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Jon Foreman
Fall EP

Artist Info: Discography
Album length: 6 tracks: 21 minutes, 57 seconds
Street Date: November 27, 2007

Since their debut in 1997, singer/songwriter Jon Foreman has used Switchfoot as an outlet for his doubts, fears, struggles, joys, pains, triumphs, and sorrows. Where Foreman has written nearly countless songs during the time the band began, only so many have fit on a "Switchfoot" project. Even through the vehicle of a band, Foreman has released several beautiful, poignant acoustic tracks - from the likes of "Let That Be Enough" to "Only Hope," and even to more recent offerings like "Revenge" and "24." For the first time, however, Foreman is releasing four solo EP's, each named for a different season of the year, all to be released within the next year.

The first release, Fall, aims to capture the mood of the season, bearing a consistent melancholy and pensive feel throughout. Foreman's tired and emotive vocals are a perfect fit while the music remains rather simplistic but flavorful from song to song. "The Cure For Pain" is an inspired choice to welcome the listener to Foreman's own personal musings. He admits right off the bat, "I've spent ten years singing gravity away," setting the stage for a slew of brutal honesty to follow in the songs ahead. "Southbound Train" utilizes a harmonica and strings to simulate the sounds of a locomotive as he sings about being away from home and where it takes him. As he likens the scenery he sees to that of his wife, it's evident that these songs are considerably more mature than those first heard on The Legend Of Chin a decade ago. Then just starting his twenties, now having entered his thirties, it's a much different world for the songwriter as so much has changed for him in these years.

"Lord, Save Me From Myself" is a beautiful folk ballad that picks up momentum as it progresses, displaying a heartfelt confession of soul searching and frustration with the world that also serves as a prayer, "My eyes have seen the glory / Of this hollow modern shell / And sex is a grand production / But I'm bored with that as well / Ah, Lord save me from myself." "Equally Skilled" is a folksy glimpse at the sins of man as well as the greatness of God, while "The Moon Is A Magnet" is a tender little love theme that thoughtfully pairs Foreman's voice with an acoustic and a bass clarinet. One of the EP's highlights and probably the most sensitive track on the release is the final track, "My Love Goes Free." As a heartbreaking piano ballad, Foreman stretches the limits of his voice in a way he hasn't really done before, utilizing a falsetto to help tug at the listener's emotions. The lyrics are rather cryptic, and when Foreman sings verses like, "'If you love her let her go.' / She's beautifully composed / A tune that only caged birds know / My love goes free...," it is likely to spark interest as to what inspired his words.

Jon Foreman is one of the great songwriters of our day linked to the Christian music industry. Underrated when it comes to accolades, Foreman consistently knows how to keep his subject matter relevant, personal, honest, and sometimes even fun, without ever straying from being genuine. His Fall EP will be most appreciated by his adult and longtime fans, with the music being a departure from most of what Switchfoot has released, while lyrically it takes the listener to a place Foreman doesn't usually let the fans of his San Diego-based band see all too often. It's a frail, delicate project without much that's positive or uplifting, but instead aims for consistent introspection, beauty, and honesty, and for the most part, reaches it each time. With three more of these EP's on the horizon, it'll be exciting to see where Jon Foreman takes our hearts next in the coming changing seasons.

- Review date: 11/21/07 by John DiBiase

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. Record Label: Credential Recordings
. Album length: 6 tracks: 21 minutes, 57 seconds
. Street Date: November 27, 2007
. Buy It: iTunes

  1. The Cure For Pain
  2. Southbound Train
  3. Lord, Save Me From Myself
  4. Equally Skilled
  5. The Moon Is A Magnet
  6. My Love Goes Free
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