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Various Artists, Rock Paper Scissors Metal, Volume Two

Various Artists
Rock Paper Scissors Metal, Volume Two

Album length: 33 tracks: 146 minutes, 12 seconds
Street Date: September 17, 2021
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. Record Label: JFH Music
. Album length: 33 tracks: 146 minutes, 12 seconds
. Street Date: September 17, 2021
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  1. Spiritual Warfare (single) - His Kingdom Suffers (4:03)
  2. Infinite Rebirth (from the album Infinite Rebirth) - HARD LOOK (4:10)
  3. The Anchor (single) - The Reversalist (2:56)
  4. The Clock & Veil (single) - Refiner (3:21)
  5. Best Show (from the album My Life In A Mediocre Metal Band) - TIMŌRĀTUS (3:45)
  6. Caylee's Law (single) - Lazarus Complex (3:12)
  7. Splendour (single) - Diatheke (8:55)
  8. The Risen King (single) - Meet Your Maker (4:26)
  9. The Price of Grace (from the EP I Won't Survive) - Convictions (4:07)
  10. Sojourner (from the EP Prologue) - mothaltar (3:51)
  11. 3 Nails (single) - Bury Thy Demons (3:45)
  12. Opinions Will Be The Death Of You (single) - Hope Through Grace (2:34)
  13. From the Start (from the EP The Middleman) - Doulos (2:29)
  14. Escape Artist (feat. Nick Colandrea) [from the EP Misery Season] - As Lions and Lambs (5:14)
  15. Tossed to the Wolves (from the EP An Observation of Grief) - Cultist (3:36)
  16. False Tomb of Despair (from the album Forest of Iniquity) - Within Thy Wounds (8:54)
  17. Voices (from the EP Wayward) - Dreaded Dale (3:49)
  18. Krisis (single) - Windvent (3:54)
  19. Graveyard of Hope (feat. Jacob Towns) [single] - Blue Fire Horizon (5:04)
  20. Divinity:Missing (single) - When Forever Ends (4:29)
  21. Exile (single) - To Die Elsewhere (4:24)
  22. No Comfort In Me (from the album Afterglow) - We Are Victory (4:34)
  23. Rotting King (single) - Guardians of the Secret (4:54)
  24. Stoneheart (feat. Jeremy Schaeffer of Earth Groans) [from the album Kingdoms] - Context (3:24)
  25. Day of the Dead (single) - Barriers (2:52)
  26. This Broken Body (from the split EP Nocturns) - daygraves (6:58)
  27. The Doubting (from the album The Struggles of the Earthly Ones) - Searching Serenity (4:23)
  28. The Last Cheek (from the album Marching Out of Babylon) - Pantokrator (3:38)
  29. Biohazard (from the album Worldwide Desolation) - Brotality (3:51)
  30. Eternia (single) - I Still Dream (3:32)
  31. Born To Lose (single) - DIRE (2:30)
  32. Reclaimed (from the EP Alpha & Omega) - Cruentis (5:01)
  33. That Which Defiles (single) - Elephant Watchtower (9:35)

His Kingdom Suffers and Lazarus Complex appear courtesy of The Charon Collective
Meet Your Maker, Hope Through Grace, and Barriers appear courtesy of Southwest Hardcore
Doulos appears courtesy of Thumper Punk Records
Brotality appears courtesy of Rottweiler Records
Cruentis appears courtesy of Hagah Recordings


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Listen to the debut EP from the band Hopeful.!

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