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The Museum, Let Love Win

The Museum
Let Love Win

Artist Info: Discography
Album length: 11 tracks: 39 minutes, 49 seconds
Street Date: July 27, 2010

So far, 2010 has been good to worship music. Critics and music fans alike have often cited bland lyrics and cookie-cutter arrangements as weaknesses of the genre, but this year has produced a number of gems from both new and established artists, vertical music that doesn't sacrifice creativity for message. Of course, great music means higher standards, and much hope and expectation for newcomers to the genre. Enter new artist The Museum, a Georgia band ready to make their debut with Let Love Win.

The Museum's mission statement makes one thing clear: they are a band of the church and for the church, and continue to lead worship in their home of Atlanta. With a pop/rock sound reminiscent of Starfield and the softer side of their label mates Kutless, The Museum creates vertical lyrics and catchy melodies that stay true to church music form. So true in fact, that while the songs are likable enough and the members display talent, there aren't too many musical or lyrical moments that stand out to set them apart from their peers.

"Never Look Away" sets the mood immediately, with a sparkling guitar and humming keyboard intro that introduce a story of coming to faith in Christ: "I walked home alone today / Quickly I was lost along the way / 'Til you sat down in front of me / Took my hand, said 'Come on, follow me.'" Lead singer Ben Richter's voice noticeably resembles Kutless' Jon Micah Sumrall at times, and though he has enough edge to fit into a heavier rock band, for this sweetly melodic tune, he sounds appropriately warm and inviting. "You Are Love" kicks up the energy a bit in the bouncy, youth rally way, with a cadence and enthusiasm in the chorus that brings to mind David Crowder Band's "Foreverandever Etc."

The best moment comes in the lead single "My Help Comes from the Lord." It's very radio friendly, but there's a singable quality that can't be denied, and Richter's voice soars along with the guitar solo that dances on the edge of rock. "Lost in You" starts off with some of the best music on the record, but unfortunately, that includes some guitar lines that go back to the X&Y-era Coldplay vibe favored by worship artists looking for a big sound. Another fine moment comes in the hymn-like melody of "Allelujah," a song that shows Richter at his vocal best as it swells to a full-fledged rock tune. The melody feels both old and new and turns out to be one of the most worshipful songs on the record.

Closing track "The Anchor" delivers a bit of musical variety in a mellow ballad backed by piano, strings, and a touch of mandolin. If the opener was the story of first following Christ, then the closer finishes the tale by reflecting on a time of uncertainty: "All I've held on here is the anchor of my fear / All I'm looking for is the strength to let this go." When he concludes that "You're the anchor of my soul / By Your perfect love I know... I'm free," it's a nice way to bring the story full circle.

Let Love Win has its bright spots, but it has its flaws too. I expected it to sound like a worship album, but I did hope for a little more of an edge, a bit more rock. Sometimes it feels like they're holding something back to keep it church-friendly. The lyrical messages are clear and have nothing to dispute, but they're also less than memorable. While I had my hopes for The Museum, I found a few of the songs off Let Love Win lacking.

This band knows their mission and audience for sure, and for the most part, it's a pleasant introduction. But though Let Love Win pulls influences from a variety of fellow worshippers (and, of course, the aforementioned Coldplay moment), the effect feels tired, something we've heard before. It's disappointing to find Let Love Win a pleasant enough, but mostly forgettable, experience. Here's to hoping in future releases they will stretch their musical and lyrical abilities instead of settling for the same old song.

- Review date: 7/25/10, written by Jen Rose of

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JFH Staff's Second Opinion

Let me begin with saying that this is a fun album. While it's filled with serious lyrics that lean towards being worship songs, they have melodies and music that would usually accompany bands like Everyday Sunday and Relient K, which is a compliment. The Museum might just be making their debut but have truly come out with a "win" in Let Love Win. "Never Look Away" is a solid anthem singing of God's love shining on. It's one of those songs that just feels good to sing along with. "You Are Love" continues that rock with a pinch of punk with driving drums and guitar licks. It's a simple song singing, "Love for the loveless. Hope for the hopeless. You are Love!" While not the most complex words; the melody and music make this a song that makes you want to jump around. The title track "Let Love Win" shows the softer side of the band as they elevate the volume of the acoustic guitar and blend more harmonies into the mix. The softness continues with "My Help Comes From the Lord" which might be one of the weaker songs on the album as it sounds like a song that might be heard on Christian contemporary music radio, which doesn't make it weak but doesn't seem to fit the rest of the album. The stand out track on the album is hands down "Lost in You." Honestly, this the kind of song that might get stuck in your head and you wake up in the middle of the night singing. It is truly a beautiful song that really should grab the heart of any and all Christ followers to drop everything before Jesus. "Radiance" returns to the fast music that The Museum does so well at executing. What makes the song strong is that it keeps to the theme of how Christ's love should shine into our lives. The album concludes beautifully with "The Anchor" as it sings of how the Lord is what keeps us and sustains us. The Museum has nailed it! The album is enjoyable from start to finish. There is nothing overly fancy and not anything groundbreaking, but they've played to their strengths and created music that should attract attention. If this is their debut, I can't wait to see what else will come out of The Museum. - Ryan Barbee


. Record Label: BEC Recordings
. Album length: 11 tracks: 39 minutes, 49 seconds
. Street Date: July 27, 2010
. Buy It: iTunes
. Buy It:

  1. Never Look Away (3:58)
  2. You Are Love (3:00)
  3. Let Love Win (3:19)
  4. My Help Comes From The Lord (3:35)
  5. Lost In You (4:02)
  6. Buy This (3:24)
  7. The Call (3:50)
  8. Allelujah (3:34)
  9. Radiance (2:55)
  10. The Only One (4:14)
  11. The Anchor (4:06)



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