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Remedy Drive, The Daylight EP

Remedy Drive
The Daylight EP

Artist Info: Discography
Album length: 5 tracks: 16 minutes, 17 seconds
Street Date: March 30, 2010

In 2008, music fans were introduced to Remedy Drive's debut album. Produced by All Star United personality Ian Eskelin, Daylight Is Coming turned this four-brother jam band into a more radio-friendly pop rock outfit. Eskelin helped polish some edges that needed a little rounding, while the element fans discovered at their live show didn't seem to be too well represented on the recording. It's now almost two years later, and instead of a brand new sophomore record, Word is re-issuing the record in an "Expanded Edition" form featuring three brand new recordings. At first, disappointment begins to wash over at the thought that fans might only be getting three new songs for the price of a full album, however, for those reluctant to make a purchase of the album again, the label is also releasing on the same day The Daylight EP, a digital servicing of just these three new songs, with the addition of an acoustic rendition of one of the new songs, and, most enticingly, a remix of the song "Daylight" by Family Force 5 frontman Solomon "Soul Glow Activatur" Olds. The EP is undoubtedly the best buy for fans, and as a whole, the five tracks are pure gold. It's just regrettable that the acoustic and remix did not make Daylight Is Coming: Expanded Edition.

After listening to these new tracks many times separately and then as part of Daylight Is Coming, it's quite tempting to say that these three tracks rise above the rest of the 2008 recording. The new songs show an ever-so-slightly edgier, maybe just darker, feel, and are a little bit more raw in production. The songs also feel fuller and are laced with the emotion that the band brings to their live show. As the last of the three new tracks draws to a close, there's a sense of a cliff-hanger here. What will the next Remedy Drive record sound like? Will it be this good? If so, we want more!

And being left wanting more while still feeling a sense of satisfaction in the band's current direction-taking is a good place to have their listeners. "Guide You Home" leads the pack as a melodic embracing of those struggling to find their way in life. The band writes the song from the perspective of Christ offering His guidance. There's a melancholic feel to it that adds to the theme, but just like the rest of Daylight Is Coming, it's brimming with hope, and the climaxing chorus is encouraging. "Speak To Me" follows, the track that may best be suitable for radio of the three. It's an anthem for any believer anxious to actually hear from God. The theme is an appropriate successor to "Guide You Home," and it serves almost as a response to the preceding track. It starts out slower and builds to be ridiculously catchy. It's one of those songs that as it replays in your head, it becomes a heartfelt prayer, "Speak to me, oh Speak to me, I'm in between and I can't hear you. Whisper, shout it, give me something, I need it and I need Your voice, need a sound, Speak to me." "Rescue" brings a close to the three songs and Expanded Edition with a driving, almost epic intro. It's another encouraging track about clinging to God in the midst of an unraveling world and uncertain times.

Immediately after the new tracks end, we're treated to the Family Force 5 remix of "Daylight." The two bands toured together at the end of 2009 for FF5's Christmas tour, so it's not too surprising to find them pairing up here. The remix has a signature Family Force 5 feel musically. It undoubtedly feels like a remix, but it still maintains the form of a normal 3-minute song - not becoming drawn out or repetetive. Solomon Olds throws the proverbial kitchen sink at the original track, lacing it with electronic effects and sounds. It's a bit frenetic but delicious, liable to leave fans wondering what "Soul Glow" could have done with more remixes of Remedy's material. Lastly, the EP closes with an acoutic version of the new song, "Guide You Home," presenting a new stripped down recording of the song (it's not just a "remix" with an acoustic sound), this time completely driven by the piano. It has a great intimate feel to it that only strong acoustic versions can bring.

If you've yet to pick up the band's full-length 2008 debut, then the Daylight Is Coming: Expanded Edition is the ultimate package. But if you already own the 2008 release, however, your best bet would be to get the new songs, along with the two bonus tracks, via this digital-only Daylight EP. Either way, I'm loving where Remedy Drive is headed and can't wait until their sophomore effort is released.

- Review date: 3/28/10, written by John DiBiase of


. Record Label: Word Records
. Album length: 5 tracks: 16 minutes, 17 seconds
. Street Date: March 30, 2010
. Buy It: iTunes

  1. Guide You Home (3:13)
  2. Speak To Me (3:19)
  3. Rescue (3:35)
  4. Daylight (Remix by Soul Glow Activatur) (2:47)
  5. Guide You Home (Acoustic) (3:24)





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