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While Broken Hearts Prevail EP

Artist Info: Discography
Album length: 7 tracks
Street Date: October 28, 2008

A year after the release of I'm Only A Man, Emery is back at it again with a lengthy EP that is sure to please both new and old fans alike. While Broken Hearts Prevail is a collection of songs varying in style, however brought together through a central theme of brokenness and love. Many listeners will be delighted to discover that this EP parallels the band's origins and fan favorites, The Weak's End and The Question.

"The Smile, The Face" sets off the EP with deeply missed poignant screams and a capturing storyline. "And you say that I am not enough, but though my heart breaking open, know that I will not be broken," declares the chorus, sung with such confidence and conversational manner, it makes the song that much more alive, as if the captivating sounds and intensifying vocals weren't enough. This progressive sound carries onto "Edge Of The World" which includes memorable moments such as the screamed line, "My eyes are opened for the first time," subsequently followed by "…now I know that I was not the man you wanted, though I loved you and I wanted to make you proud; my intentions were to never give myself to anyone- look at what I've done," which is sung with much regret, yet crescendos into an explosion of screams and harmony for the closer. "Ten Talents" really stands out among the record as being the hauntingly conflicting song which is masked in utter confusion, only to expose some hope as it ends singing, "Our love is all we need; We're going to make it, so let's close our eyes tonight and just believe." The following tracks, "It Always Depends" and "Thoughlife," are less energetic, and more so soft-spoken, yet keep the emotional momentum that owns each of these 7 tracks. "Say The Things (You Want)" and "Do The Things (You Want)" are not only similarly titled, but also carry a similar tune. Though placed at different locations in the track listing, they seem to complete each other: they have their separate personalities, but cannot seem to exist apart from other.

As aforementioned, this EP is filled with much energy and enthusiasm that is typical of any Emery song. Whether fans like it or not, these musicians always put forth their best efforts and talents; and it is evident. The dual vocals between Toby Morrell and Devin Shelton are always breath-taking, as their harmony and contrast is profound and daringly inimitable. As one can gather from the EP's title, the stories found behind each song are heart-wrenching and unfortunately so relatable, even with such regret, confusion, and heartache. This was their focus with this particular collection, and the idea of spirituality is not anywhere to be found.

I highly doubt my words will do Emery's music justice. Over the years, some Emery fans have become lost in the shuffle, but While Broken Hearts Prevail has proven to erase all traces of doubt. It is a homecoming of sorts for the band, as much as it is for the fans. It displays what we've come to know and love from this band. Sometimes, what is familiar to us is best.

- Review date: 10/26/08, written by Lindsay Wiseman of

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JFH Staff's Second Opinion

Let me just say that I don't like EP's. Especially when they're not a band's first release. I'd rather wait another year or two for a full-length piece of work. That being said, Emery is one of my favorite bands of all time, so what do I have to say about the seven song release? It's a wonderful blend of exactly what Emery is known for. The lighter side of screamo that's jam packed with emotional lyrics such as, "But I can't, for the life of me remember when you changed your words from I love you to saying you don't know," and songs like "The Smile, The Face," "Ten Talents," and "Thoughtlife" would easily fit onto any of the bands previous releases and will leave hardcore fans well pleased. While the band does not stray too far from their norm, they do use synthesizers more often, and songs like "It Always Depends" and "Do The Things (You Want)" show Emery's small steps towards musical change. Completing the album is "Edge Of The World" which is your staple Emery track (much like "Walls" or "Studying Politics") and makes this EP worth your while in itself. I still wish that Emery would have waited a year to put out a full length release, but this is a very solid seven track EP nonetheless. - Kevin Hoskins of


CD . Record Label: Tooth & Nail Records
. Album length: 7 tracks
. Street Date: October 28, 2008
. Buy It:

  1. The Smile, The Face
  2. Edge Of The World
  3. Say The Things (You Want)
  4. Ten Talents
  5. It Always Depends
  6. Thoughtlife
  7. Do The Things (You Want)
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