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K I D S, Side A EP

K I D S.
Side A EP

Artist Info: Discography
Genre(s): Rock
Album length: 5 tracks: 20 minutes, 14 seconds
Street Date: March 31, 2017


For the bulk of the early 2000's, I could easily name "Kids In The Way" as one of my favorite bands. Unfortunately, as things go in the music business, they disbanded about a decade ago. Now they're trying to make another go at it, under the name K I D S., which has me completely stoked and ready for their return.

The first track on this short sampling is called "Electric Truth," which carries a theme of falling apart in relationships, and listeners will hear a rock styling similar to tracks found on the band's last full-length album, Love Hate Masquerade. Dave Pelsue's unique voice - gritty and soulful at the same time - is on full display here and makes this a solid song to start off with (You can actually grab a free download of a demo of this song from JFH's first compilation, the 2012 release, Songs We've Been Trying To Tell You About (And Others We Haven't), Volume One). "If I'm a Bird" comes up next, presenting a focus on following Him in all circumstances, with ballad-filled lungs singing "I'm dying to hear You, fighting to be near You." "Lost Boy" is up next with a little country twang that had me drawing comparisons to Matt & Toby, while "Sons Of Old Glory" drives home that ballad feel again as the chorus belts out "We are sons of old glory, find your rest in Thee, this is the dawn of a new day, may we rest in peace." "In Dreams" follows that same suit to close it all out. I understand this EP is part one of two being released, which is wonderful news.

To be clear, this is not Apparitions of Melody (there will be no "Fiction" or "Safety In The Darkness" found here) or anything that many fans of Kids In The Way would expect, but it's good. K I D S. have taken a fairly new route, and the Side A EP, though a small sampling, gives great insight to what fans can hope for in the future. The lyrical focus is on the Savior and I can see myself playing these songs for a long time to come. Fans of the band in the past won't be disappointed when they pick this up.

- Review date: 3/16/17, written by Kevin Hoskins of

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JFH Staff's Second Opinion

In an age where bands from the past are resurging left and right, one of the more shocking acts to do so comes in the form of K I D S. Kids in the Way had a bit of a rocky time with a hiatus and an attempt at getting back together a few years ago, so you can understand why this return might be a bit shocking. But their Side A EP is a welcome and rather familiar-sounding rock offering. Energetic opener "Electric Truth" is probably the closest it gets to Safe From The Losing Fight or Apparitions of Melody, but "If I'm A Bird" (my personal favorite of the bunch) and "Sons of Old Glory" are still worthwhile tracks that don't stray too far from the band we knew and loved. "Lost Boy" might be the exception, sounding a bit like a song Ethan Luck might write, blending a calmer punk rock sound with the faintest hint of country music -- and it sounds great. It's great to K I D S back, and I hope that Side B doesn't signal the end again. - Review date: 4/21/17, Scott Fryberger


. Record Label: None
. Album length: 5 tracks: 20 minutes, 14 seconds
. Street Date: March 31, 2017
. Buy It: Amazon Music (MP3)

  1. Electric Truth (3:43)
  2. If I'm A Bird (3:47)
  3. Lost Boy (3:47)
  4. Sons of Old Glory (3:37)
  5. In Dreams (5:19)






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