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My Epic, Broken Voice EP

My Epic
Broken Voice EP

Artist Info: Discography
Album length: 8 tracks: 32 minutes, 44 seconds
Street Date: July 5, 2011

Dreamt Music indie rockers My Epic have been in the scene for several years now, flying just slightly under the radar with the three releases they previously had to their name. Though not highly recognized by the majority of the music industry (even the Christian industry), they've been praised for their music within the indie crowds. Now, almost exactly a year from the release of their last album, Yet, My Epic already has a new set of songs for their excited fans, a half hour's worth of music called Broken Voice.

When compared to Yet, the music of Broken Voice is a lot tamer. Almost all the guitarwork is acoustic, with absolutely beautiful strumming and plucking that leaves the listener becoming entranced. "Centuries" is a slow, instrumental track that opens Broken Voice very peacefully, and leads pretty perfectly into the first song, "Beloved." A very mellow track throughout, "Beloved" strolls along with the same guitar strums that "Centuries" had. It's a much different beginning than My Epic's last album had. "Alone" keeps the setting pretty tame for a little bit, but contains some percussion in the choruses, as well as slightly more energetic vocals and some horns. While the verses are low-key, the chorus is astounding and possibly as powerful as an acoustic song can get. The song is about Jesus' death, and how He died not just for our sin, but He died covered with our sins ("Jesus, I've been trying so hard to look like You that I almost missed the worst of what I put You through, You didn't die for sins, You died covered in them, a prideful lying thief gasping out my final breaths, for that one moment, You looked just like me, so Your Father left You and You died completely alone for me"). The chemistry of the band shows very well in this song.

What is probably my favorite song from Broken Voice is "Deathbed." The guitarwork is nothing short of excellent, and the rhythm and vocal pattern work together to create pure indie goodness that almost reminds me of a calmer Sons song. "Someday when You come bringing down the sky, the whole earth will be exposed before Your light, and there will never again be darkness when Your will is done, but Lord if You already stand outside of time and keep the corners of the universe aligned, then I've nothing to fear because You're already here and Your kingdom's come" echoes throughout the chorus, displaying a faith in our coming Savior, and gives a glimpse of His might and power. It's very impressive work on My Epic's part. "Lazarus" shows a bit more of a diverse side of My Epic, having a more southern indie sound, a la Bradley Hathaway. The piano in the chorus is solid, and the drums aid in the southern feel, showing the listener that it was intentional, and that they're good at it. They sing of Jesus' love for Lazarus displayed when He wept at Lazarus' death, and how it's the same love that He has for us. It's truly heartwarming. Following a fantastic song like "Deathbed" is a difficult task, but "Lazarus" holds its own amongst the album as it leads into "Garden." "Garden" brings back a sound like that of the beginning of the album; namely, the track "Beloved." It's just mainly vocals and very lovely guitar. The song doesn't really stand out like the rest of the tracks, but if you listen deeply and carefully, the beauty is very evident.

The only track with any electric guitar comes in "Childbodybride," which also serves as the most upbeat and fastest song of the album. The electric guitar isn't really at the forefront of the song, though there is a quasi-guitar solo about halfway through. The electric guitar almost gives "Childbodybride" a southern rock feel, except that the vocals are definitely still in the indie rock category. This song serves as another highlight of the record, along with the closing song, a wonderful rendition of "Doxology." With lyrics that many might recognize as the chorus of Five Iron Frenzy's "A Flowery Song," My Epic's "Doxology" is a terrific rendition of the timeless and straight-to-the-point hymn. The guitarwork really stands out again, with really quick and seamless picking. It makes for a perfect close to an album like this.

My Epic has proven themselves to be a worthy band in the indie rock scene. While Yet wasn't super impressive, it was very enjoyable and reeked with potential. With Broken Voice, I think the guys might have stumbled upon a sound that works very well for them. They've taken the acoustic indie sound and owned it, crafting an album that gets better and better with each listen. It's also one that may appeal to those who didn't really care for the rockier material of their last album. If you're really into intricate guitars, you may want to give Broken Voice a shot. It's also for those looking for lyrics that are both spiritually deep and artistically driven.

- Review date: 7/2/11, written by Scott Fryberger of

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JFH Staff's Second Opinion

Going back to the basics can make way for a musical renewal, and Broken Voice is a perfect example. With a new project right on the heels of their sophomore record, Yet, My Epic wastes no time getting back to work, though their result could surprise some. Those familiar with their style will welcome back their signature hybrid of poetry and crescendos, but the harder rock inclinations of the past have been replaced with an acoustic base with light percussion when appropriate. Reuniting with the producer of My Epic's early demos, Sid Mennon, is partly responsible for this project's organic feel. While they are deviating from their normal sound only for this project, nothing has changed about their heartfelt, but honest, approach to songwriting. "alone" captures the depravity of human sin in Jesus' sacrifice ("Jesus, I've been trying so hard to look like You that I almost missed the worst of what I put You through/You didn't die for sins, You died covered in them") and "garden" brings analogies of the parable of the sower to mind ("He shuffled earth but never sowed a seed/Only his doubts took root & they choked his faith like weeds"). There's always a different line or two that stands out every listen, leading to great replay value potential. As has always been the case with My Epic, their style mostly forsakes standard verse-and-chorus structures, but this results in lyrics that are better written than the music that backs them. Still, My Epic's lighter side found in Broken Voice will undoubtedly strike a chord with their fanbase, perhaps even with those who haven't bought into the band's heavier material in the past. But one aspect about My Epic hasn't changed: time invested in their work is time well spent. - Roger Gelwicks, 7/3/11


. Record Label: Dreamt Music / Facedown Records
. Album length: 8 tracks: 32 minutes, 44 seconds
. Street Date: July 5, 2011
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  1. centuries (1:34)
  2. beloved (4:16)
  3. alone (5:58)
  4. deathbed (4:17)
  5. lazarus (4:41)
  6. garden (4:18)
  7. childbodybride (4:30)
  8. doxology (3:10)
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