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Nicholas Miller

Nicholas Miller
Bye and Bye - Single

Street Date: October 15, 2021
Style: Folk / Sing-Songwriter / Acoustic / Worship
Official Site:
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Nicholas Miller is a writer, producer, singer/songwriter, and performer. Miller has been releasing music since 2013 and currently produces for B+ Music in California. The multi-talented and versatile Miller released a somewhat surprising single back in 2021 entitled "Bye and Bye." While most of his music has a little more of a gospel feel, this particular song is a flawless sounding folk number. It's just Miller on guitar and vocals -- the only additional "instrumentation" is the whistling that happens during the breaks. Everything from the fingerpicked acoustic guitar, the chord choices (with several great runs), to the fantastic vocals make this song work. On top of that, Miller did a phenomenal job on the production. It's easy to mess something up this simplistic, but the sound is perfect. In the song -- which is inspired by his grandmother's passing and her faith in the Lord -- Miller sings about life lessons from his parents (his mother in the first verse and his father in the second), personal experiences and reliance on God, and his future in Heaven. Nicholas sings, "So when I stop to smell the roses; when I sit back and review. I can come to the conclusion that, Lord, I can't do this without You," and continues, "You see this pain in has a purpose and there's a lesson in the loss. Cause you can't have salvation without the grave and the cross." It truly is a lovely song in all aspects. While Nicholas Miller may not be a name that you are super familiar with, he is writing and producing some top quality music and serving the Lord in several different ways. I'd highly recommend a listen to this song.

- Review date: 5/19/23, written by Michael Weaver of

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. Record Label: None
. Album length: 1 tracks: 4 minutes, 20 seconds
. Street Date: October 15, 2021
. Buy It: Apple Music

  1. Bye and Bye (4:44)




  • Jesus Freak Hideout (Michael Weaver): First off, could you just take a minute to talk about the inspiration for this song and what it's about. You can tell it's very personal and meaningful.

    Nicholas Miller: While the chord structure (and whistle) started to come together in late 2020 the inspiration for the lyrics for this song came to me the following year through the conversations I would have with my grandmother, Francis Miller- Harris; She would hear me playing the music and whistling this melody and hear I was nearby in the house and call me over to her room to talk about life. It's those conversations that sparked an idea for the words to this song…her go to phrase was "just keep living".

    As my grandmother's health had begun to decline during the course of the pandemic. We made it a point to find time to hang out in her room and sing songs and have family time together. One of the lyrics to a hymn we sang made her thankful and emotional. "We will understand it better by and by" I knew I wanted to capture what I believed my Grandmother had come to realize throughout the course of her life. "Just Keep Living." I believe it was her version of what we heard in that Hymn so I wanted to combine the words of wisdom I have received from her over the years with the heart of that special hymn as a way to honor my grandmother's life. =)

  • JFH (Michael): Most of your music I've heard is a little more gospel-centric -- though "My Redeemer" and "Fall in Love With Jesus" are clearly acoustic guitar based. What drew you to this folk sound for "Bye and Bye." The style fits perfectly with the storytelling aspect of the song.

    Nicholas: You are so right! "Bye and Bye" doesn't fall perfectly in line with the rest of the songs I've written (Musically or Lyrically). From the beginning, I've always tried to write records that pull from ALL of my musical inspirations as well as push on my own personal boundaries as a musician. Personally that is what I think my fav writers have done and I believe those things have led to the growing variety in my songwriting.

  • JFH (Michael): While it's best classified as a folk song for sure, you throw in a few added wrinkles with some of your chord choices and runs. It really adds a nice and unique flavor. Could you talk about how you approached the musical side of things as well?

    Nicholas: This song came together in a way that felt incredibly organic. I started writing the guitar parts after I whistled that opening melody of the song a few times and It started falling into place from there. I think the decisions on what to play for this song mostly came from focusing on a FEELING. While writing the first ideas of the song I kept walking around my parents house yelling as i played my guitar " it has to FEEL like…" looking back at that moment now, I'm sure it sounded like I lost my

    But, aside from me trying to dust off some of my music theory knowledge in the bridge of the song. Every creative decision about this song came from a place of me trying to combine feelings that I get when I heard some impactful song in my life….like a hymn's song structure, or the chord selection of my favorite singer-songwriter's, or the intimacy of a folk or acoustic performance. I just tried to write a song that had those feelings in them and this song came out of that

  • JFH (Michael): You're a very busy guy with producing, writing and recording your own material, and serving on the worship team on your church. How do you stay balanced with everything you do?

    Nicholas: Honestly, I haven't always balanced everything on my plate well. It was/is a learning experience for me…But I thank God for the people he has brought into my life that have helped me see things differently. Starting with my Wife and close family who have allowed me to realize something called the pace of grace, and the importance of the mindset of rest and sabbath. Because of God working through them i feel like i'm haven't had to try so hard or do everything at the same time. I'm learning how to better balance things on my plate by learning from the people / community God has placed around me.

  • JFH (Michael): You've been an active performer in the past and have some big credits to your name. Do you have any sort of tour plans or dates scheduled currently?

    Nicholas: As much as I LOVE being able to worship with new friends in new places… My Touring plans have gone on hold for the bulk of this year. For a very special reason, My wife and I are just enjoying this time with the birth of our first child(Maverick)who was born April 28th of this year. So we are just taking it easy with travel for a little while and putting our effort into finishing an EP before the end of the summer. We will start putting together dates when the time feels right. But we are both trying to make our home/family our first and most important ministry.

  • JFH (Michael): Since "Bye and Bye" revolves around your family and faith, is there a particular scripture that stands out to you that captures these things -- or serves as a great memory?

    Nicholas: I think Romans 5:3-11 (I know that a lot of verses but I love it so much). It's a message about how important it is to have perseverance ties in so well into the meaning behind the phrase my grandmother would say "Just Keep Living" I think she was a shining example of the things perseverance will produce not only your life but the lives of the people you touch. I believe that my grandmother found her reason to "just keep living" her life…on purpose,and for a purpose. And everytime I read those verses it reminds me of her reason why.

    P.S. Thanks for letting me share this with you =)
    Don't Quit..Keep Going…Just Keep Living



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