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I'm OK You're OK

Album length: 10 tracks: 39 minutes, 15 seconds
Street Date: September 22, 2009

I'm OK You're OK presents Presents…. Yes, the title is a little awkward for the latest addition to Dream Records, but, then again, nothing on Presents… exactly goes smoothly. Instead of a fun pop rock album full of anthems, Presents… is actually a disappointing, unoriginal project which is lacking in most areas.

From the electric guitar riffs leading the first pop rock track, "Are We All Right Now?", it's clear that I'm OK You're OK comparisons to Paramore and Anberlin are incredibly off base. Instead, the band's music uncannily resembles a less refined version of Run Kid Run. Despite a nice muffled rock sound in the bridge of "Eyes Are Going To Roll," that track and "Stories of Redemption" contain music from what you might expect on a Run Kid Run record. But the virtual cover of Run Kid Run's song "Set The Dial" on "Don't Give Up (Sit By The Radio)" is truly a low moment on the album. The band also draws from other pop rock acts like Hello Kelly on "Robot" which uses lame electronic sounds to propel the musically cliché pop tune. Although there are some quirky vocal twists which are similar to Last Tuesday, I'm OK You're OK's sound is firmly pop rock and not punk.

When Presents… takes a break from its throwback guitar-driven songs, the lighter tracks, "Running In Circles" and "Memories Part II," are rather solid even though both songs are just a little too up-tempo. The most interesting song on the album is "Compromiser" which uses a slightly repetitive alternative sound before shifting to a Run Kid Run "Freedom" style finish. Even though the album contains some hopeful messages, the most lyrically direct and substantive song is "Compromiser" ("Sleep now oh compromiser/I rid myself of all your chains... for now I trust in him who reigns/because there is hope for the hopeless/strength in our weakness").

At its best, Presents… is an upbeat average rock debut. At its worst, the album falls in most every facet, and really leaves much to desire when the short album ends. Although Dream Records managed to make Press Play's debut into a success, it's unrealistic that the label can make I'm OK You're OK any more than a generic release.

- Review date: 10/9/09, written by Nathaniel Schexnayder of

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JFH Staff's Second Opinion

After having a rough start as a record label, Dream Records is releasing their second album, the debut from pop/punk act I'm OK You're OK. Fairly comparable in sound to The Wedding (with maybe a hint of Green Day here or there), I'm OK You're OK offers ten tracks on Presents... that switch back and forth between rocking out and reflecting on spiritual matters - sometimes both at the same time, and sometimes neither (like in "Memories, pt. II," a song about a past relationship with a slightly more toned-down beat). The only real flaw is that the lyrics could use a little work (especially the overly cliche lyrics of "Party Song"), but the rest of the album isn't bad lyrically. Presents... serves as a great introduction for a band I'm looking forward to hearing more from in the future. - Scott Fryberger


. Record Label: Dream Records
. Album length: 10 tracks: 39 minutes, 15 seconds
. Street Date: September 22, 2009
. Buy It: iTunes
. Buy It:

  1. Are We Alright Now? (3:28)
  2. Eyes Are Gonna Roll (3:24)
  3. Robot (3:54)
  4. Stories Of Redemption (3:31)
  5. Memories PT II (3:52)
  6. Blame It On The Blackout (4:14)
  7. Don't Give Up (Sit Down By The Radio) (3:14)
  8. Party Song (3:42)
  9. Running Circles (4:28)
  10. Compromiser (5:34)



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