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Impending Doom, There Will Be Violence

Impending Doom
There Will Be Violence

Artist Info: Discography
Album length: 10 tracks: 34 minutes, 9 seconds
Street Date: July 20, 2010

In a perfect world, whenever a band released a new album, it would be better than anything they had done before. Unfortunately, this is frequently not the case, so it's nice when a band like Impending Doom manages to put out an album that easily trumps anything we've heard from them in the past. There Will Be Violence is that album.

As Impending Doom's third LP, There Will Be Violence offers an infinitely better product than the band's rather dreadful second release, The Serpent Servant. That album was a never ending stream of slow, grinding breakdowns overlaid with presumably creepy-sounding guitar work to accompany the creepy-looking artwork. There Will Be Violence is nearly the exact opposite, as the band abandons their slow grindcore sound for a faster, groove metal sound. As a result, they attack their instruments at full speed and unleash ten crunchy, blistering tracks of unadulterated metal goodness. There are still plenty of breakdowns to be enjoyed, but they are used in a much more tasteful fashion than before.

Behind the band's new-found sense of speed is drummer Brandon Trahan's impeccable performance. He frequently beats the daylights out of his snare drum in frantic blastbeats and is very proficient with the double bass, as displayed on the title track. The overall sense of rhythm and groove as a product is reminiscent of Lance Garvin's work with Living Sacrifice. Guitarist Cory Johnson also deserves mention for his solid riff work. The opening riff of "Peace Illusion" is particularly compelling, as is the instrumental track "Love Has Risen." Vocalist Brook Reeves growls and screams with conviction, and also allows himself to be shown up some with guest vocals from The Acacia Strain's Vincent Bennett on the album's highlight track, "The Great Fear." Tim Lambesis from As I Lay Dying is also featured on "Orphans."

Not surprisingly, the lyrical content is heavy and geared towards the apocalyptic. In "The Great Fear," we are told "I don't care who you are, you're afraid of death, you're terrified by how the world's going to end." Fortunately, Reeves goes on to say that "Hell is coming but I embrace the One who stands alone." There is a significant focus on war and persecution, as befits the album's title, but in the end Reeves declares that "I will never deny my faith!"

There Will Be Violence is the most musically appealing album Impending Doom has released to date. At the risk of sounding trite, it is also their most mature, as they avoid any of the cringe-worthy cliches that were present in prior releases. This year has already seen many excellent metal releases, and There Will Be Violence deserves a spot among the best.

- Review date: 7/20/10, written by Timothy Estabrooks of

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JFH Staff's Second Opinion

The "Gorship" boys of Riverside, CA have a brand new wave of God-fearing destruction, appropriately titled, There Will Be Violence. One quick listen through will tell you exactly what its name is all about. As always, Impending Doom delivers an absolutely bone-rattling performance, fueled on blast beats, ugly chords and bass drops around every quivering corner. The Serpent Servant could have been described as repetitive, but Violence harbors improved creativity, with even more vigor and passion than ever before. Each track is more distinct, and when you can pry your attention away from the inhuman blast beats of drummer Brandon Trahan, the band demonstrates an enhanced level of cohesive musicianship. Though some tracks like "The Great Fear" and the title track sound like a blur of chugs and kick drum triplets, a mellowed out, melody flavour graces "Love Has Risen," which is vocal free, unsurprisingly. Compelling though Brook Reeves' vocals are, they stand a shade from graceful. Impending Doom foregoes the subtleties of clean vocals or pretty guitar interludes so they can pile on the meat. But they are exactly as they should be. Sometimes you just want to turn off the Casting Crowns and praise your God with the walls shaking. And the sheer size and brutality of There Will Be Violence allows just that, in spades. This is easily the heaviest and most creative album to be unleashed; I tremble to think what could come next. - Wayne Reimer, 7/18/10


. Record Label: Facedown Records
. Album length: 10 tracks: 34 minutes, 9 seconds
. Street Date: July 20, 2010
. Buy It: iTunes
. Buy It:

  1. Hell Breaks Loose (1:16)
  2. There Will Be Violence (3:05)
  3. Orphans (3:56)
  4. Peace Illusion (3:12)
  5. The Great Fear (4:38)
  6. Walking Through Fire (2:47)
  7. Love Has Risen (4:44)
  8. The Son Is Mine (3:33)
  9. Children of Wrath (3:15)
  10. Sweating Blood (3:47)



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