danziger follows in the footsteps of singers like Audrey Assad and JJ Heller, albeit with a bit more of a synthetic pop sound. The song... Read the Full Review
  • Melanie Tierce, City of God (2020) /
    There is a certain "grassroots church music" trend that has been popularizing within the worship scene. Groups like All Sons & Daughters and Housefires have taken the reach-for-the-sky sound of huge church bands like Hillsong and brought it down to Earth. One of the more recent examples of this movement is the band/collective/label People & Songs and their shining star, Melanie Tierce. Nationally known for a 2016 American Idol audition that left the show's judges in tears, Tierce has since been plenty active in music making... Read the Full Review
  • The Bible Choir, The Selah Prophecies (2019) /
    It's the greatest story ever told. The birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the most important series of events to have ever occurred, and the story has been told and retold in various formats over the years - from movies (The Passion of the Christ) to television (Son of God) to live music presentations (Hero!: The Rock Opera). Last year, singer/songwriter and composer Tim Juillet, along with The Bible Choir, added his newest project to the list... Read the Full Review
  • PTtheGospelSpitter, SfTK - Single (2020) /
    Ashante PT Stokes (aka: PTtheGospelSpitter) is a Christian hip-hop artist and actor who has a radio chart topping single in "Praise the Maker" and released a new single ("Salvation") earlier this year. PT is back in December 2020 with his newest single, "SfTK" (Service for The King), which features Emcee N.I.C.E. PT, an Atlanta Native, meets up with Emcee N.I.C.E. (Los Angeles) for a little east coast/west coast collaboration on this new track... Read the Full Review
  • Loulita Gill, Poured Out (2020) /
    For Loulita Gill's second album, Poured Out, one could draw two types of "pouring out." On one hand, it is God pouring out His grace and mercy on us through Christ. Songs like "If Not for God," "How Beautiful Your Love" and "Through a Billion Voices" highlight this. The other pouring comes in Gill's prayerful expressions for peace in troubled times, as seen on tracks like "I'll Still Believe" and "I... Read the Full Review
  • Jules Schroeder, Judgement Day - Single (2020) /
    Jules Schroeder is a singer/songwriter (as well as entrepreneur and podcaster) drawing inspiration from the likes of Amy Winehouse, Adele, Janis Joplin, and Norah Jones. It's an eclectic mix, but Schroeder puts these inspirations into her music which she refers to as "soul-folk." You can definitely hear them in her newest single "Judgement Day," too. Her voice has that soulful feeling (along with her background vocalists), but the music takes more cues from the folk arena. However, nothing here is as raw as Joplin and the music and vocals have a more polished approach. Schroeder sings... Read the Full Review
  • Nai and J, Mountains & Valleys EP (2020) / Facebook
    Residing in Edmonton, Alberta, married couple Nai and Joel Tanasychuk enter the Christian music scene in 2020 as Nai and J. Their debut comes by way of the increasingly popular EP format, and includes six songs, titled Mountains and Valleys. Describing themselves as passionate about worship and people, this couple set out to share their hearts with the world through music. What is quickly apparent early on... Read the Full Review
  • Brittany Glenn, Be Still - Single (2020) /
    Brittany Glenn is an aspiring L.A. based pop singer in the musical vein and with the vocal chops of similar artists Francesca Battistelli, Natalie Grant, and Tasha Layton. With the release of her previous EP, Freedom, in the summer of 2019, Glenn shined bright with sunny-pop sensibilities that immediately hook you in. Now, in 2020, she releases her newest single, and precursor to an album to be... Read the Full Review
  • Hope Eternal, Hope Eternal EP (2020) /
    Coming all the way from Swakopmund, Namibia, Hope Eternal are putting their talents together to minister the Gospel through their debut, self-titled EP. Hope Eternal is a duo that consists of singer/songwriter Rudolf Meerkotter and his 11-year-old daughter, Mila. They both provide vocals, which, as a listener, is something you might have to adjust to, as their vocals are so drastically different; they actually remind me quite a bit of Lene Nystrøm and René Dif of the eurodance group Aqua, except not annoying. On the contrary, Mila is a surprisingly good singer for being so young... Read the Full Review
  • Antwan Jenkins, Victory - Single (2020) /
    Contemporary and gospel artist Antwan Jenkins is the type of musician that is as diverse in his abilities to play, sing, lead, teach, coach, and build a team as they come. His list of credits is a long one, from leading God's Purpose Choir and Divine Connection Ministries, to leading worship at New Life Community Church in Indianapolis, Indiana among other community gatherings called "A Night of Unified... Read the Full Review
  • Hope Beyond Suffering, Hope Beyond Suffering (2020) /
    When you think of husband/wife musical duos, you probably think of such that sound like The Gray Havens, Copperlily, Jenny & Tyler, Wild Harbors, etc. And while those are all great artists, the team of Drew and Vannah Brammell are breaking the mold with their act, Hope Beyond Suffering. The project (and its self-titled album) is a continuation of sorts of Drew's 2018 album, Oh God What Have I Done, which he released under the name Behold the Dawn... Read the Full Review
  • 308 Ghost Train, Born in the Wild EP (2020) /
    308 Ghost Train is a rock band from Florida specializing in what they call "Message-oriented rock with a classic vibe." Their name is even gospel-centric as it's based on John 3:8. With the scripture -- which references the Spirit (Holy Ghost) -- and singer Anthony "Train" Caruso's nickname, the band name was born. The best way to describe the sound may be a blending of 80's rock with just a little... Read the Full Review
  • Jonathan Tekell, Jesus is the Best Ever (2020) /
    Jonathan Tekell has retuned after two years with a follow-up to Love Me to Pieces. Like its predecessor, Jesus is the Best Ever is also very eclectic in sound. However, this time, Tekell seems to be a bit more deliberate with his choices and the pieces fit together well. The album opens with the island influenced "Wake," moves to the impressive pop ballad "Stay," then to the electronic "Be Yourself" (think Owl City), and then again to the hip-hop inspired... Read the Full Review
  • Life UNLTD, Cloudburst & Thunderclaps (2020) /
    Bursting onto the worship scene from Brisbane, Australia, Life UNLTD joins the industry with an excellently produced live recording of nine tunes on their debut titled, Cloudbursts & Thunderclaps. For those listeners out there on the hunt for more passionate and exciting live worship experiences a la Hillsong United, Elevation Worship, Bethel Music, or Passion, then add this one to your list post-haste... Read the Full Review
  • Olly Knight, You Hold the World / Lockdown LP (2020) /
    Many words could be used to describe UK based worship leader Olly Knight, but perhaps the best is "earnest." There is a refreshing joyful purity exuding from his music. As the leader of the worship team at The City Church in Canterbury, Knight has been writing and heading up online worship gatherings during the pandemic with thousands of participants. One of the fruit of these worship experiences is his newest album, You Hold The World/Lockdown LP... Read the Full Review
  • Radio Friendly, Made To Worship EP (2020) /
    Radio Friendly are a rock band hailing from Ripon, California. While "rock" is the obvious genre, the group cover sounds ranging from the 80s, alt/rock, punk-adjacent, and even some more modern rock sounds. Their newest release, a six-song EP entitled Made to Worship, is the follow-up to The Archives. From the guitars to the keys, the 80's feel is very evident in the opening track, "Made to Worship." "Love One Another" gets that pseudo-punk/Ramones vibe going in what turns out to be a fun and rocking number... Read the Full Review
  • Reverend James Elmore Jenkins, Side A - EP (2020) / Facebook
    James Jenkins began his music career in 2003, playing for a couple of different bands over the years before becoming an ordained minister in 2016. Since then, he's ministered in his hometown of Manchester, Tennessee, but now he's back to his music-making habits as well. Even in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, Reverend James Elmore Jenkins released an EP and a full-length album earlier this year... Read the Full Review
  • Isaiah Blickenstaff, Beauty and Chaos (2020) /
    Isaiah Blickenstaff is a singer/songwriter from Minnesota who loves the Lord and wants to prove it through song, as evidenced by his debut album, Beauty and Chaos. The album features ten contemporary/pop rock songs full of joy and worship that are as honest and heartfelt as they are enthusiastic. The songs are simply-written pieces without a lot of bells and whistles, but it's not for laziness or... Read the Full Review
  • Levvy, Without You EP (2020) /
    Indie rock band Levvy left a strong impression with 2019's full band, four-song introduction, titled Better Than I Was Before You. Returning here in 2020, they offer a stripped-down acoustic set as a fan "gap filler" of what's to come when it's safe to gather in the studio and perform live shows again. Among the four tracks is a take on the previously released standout track, "Waste Time," which shows off the band's diversity... Read the Full Review
  • Shanta Fuentes, Desert Rose EP (2020) /
    Shanta Fuentes is a pop singer bringing a faith-based approach to her lyrics. Shanta has been performing since she was six-years-old, attended performing arts academies growing up, and has even been nominated for an L.A. Music Award since being discovered at the age of sixteen. After starting a family and stepping away from music, Shanta rededicated her life to Christ and felt Him calling her back to music once again in 2016... Read the Full Review
  • Gianluca John Attanasio, Beyond 2 Doors (2020) / Official Facebook
    When it comes to being a jack of all trades in the entertainment industry, it might be rather difficult to rival Gianluca John Attanasio. From writing and recording music and journalism to writing and directing films and plays, Attanasio seems to want to do it all. Along with having songs and other pieces released by major labels, he's also released solo material; his latest solo effort is the full-length album, Beyond 2 Doors. Much like he tosses his hat into different artistic endeavors, Beyond 2 Doors blends multiple genres... Read the Full Review
  • Scott Aitken, All That You Need (2020) /
    When you hear that a musician's career started because his brother brought home a guitar he fished out of the trash as independent artist Scott Aitken's did, you cannot help but be intrigued. Though he was born and raised in South Florida and started on drums and piano first due to his dad's influence, Scott seized his dumpster-dive treasure and went to work carving out a musical career. Aitken sought further skills at Full Sail University, where he also met his friend and roommate Emmanuel Stephen and formed a band called Leap of Faith... Read the Full Review
  • Jaron Micah, Hold Fast EP (2020) /
    Jaron Micah is getting an early start in the indie music scene. The 17-year-old singer/songwriter has already put out a self-produced EP entitled Hold Fast. His new 5-song EP is largely inspired by his autistic older brother and features a collection of worship songs he has been working on for the past couple of years. He says that despite the disabilities, his brother Caleb is the light of his family and has been a teacher in some important areas of Jaron's own life... Read the Full Review
  • Davey T, God Fearing Rockstar (2020) /
    While some artists write songs for fame and glory, and others do it to make a living, some do it for the sheer love of just doing it. That’s what Davey T Hamilton does, and in 2020, it’s led him to his newest project, God Fearing Rockstar, an album full of what he affectionately calls “pop-grass” and “posi-rock.” More technically speaking, Hamilton's sound is a rather common mix of southern rock and country... Read the Full Review
  • Even Oxen, The Goat Lamb of God EP (2020) / Bandcamp
    Even Oxen is a musical project you’ll have difficulty finding anything about on the internet. But the one-man project helmed by Bersain Beristain isn't a new one; in fact, he’s just released his third EP after several years of writing and recording. Said EP is a short release called The Goat Lamb of God (see the interview below for an explanation of the album title). If you have any level of familiarity with previous Even Oxen material, you’ll have a good idea of what to expect with this release as well. Beristain’s musical inspirations are varied... Read the Full Review
  • Payton Goldston, Endure EP (2020) /
    Having traveled the country and had his music played on radio stations all around the world, R&B artist Payton Goldston is hitting 2020 with a brand new 5-song EP, appropriately-titled Endure. Goldston takes element of R&B, soul, and even a little hip hop, blends them together, and uses the final product to glorify the Lord. Sometimes this comes in the form of outright praise and adoration, and sometimes it's indirectly, as in the love song for his wife... Read the Full Review
  • Stephen Lynerd Group, Steadfast Love (2019) /
    Stephen Lynerd is a well-traveled musician and current worship director in the Chicago area. Stephen founded and continues to work with The Jazz Package (a collective of jazz musicians) while in Dallas and continues to work as a freelance musician. The Stephen Lynerd Group released the album Steadfast Love before the end of 2019, consisting of Lynerd playing vibraphone with multiple other accompanying musicians adding piano, bass, drums, steel guitar, and vocals along the way. Steadfast Love is a jazz album that's split in half with instrumental ("Foundation," Hyfrydol," "Swing Low... Read the Full Review
  • Kurt Paul, Tales from the Cut Out Bin (2020) / Official Facebook
    After years of playing with various acts, as well as honing his skills as an acoustic performer, Kurt Paul is now taking the leap into making his first solo record. Tales from the Cut Out Bin is not an acoustic record, though; in fact, it's just about anything but acoustic. Instead of a minimalistic approach, it's almost as if Paul's tactic is to throw together as many sounds as he can and see what sticks. This results in tracks like "POP!... Read the Full Review
  • Amanda Danziger, The Only - Single (2020) /
    In a time of bleak uncertainty, indie artist Amanda Danziger releases a single that intends to bring hope through the gospel. "The Only" is a quick three-minute listen that is musically haunting and lyrically worshipful, crediting Jesus as the only hope for the lonely and broken. Given how isolated people feel coming out of quarantine and how shaken society seems with the riots, "The Only" touches a nerve but... Read the Full Review
  • Alan Barrington, The Songwriter's Faith (2020) /
    Alan Barrington is an acclaimed and award-winning artist on the verge of releasing a brand new album, called The Songwriter's Faith. The album features mostly original compositions and displays Barrington's songwriting prowess along with his love for the Lord. The songs of The Songwriter's Faith blend country gospel, contemporary, and acoustic, with simple compositions that would make easy transitions into a Sunday morning service... Read the Full Review
  • Christina Warin, Safe Place - Single (2020) / Official Facebook
    Hailing from New Zealand (though currently residing in Tasmania), Christina Warin has released her debut EP, Safe Place. Running only three tracks long, Warin nevertheless produces a triad of songs that tell a story of God's faithfulness and love. These encouraging lyrics are told against the backdrop of piano-driven AC with strings often backing up the main band (the closest comparison that comes to mind is Selah). While the music re-enforces the comforting themes of the lyrics, they contain just enough of a haunting element from... Read the Full Review
  • Dawson Samuel and J Taylor, The Odyssey EP (2020) / AmazonMP3
    Dawson Samuel and J Taylor are two new artists that have come together for a collaboration album, entitled The Odyssey. It's a smaller offering than the name implies, boasting only four tracks, but it's a tight release that shows great chemistry. "When I Doubt" opens the EP on a high note, giving the album a contemplative and even slightly cinematic tone. It's immediately obvious that the... Read the Full Review
  • The Goldilocks Enigma, March to Crumbling (2020) /
    The Goldilocks Enigma is aptly named, consisting of a duo, known only as "The Husband" and "The Wife." The Husband handles the multi-instrument duties, songwriting, and vocals, while The Wife lends her voice to background vocals and songwriting. This is music self-described as "Christian Rock straight out of the swamps of deep Louisiana." Their newest release is titled March to Crumbling, and it's the direct follow-up to 2014's debut, Bread & Circuses. The husband and wife's mysterious bio, the inspiration behind their band moniker, and the mission of their ministry clue prospective... Read the Full Review
  • Luke Wareham & Rachel Mason, Whisper - EP (2020) /
    UK based songwriters and worship leaders Luke Wareham and Rachael Mason are on a self-described mission to "bring hope to a broken world speaking prophetically the truth of Jesus into everyday situations." Their debut EP, titled Whisper, takes a pop-worship musical approach across the five tracks purposed for both personal and congregational praise. "Shadows" is a great introduction to the duo, and a fine way to open the album with a strong guitar lead-line driving the Christ-directed praise... Read the Full Review
  • Kindra In Christ, Naked and Unashamed (Single) (2020) /
    Walking the Christian faith can often take you places you had never anticipated. For the artist known as Kindra In Christ, one such place was becoming a singer/songwriter. Just two years ago, Kindra hadn't written a single song. But March 2020 marks the release of her 12th single, titled "Naked and Unashamed." Stylistically and vocally, Kindra would fit right in with the likes of Jennifer Knapp and Alanis Morissette, drawing heavily from a '90s, acoustic-based alternative sound. While her vocals aren't... Read the Full Review
  • Aaron Rios, Hiding Place - EP (2020) /
    Pastor and musician Aaron Rios’ debut EP, Hiding Place, is an eclectic mixture of the electric guitar moments of early Michael Gungor Band, the theatrics of Israel Houghton, and a sprinkling of Deitrick Haddon's soaring vocals. “You Alone Reign” is the biggest standout of the four songs, with its genre mash-up of 2000s-era gospel, worship, and a few dashes of hip-hop thrown in for good measure. The vocal-shredding yelp in the latter half of “King of Glory” is achingly-passionate and the most interesting moment of the song. However, the song ultimately treads a little too closely... Read the Full Review
  • Vernon Little, Words to Live By - EP (2020) / Twitter
    Ten years ago, hip hop artist Vernon Little released a full-length album, called A New Beginning. Though the album itself isn't easily attainable anymore, most of it still exists on streaming platforms in the form of singles and EPs. A few of the songs, as well as some new remixes, have recently become available as the Words To Live By EP. The opening track is a spoken word introduction that explains Little’s reasons for making his music, which leads into the remixes of “Words To Live By” and... Read the Full Review
  • WeAreGeneration, Safe Place EP (2020) / Bandcamp
    When Miguel Marrero and Tirso Gomez started out in middle school, they were making cover videos. Soon they branched out and began writing their own material, crafting WeAreGeneration into an up-and-coming indie rock band worth sitting up for. After putting an EP and two full-length albums under their belt, they are adding a new 4-song set to their repertoire in Safe Place EP. The musical vibe carries an emo rock feel while the movement of the lyrics finds... Read the Full Review
  • Greg LaFollette, I'll Wait For You, My Love (2020) /
    Greg LaFollette may not be a household name in congregational worship, but he's worked with many who fall under that category - such as Andrew Peterson, Audrey Assad, Leslie Jordan, etc. - for quite some time. His fourth record of church music, entitled I'll Wait For You, My Love, is touted as being an album of "new old hymns." It's an apt description, but even though the hymn structure is... Read the Full Review
  • Stephen McWhirter, Grave Clothes EP (2020) /
    With the kind of salvation testimony usually reserved for movies, former meth-addict now worship leader Stephen McWhirter has quite the story to tell. Formerly a member of the worship collective Iron Bell Music, he strikes out on his own to sing of the goodness of God on his six-song debut EP. Lead single and title track "Grave Clothes" has a Zach Williams vibe and would fit right among other songs like it on top 40 CCM radio. The message of leaving behind what is dead (grave clothes) to put... Read the Full Review
  • Matt Adler, Collective Worship (2020) /
    You might not know the name offhand, but if you’ve ever been to a House of Heroes, Casting Crowns, or Switchfoot concert, there’s at least somewhat of a chance that you’ve seen Matt Adler. The singer/songwriter and worship leader has been releasing his own music since 2011, with his fifth album releasing this year. Appropriately titled Collective Worship, the songs are simple songs designed... Read the Full Review


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