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for KING & COUNTRY, Crave

for King & Country

Artist Info: Discography
Album length: 11 tracks: 41 minutes, 47 seconds
Street Date: February 28, 2012

It's always a risk to pick up albums from new artists. The chance that it could be a complete letdown or that it could be the best thing since sliced bread is a gamble not many people want to take. Newcomers for King & Country are no doubt a risk but they're one that might have a surprising outcome in their debut full-length album, Crave.

Opening the album is the beautiful piano-rocker "Light it Up." The soft vocals of brothers Joel and Luke compliment the piano with pure elegance. As the momentum builds, it evolves the track from a soft opener into a pumped pop rock song. "The Proof of Your Love" continues the elegant trend with an incredible string section layered throughout the track. While sometimes strings can feel a little overdone, on tracks like "People Change" and "Love's to Blame" they still remain tasteful and the end result is positive overall.

A great feature of this album is the major influence of 80's euro-pop. "Middle of Your Heart" has the appeal of a dance track while also standing as a fist-pumping anthem. As the brothers sing, "So take me to the middle of your heart. Lead me to wherever your love starts," it's a great reminder of the Lord's passionate love for His people. In addition to that, the passion is translated into the music incredibly. However, "Fine Fine Life" is the prime example of well-executed euro-pop with synthesizer and a killer bass line from start to finish. This track might not be one that many will enjoy because of the falsetto in the chorus sounding almost humorous, but I found it to be really unique and it makes the song a standout track.

There are also wonderful ballads that are placed strategically in the album; some involving their relationship with God and others that are relational love songs. Hands down, the songs that lean more toward their relationship with the Lord appeal more to me and seem to be better written and orchestrated. Nevertheless, the title track, "Crave," which combines relational and holy reverence, is probably the greatest track and a magnificent close to the album. As the fellas proclaim, "Hope is what we crave," it very well might inspire listeners to cling more and more to the Savior.

At first listen, I was honestly expecting something unappealing and typical. I was pleasantly surprised and happily repented of my negative predisposition. The brothers have truly offered a well-crafted album in Crave, and have given listeners something fresh to hear. The lyrics have depth, the music has energy and it is balanced wonderfully. If this is how they begin, I will definitely be craving more fine songs in the future from for King & Country.

- Review date: 2/26/12, written by Ryan Barbee of

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JFH Staff's Second Opinion

Rebecca St. James' brothers, Joel and Luke, make up the group for King & Country. Their debut, Crave, as a whole is nothing short of brilliant. With sounds ranging from U2 to Kings of Leon to The Fray and even The Killers, the album offers up enough electric guitars and distortion to appeal to rock fans, but contains enough pop sensibilities for the average CCM fan to enjoy. Crave is full of soaring melodies as well as a stunning mix of guitars, piano, strings, keyboard, and electronic effects. They kick things off with the anthem, "Light it Up," which was written for a friend of the band who battled with depression, stating in their bio, "For a time, our friend lived in a house where he would stuff blankets in the windows, switch off the lights and live for days at a time alone and in literal darkness. We wrote the song for him..." With the song's rocking chorus, you will not be able to resist singing along as you listen. As good as the opener is, the album only continues to get better. The piano and string driven, "The Proof of Your Love," is beautiful both musically and lyrically. The brothers' powerful prayer in the chorus topples almost anything you will hear on the radio as they proclaim, "Let my life be the proof, the proof of Your love. Let my love look like You and what You're made of. How You lived, how You died; love is sacrifice. So, let me life be the proof the proof of Your love." The song is one of the best songs I've heard in Christian music in quite some time, not to mention one of the album's best. The album continues with incredible songs until you reach "Fine Fine Life." The song has a vibe similar to The Killers and while it is catchy, it does not seem to blend as well with the rest of the songs. Crave has something great to offer at nearly every turn. This is the can't-miss album of the year thus far, and for King & Country should be in consideration for new artist of the year when all is said and done. - 2/16/12, Michael Weaver of


. Record Label: Fervent Records
. Album length: 11 tracks: 41 minutes, 47 seconds
. Street Date: February 28, 2012
. Buy It: iTunes
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  1. Light It Up (3:31)
  2. The Proof Of Your Love (3:17)
  3. Missing (4:16)
  4. Busted Heart (Hold On To Me) (3:19)
  5. People Change (3:54)
  6. Middle Of Your Heart (3:22)
  7. Love's To Blame (4:27)
  8. Fine Fine Life (3:41)
  9. Sane (3:43)
  10. Pushing On A Pull Door (3:57)
  11. Crave (4:25)


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