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Tune in to the Jesusfreakhideout Podcast, hosted by staff member Chase Tremaine and often featuring other members of the JFH team, as they have in-depth discussions about all things Christian music alongside your favorite artists and fellow staff writers.



.180: Twitter's Viral CCM Tournament of 2023 feat. Eric McClanahan
.179: Behind The Jesus Music and Jesus Revolution feat. Andrew Erwin
.178: March Madness Tournament of 2003 Albums feat. JFH's Scott Fryberger, Josh Balogh, and Evan Dickens
.177: What Makes Concerts Great feat. JFH's Evan Dickens
.176: What Is Anberlin's Best Album? A JFH Panel Discussion feat. Benjamin Daniel, IVM's Noah Hardwick and JFH's John DiBiase
.175: Open Call for Ideas feat. JFH's Scott Fryberger
.174: What Were 2022's Best Albums? A JFH Panel Discussion feat. JFH's Scott Fryberger, Josh Balogh, Evan Dickens, and Matt Baldwin



.173: Top Gun, Avatar, and the Year of Long-Awaited Sequels feat. JFH's John DiBiase
.172: Behind the Scenes of Touring feat. Michael Nachtigal
.171: Sound Checks and Family Feuds feat. We the Kingdom
.170: Painting the Seasons with Songs feat. Amanda Danziger, Felipe Michael, and JFH's John DiBiase
.169: Our Favorite EPs & Most Anticipated Fall Releases feat. JFH's Josh Balogh and IVM's Noah Hardwick
.168: Worship, Entertainment, and Sequencing feat. Michael Tait and Jeff Frankenstein of Newsboys
.167: The Indie Artist Panel feat. Empty Atlas, Zane Vickery, and Allen Odell
.166: Spotify Algorithms vs. The Music Industry feat. JFH's Josh Balogh
.165: The Classics from Facedown Records feat. The Undertaking! and JFH's Scott Fryberger
.164: Top Five Desert Island Albums feat. JFH's Josh Balogh
.163: The Oral History of JesusFreakHideout, Part 3 feat. JFH's John DiBiase, Scott Fryberger, and Christopher Smith
.162: What's the Best Album of 2022 So Far? A JFH Panel Discussion
.161: Mystery, Imagination, and Getting Along feat. Citizens
.160: The Intensity of Intentionality feat. John Van Deusen
.159: What Are Solid State Records' Best Albums? A JFH Panel Discussion
.158: Does Being "Independent" Still Matter? feat. JFH's Scott Fryberger
.157: labels, lawsuits, lineups, and liner notes feat. idle threat
.156: Finding Freedom within Restraints feat. Blessing Offor
.155: Is Stryper One of the Greats? A JFH Panel Discussion feat. JFH's John Underdown, Wayne Myatt, and Evan Dickens
.154: JFH Book Club Reviews CS Lewis's That Hideous Strength
.153: The Greatest Music Turning 20 in 2022 (feat. JFH's Josh Balogh) feat. JFH's Josh Balogh
.152: Is There No Way Home for Spider-Man? A JFH Panel Discussion feat. Matt Lott, JFH's John DiBiase, and Scott Fryberger
.151: What Were 2021's Best Albums? A JFH Panel Discussion feat. JFH's Joel Zaloum, Luke Greene, and Evan Dickens



.150: The Oral History of JesusFreakHideout, Part 3 feat. John DiBiase, Josh Taylor, Kevin Chamberlin, and Roger Gelwicks
.149: Who You Gonna Call? A JFH Panel Discussion feat. JFH's John DiBiase and Michael Weaver
.148: The Value of Music Fandom and Community feat. Benjamin Daniel
.147: The Oral History of Jesus Freak Hideout, Part 2 feat. JFH's John DiBiase
.146: Golden Trains & Blue Flowers feat. The Gray Havens
.145: What Were 2011's Best Albums? A JFH Panel Discussion feat. JFH's Josh Balogh and Scott Fryberger
.144: Are You Going to Furnace Fest?
.143: The Greatest Christian Movie Ever? & Revisiting the Music of Seabird
.142: The Oral History of Jesus Freak Hideout, Part 1 feat. JFH's John DiBiase
.141: JFH Book Club Reviews C.S. Lewis's "Perelandra"
.140: What's the Best Album of 2021 So Far? A JFH Panel Discussion
.139: What Makes a 5-Star Album
.138: The Wild Legacy of Music from 2006
.137: Looking for the Land of Milk & Honey feat. David Crowder
.136: What Are Twenty One Pilots Up To? A JFH Panel Discussion
.135: Needtobreathe and Making an Album Quickly
.134: Wanda, Vision, Falcon, Winter Soldier, and More! feat. JFH's John DiBiase
.133: Bluesy Rock versus Happy Pop feat. Coby James
.132: The Complexities of Making Christian Musicals
.131: March Madness & CCM 20th Anniversaries feat. JFH's Josh Balogh
.130: Falling Up's Independent Years feat. Jessy Ribordy
.129: Seeing the Image of Love in Others feat. David Zach of Remedy Drive
.128: The Collaborations that Keep Us Connected feat. Brian “Head” Welch of Love and Death
.127: Best Albums of 2020 and Most Anticipated of 2021, a JFH Panel Discussion
.126: Revival for a Fractioned Heart feat. Gable Price



.125: The Power of Tradition and the Legacy of David Crowder feat. ubcmusic's Jameson McGregor
.124: Good News, Great Joy, and Making Concept Albums feat. Graham Jones
.123: Glory and Gratitude feat. KB
.122: List Mania feat. JFH's Josh Balogh
.121: Rediscovering Jesus in Christmas Music feat. Tommee Profitt
.120: Vinyl Records and Why We Buy Them feat. JFH's John Underdown
.119: JFH Book Club Reviews CS Lewis's Space Trilogy
.118: A Family of Fans and Frenemies feat. Five Iron Frenzy's Leanor Ortega Till
.117: Neuroscience, Political Systems, and Christian Orthodoxy feat. Elias Dummer
.116: Relient K, Switchfoot, and Judging Artists By Albums or By Songs
.115: The Music Passed Down by CeCe Winans, Soul Singers, and the 70's feat. Nashville Life Music
.114: Stepping into Spring feat. Rebecca St. James
.113: JFH Book Club's Summer Reading Recommendations
.112: Best Albums of 2020 So Far & Where Music Ministry Meets Church Planting feat. Community Music
.111: Making Magical Mixtapes feat. Kelsey Keny
.110: Arrival, The Emperor's New Groove, and the Movies We Watched During Quarantine feat. JFH's John DiBiase
.109: Honest Songs and Powerful Prayers) feat. Jordan Feliz
.108: Let's Talk Every 2020 Album Release from Tooth & Nail/Solid State Records feat. JFH's Scott Fryberger
.107: Faith, Family, Folk Music, and a Famous Father-in-Law feat. Jillian Edwards
.106: The Light and Dark Sides of Songwriting feat. Anberlin's Stephen Christian
.105: JFH Book Club Reviews Andrew Peterson's "On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness"
.104: Processing Hard Times and Hard Feelings feat. Benjamin Daniel
.103: Art & Community in the Quarantine feat. My Epic's Jeremiah Austin
.102: Digging Deep and Double Meanings feat. John Mark McMillan
.101: Behind the Scenes of Music Marketing feat. Wisdom Moon
.100: Best Albums of the Decade and Accidental Prophecies feat. Matt Hammitt & JFH's Scott Fryberger
.099: Stories of Streaming and Songwriting feat. John Tibbs
.098: Battling Cancer, Still Worshipping feat. Brad + Rebekah



.097: The Rise of Skywalker (Part Two) feat. Disciple's Kevin Young
.096: The Rise of Skywalker, a JFH Panel Discussion (Part One)
.095: Our Favorite Christmas Songs feat. Southlen's Jared Barbosa
.094: Behind the Scenes of a Record Label feat. Dream Label Group's Lance Brown
.093: Christian Music in the 2020's feat. JFH's Josh Balogh
.092: What's Up with Kanye West? A JFH Panel Discussion
.091: The Controversial Christian Metal Albums of 2019 feat. JFH's Timothy Estabrooks
.090: Discovering Music in the Digital Age feat. IVM's Noah Hardwick
.089: Newspaper for October 9, 2019
.088: Trying Something New feat. Smalltown Poets
.087: Making Music for NF, Fleurie, Movie Trailers, and More feat. Tommee Profitt
.086: Seeking God in the Wait feat. David Leonard
.085: Newspaper for September 4, 2019
.084: Supporting Your Local Music Community feat. Strange Her
.083: Random Stories with Random Hero feat. Random Hero
.082: Songs We Want to Tell You About feat. JFH's Scott Fryberger
.081: Newspaper and August 7, 2019
.080: No Toxic Shame feat. Tenth Avenue North's Jeff Owen
.079: Growing as Musicians, Husbands, and Christ Followers feat. Wolves at the Gate's Steve Cobucci
.078: What Are 2019's Best Albums So Far? A JFH Panel Discussion
.077: From First Idea to Finished mp3 feat. Adam Watts
.076: Mailbag & Summer Vacation (July 3, 2019)
.075: Did We Need a Fourth Toy Story? A JFH Panel Discussion feat. Empty Isles
.074: Reminders of Basic Truths feat. Unspoken's Chad Mattson
.073: Starting Your Own Record Label feat. Seventh Day Slumber
.072: Newspaper and June 5, 2019
.071: How Do We Review and Rate Albums? A JFH Panel Discussion
.070: Fighting Fear with Pop Music feat. The Afters' Jordan Mohilowski
.069: About Going Solo feat. Third Day’s Mark Lee
.068: Greater Adventures Than Expected feat. Steven Curtis Chapman
.067: We're in the Endgame Now feat. Disciple's Kevin Young and JFH's John DiBiase
.066: Which House of Heroes Album is the Best? A JFH Panel Discussion feat. Wavorly's Matt Lott
.065: Abandon, A New Start, and Trusting in God feat. Josh Engler
.064: Zeal, Puzzle Pieces, and Rainbows feat. Kings Kaleidoscope's Chad Gardner
.063: Newspaper and April Fool's Mailbag for April 3, 2019 feat. JFH's Nicole Vacca
.062: Radio, Podcasts, Friends, and a Ghost feat. For All Seasons
.061: War, Peace, and Restraint feat. Demon Hunter's Yogi Watts
.060: Making a Monument feat. Wild Harbors
.059: The 2019 JFH Awards Winners and Newspaper for March 6, 2019 feat. JFH's Scott Fryberger
.058: The 91st Academy Awards and the How to Train Your Dragon Trilogy feat. JFH's John DiBiase
.057: A Decent Christian Talk about Church, Worship, and Expectations feat. JFH's Josh Balogh
.056: Is Switchfoot One of the Greats? A JFH Panel Discussion feat. JFH's Michael Weaver, Josh Balogh, Michael Knipp
.055: Newspaper for February 6, 2019
.054: Year 2 of the JFH Podcast
.053: The One About Rethinking Love and Embracing Tourette's feat. Dave Pittman
.052: The One Where We Wrap Up 2018 feat. JFH's John DiBiase & Scott Fryberger
.051: The One About Marriage On Mission feat. Tyler Somers from Jenny & Tyler



.050: The One About Justice and Christmas feat. Sara Groves
.049: The One With Chase's Favorite Indie Artist feat. John Lucas
.048: The One About Happy Hip-Hop feat. PEABOD
.047: The One About Writing and Resurrection feat. Andrew Peterson
.046: The One from the 49th Dove Awards Red Carpet, Pt. 2 feat. KB, Newsboys, and more
.045: The One from the 49th Dove Awards Red Carpet feat. RED, Russ Taff, and more
.044: The One About Making a Christian War Film feat. Indivisible director David Evans
.043: Newspaper and Happy Halloween for October 31, 2018
.042: The One About Finding Your Creative Voice feat. Project 86's Andrew Schwab
.041: The One All About Skillet feat. JFH's Mark Rice
.040: The One Where We Gain Perspective feat. for KING & COUNTRY
.039: The One Where She Makes a Solo Album feat. Fireflight's Dawn Michele
.038: The One About Writing Songs for the Church feat. Elevation Worship's Chris Brown
.037: The One from the Sing! Conference
.036: Newspaper and Mailbag for September 12, 2018
.035: The One with Tooth and Nail's Best Albums feat. JFH's Scott Fryberger
.034: The One about Tori Kelly's Crossover, Pop, and Worship feat. Tauren Wells, Joshua Leventhal
.033: The One about Making Music from Pain feat. Zahna
.032: Newspaper and Heavy Metal Mailbag for August 15, 2018
.031: The One About Mission: Impossible - Fallout feat. JFH's John DiBiase
.030: The One Where We Take a Week Off
.029: The One Without the Bands We Miss feat. JFH's Nicole Vacca
.028: Newspaper and Mailbag for July 18, 2018
.027: The One About Ant-Man and the Wasp feat. JFH's John DiBiase
.026: The One in the Midwest feat. The Protest
.025: Newspaper and Mailbag for June 27, 2018
.024: The One About Incredibles 2 feat. JFH's John DiBiase
.023: The One about Authenticity in Pop Music feat. Adam Watts
.022: The One with Small Artists and Spiritual Warfare feat. Psalm
.021: The One About Solo: A Star Wars Story feat. JFH's John DiBiase and Josh Balogh
.020: The One about Deconstruction, Cults, and MeWithoutYou feat. Levi the Poet
.019: The One about the Industry and the Church feat. Chris Sligh
.018: The One About Sad, So Very Sad Songs
.017: The One With Infinity War Spoilers feat. JFH's John DiBiase
.016: The One Where EPs Take Over the Earth feat. Aaron Sprinkle
.015: The One with Cassette Decks and CD Stacks feat. Aaron Sprinkle
.014: The One About New Underoath feat. JFH's Mason Haynie
.013: The One About Old Underoath feat. JFH's Mason Haynie
.012: The One with Heroes, Hobbits, Harmonies, and Hair feat. Phil Joel of Zealand
.011: The One with the Winners of the 2018 JFH Awards feat. JFH's Scott Fryberger
.010: The One with the Sinking Cruise Ship feat. Russ T. Shipp of Rusty Shipp
.009: The One with Renegade Monks, Formative Albums and The Rule of Three feat. JFH's Nicole Marie Vacca
.008: The One With Dangerous Unselfishness feat. David Zach of Remedy Drive
.007: The One With Smith. Josh Smith. feat. Josh Smith of Ashes Remain
.006: The One Where We Wrap Up 2017 feat. JFH's Michael Weaver
.005: The One Where Timothy and Chase Agree feat. JFH's Timothy Estabrooks
.004: The One with the Emo Arch Nemesis feat. JFH's Timothy Estabrooks
.003: The One When the Grammys Used to be Decent
.002: The One Where We Send A Craft Back To The Cosmos feat. JFH's David Craft
.001: The One Where It All Begins





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