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Haste The Day
That They May Know

Artist Info: Discography
Album length: 7 tracks: 31 minutes, 00 seconds
Street Date: October 12, 2002

I came into this EP from Haste The Day as someone who dislikes Jimmy Ryan's voice. It was a gift for a close friend of mine and since it was used, I decided to see how it compares to their first two full-lengths. That They May Know totally blew away my expectations, to say the least. It's extremely well written, has so much passion, and is a lot different than When Everything Falls and Burning Bridges. Something about the raw screams amidst the, at times, chaotic guitar, just feels right. Then, once it's stripped down to nothing more than an acoustic ("Epitaph"), their musical talents truly shine. The beautiful melodies on this EP are beyond mature, and for a first release, this really says something about this band.

That They May Know opens with: "Many Waters." After hearing it's a HTD album, most people would be suprised to know this is the opening track. It's quite melodic, but somehow manages to stand out, despite its simplicity. The song is a great way to start the EP and really sets the mood better than most records do. The simple repeated lines of "Many waters cannot quench love / many floods cannot drown it" complete the song. It if were left instrumental, it wouldn't have been nearly as impressive.

This leads into "Substance" which is much more what I (and most other people) would expect from HTD. Lyrically, a great anthem for those who might be hurting or just confused in their lives. "Shut your eyes and close your ears / bliss in the unknown of the hurt we bear / and I want you to know what I am going through," these are well thought-out, the singing at the end is also a nice way to finish. It balances the heavy music they're known for, but still adds a melodic side that most people aren't too aware of. "As Lambs" is another great track that shows off their mastery in the metalcore genre. It's the heaviest song on the EP, but also one of the best songs to jam to when you're in your car.

Next up is "Who We Are," which is completely unexpected, after the listener was assaulted with the previous two tracks. The melodic nature of this song is very welcome, breaking away from the norm again. Highlight of the track: the breakdown, hands down, the best breakdown on the EP, especially the way it transitions so well to a softer part. Lyrically, it's one of the best on the EP, as well. This brings us to the aforementioned track, "Epitaph." As said previously, it makes for a nice instrumental, showing off their talent. "The Dry Season" is the most obvious song lyrically and will defintely be appreciated by those who are looking for a simpler song. It's a cry to God to stay in someone's life, "I need You more than the lily needs rain / open the floodgates."

The EP closes with "Autumn," which is my personal favorite on the EP. It's a truly beautiful track. Musically, it is the perfect way to end any EP or full-length. The progressions in the song are seemless and all the little things in the background add so much depth to the song. It can be taken many ways lyrically. "Autumn" shows off their talents best, both musically and lyrically, so it's really no wonder why they chose to remake this song on their latest release.

Overall, this is an incredible first release. Many bands who have been making music for years don't even come close to this. I would recommend this for anyone who likes HTD, even if it's just a little, because this is so different, and could be something you'd really enjoy.

JFH Reader Review: Review date: 12/14/08, written by Matt Rogers for

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. Artist Info: Discography
. Record Label: (independent)
. Album length: 7 tracks: 31 minutes, 00 seconds
. Street Date: October 12, 2002
. Buy It:

  1. Many Waters
  2. Substance
  3. As Lambs
  4. Who We Are
  5. Epitaph
  6. The Dry Season
  7. Autumn



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