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Mad At The World

Artist Info: Discography
Album length: 10 tracks: 36 Minutes, 43 Seconds
Street Date: 1991

Mad At The World released Boomerang in 1991, another development in their endeavor into the world of alternative rock. This album offers much more variation in styles of music than the previous effort, Seasons of Love.

"House of Sin" is a great opening song because it's very energetic and it is like a recalling of the previous album, Seasons of Love. "If You Listen" is where MATW begins to evolve into a new sound. The song is very dark and renders an atmosphere that can make one envision a mysterious haunted mansion complete with a graveyard. The subject matter of the song is not far off either as this song focuses on what Satan is hoping to get from people: "They want your innocence/ They want your purity/ They'll take your soul eventually/ Lies that come from Hell/ Satan Loves to tell/ to the angels that have failed/ The Demons are calling if you Listen/ So, Don't You Listen." "Back to You" offers a very memorable beat and chorus with some nice harmonies. It's used as the quote contained within the foreword of the album insert: "And remember, everything we do, right or wrong, kind or cruel, faithful or foolish, always comes back to you." -Galatians 6:7-8".

"Don't Give Up" is another great rock track featuring Mr. Randy Rose on lead vocals. This song generates a sort of race car feel similar to songs by Stone Temple Pilots in the mid 90s. "Ballad of Adam and Eve" is a beautiful song that compares their story to today and could also thought of as a love theme. "Sunday" is a hard rock song that bears an Alice In Chains tone along with Randy's unique raspy vocals. "Draggin' the Chains" is co-written by Brent Gordon, the bassist who would later become an animation artist for Disney. It focuses on how people let his or her sins go to far and it takes over: "The way's all around me/ Now my sins finally found me/ Dead in this prison/ From this life I've been living/ But I still know, I'm draggin the chains/ Draggin the ball and chain." "All These Questions" reflects on who we should have faith in God when we have questions or doubt. What makes the album truly unique is that no two songs sound the same and they all have their own theme.

The most controversial MATW song of all time is "Isn't Sex a Wonderful Thing?" and Roger even mentioned that some of their albums were not being sold at certain bookstores due to this fact. The lyrics use sarcasm to illustrate how the world is ruining the beauty that God intended love to be for all of us who are married. With a listen to the entire song, the lyrics fully explain the meaning behind the song: "Does anyone care about their purity/ and does anybody mind that God's behind left behind/ and here we are today where not too many people can honestly say, 'Isn't Sex a Wonderful Thing?'" A reprise of "No More Innocence" closes the album. This time around, the full force of guitars, drums, and the aggressive vocals from Randy and Roger have replaced all of the keyboards. The remake works really well though, and renders a whole new experience rather than an extension.

Something just seems right about the album, Boomerang; I don't know if it's the themes and choruses that are easy to remember or that the songwriting is brilliant. What makes the album a truly unique experience is that no two songs sound the same as well as each song having its own theme. Where Seasons of Love was mostly a dark album, Boomerang has brighter moments with songs like "Back to You" and "All These Questions." Locate this album wherever it can be found as it remains one the best Christian Alternative Albums in existence, regardless of the time period.

- Review date: 6/19/07, written by Wayne Myatt for


. Record Label: Alarma Records
. Album length: 10 tracks: 36 Minutes and 43 Seconds
. Street Date: 1991
. Buy It:
  1. House Of Sin
  2. If You Listen
  3. Back To You
  4. Don't Give Up
  5. Ballad Of Adam And Eve
  6. Sunday
  7. Draggin The Chains
  8. All These Questions
  9. Isn't Sex A Wonderful Thing?
  10. No More Innocence (Reprise)



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