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Mr. Weaverface, 'Thorn In My Flesh - Single'

Mr. Weaverface
Thorn In My Flesh - Single

Artist Info: Discography
Street Date: October 13, 2023
Style: Alternative Post-Grunge Rock
Official Site: www.mrweaverface.com
Buy It: Apple Music

Mr. Weaverface (aka Brendon Weaver) -- no relation -- is an independent rock artist specializing in alternative and post-grunge rock. There are clearly 90's rock influences in his material, but the music is modern in nature. Mr. Weaverface has been releasing singles over the past couple of years and has even performed at big festivals, like SoulFest, in 2022. When he's not rocking out to his own tunes, Mr. Weaverface plays and sings with his church's worship team and runs his own optometry practice in Pennsylvania.

Mr. Weaverface's most recently single, "Thorn in My Flesh," was released in October 2023. The track takes inspiration from Ephesians 6:12, "For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the ruler of the darkness of this age, against spiritual host of wickedness in the heavenly places." Brendon says it is a personal song about his lifelong battle with the demonic and how God revealed the realities of spiritual warfare to him with the biggest key being that we are to trust God to use the devil's evil schemes for good. The song is lyrically a rebuke of an oppressive demon and a speaking of God's truth over the struggle. The chorus is an anthem of trust in God as Weaver sings, "This hardship I endure to make salvation sure. God's way the only cure, but I'm tired of your lies. There will be a time when you are no longer a thorn in my flesh." While this very singable and catchy hook puts full trust in God, the bridge hits a little harder. He declares, "I don't care to know your name. Not even close to exalted fame of the glorious one I praise, the name of above all names. You're no longer welcome here; I have no use for disembodied fear. The only spirit that I hold dear is holy from above" and finally ending with, "...for you can't show His love." Despite knowing the devil is attacking, these lyrics boldly proclaim God's power over all things. This is a great message for anyone dealing with the dark thoughts and attacks of the enemy.

Musically, this one is an upbeat, hard rocker. As mentioned before, taking cues from 90s bands like Stone Temple Pilots, Mr. Weaverface puts his own modern spin on the classic alternative sound. A slower guitar-only intro leads through the entire first verse as it builds to a crescendo at the end, bringing in full guitar, bass, and drums. The grooving second verse is a nice segue between the huge melodic choruses and the driving bridge that follows. This is a rock number that gets your head bobbing and features a catchy melody. Brendon tops it all off with a great vocal performance that is perfectly fitting for the genre. All-in-all, it's a wonderful listening experience from front to back.

Mr. Weaverface may hit you with an interesting and playful name, but his music is certainly legitimate. Fans of modern rock, as well as rock music from the 90's, should find plenty to like about Mr. Weaverface's sound and his newest single. For those that enjoy "Thorn in My Flesh," or one of Mr. Weaverface's previous singles, you won't have to wait long for new music as a new single is set to release in June. In the meantime, rock fans should do themselves a favor and check out Brendon's current set of releases. It's also worth a recommendation to a friend or loved one struggling with spiritual warfare as it's a great reminder of who holds the victory.

- Review date: 5/18/24, written by Michael Weaver of Jesusfreakhideout.com

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JFH Indie Spotlight Review . Record Label: None
. Album length: 1 track: 4 minutes, 39 seconds
. Street Date: April 19, 2024
. Buy It: Apple Music

  1. Thorn In My Flesh (4:39)
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  • Jesus Freak Hideout (Michael Weaver): Being a Weaver myself, I jumped all over the chance to review your single. What inspired you to name your musical project something as unique as Mr. Weaverface?

    Mr. Weaverface: Haha, great last name! Mr. Weaverface was a nickname given to me from my friend in high school for our high school bowling team. We all had nicknames for the team: Happy Cheez, Unit Boy, Chowder Lips, and Mr. Weaverface. The nickname must of worked because we won the high school bowling league championship! And if the name brought success to bowling, why not see if it helps out with this Christian rock project? Plus, I thought Mr. Weaverface is more memorable that just using my real name.

  • JFH (Michael): Your love for 90's rock music is pretty obvious when listening to your music. I like how you're able to pay homage to this sound without sounding like a 90's artist yourself. How do you walk the line of taking clear inspiration, but still giving a modern flare to your sound?

    Mr. Weaverface: Each artist/band has it's unique sound, or SHOULD have it's unique sound, which is opposite of what most of the music is coming out today. So, even though I've been influenced by bands such as The Smashing Pumpkins, Stone Temple Pilots, Foo Fighters, Our Lady Peace, Radiohead, U2, I would say my unique writing style on what I think makes a song sound good is what gives it the modern flair you're talking about. Also, a lot of it has to do with how it's produced in the studio, and I have Jonathan Sambrick at Thornwall Studios to thank for that.

  • JFH (Michael): "Thorn in My Flesh" tackles subject matter that a lot of Christians and churches are scared to talk about: Demonic oppression and spiritual warfare. Both are very real things (just read Ephesians 6:12), but they still seem to be uncomfortable topics for many. You said this was a personal song, but what drew you to this idea?

    Mr. Weaverface: I was personally demonically oppressed, and with that was a sin addiction laced with anxiety, bipolar behavior, suicidal thoughts, evil thoughts, panic attacks and whatever other psychological term is out there for a negative headspace. It was only later that the Holy Spirit revealed what I had done in ignorance. I repented of it and the process of coming out of it was not easy, but Jesus helped me out and now it's good writing material for sharing with others the reality of the spiritual side of our lives. People look to many different things to find help with the difficulties in their lives, but what they are looking for is Jesus. That's the solution.

  • JFH (Michael): I appreciate how the lyrics not only rebuke this evil force, but also very clearly show that the trust and victory is found in God. How important was it for you to show both sides clearly?

    Mr. Weaverface: It's very important because it's completely real and affects every living human being, even if you are ignorant and whether you believe in God or not. Also, when the devil attacks you just have to stand firm and say, "No!" with the power of Jesus within those who believe. And turn to God instead of turning away from God. The devil is relentless, and as humans we get worn down, falling for the lies of the enemy, but trusting God is the only way. It's really easy to fall for the lies of the devil, and that is why it's important to pray, fast and read the Bible. We will still fall short, but we have a loving God that forgives us when we ask for forgiveness.

  • JFH (Michael): I really like the artwork and the lyric video you put together for this song as well. Did you put this together yourself, or did you work with another artist?

    Mr. Weaverface: I like being creative and making videos for my TikTok, Instagram and YouTube channel, but I found a random guy on Fiverr to make the lyric video, and I think he did a fantastic job. Sean Green, from the band, Behold the Beloved, recommended Joshua Bramlett from Quiet Strength Designs (who is also in the Christian rock band, The Protest), who did the latest artwork for "These Lungs" and "Thorn In My Flesh." I appreciate the Independent artists looking out for one another because, you know, the music business is a difficult business.

  • JFH (Michael): Would you like to share any additional items or news with our readers? Information about your upcoming single, where they can follow you on-line, your YouTube channel, or any other personal plugs you'd like to make?

    Mr. Weaverface: I would like to thank Jesus for freeing me and allowing me to share the Good News through the music. If Jesus freed me from addiction and anxiety, He can certainly do that for anyone else, and He certainly has. Regarding the music, I am excited to share that I have a new song coming out called "Above All Names," which will be released on Friday June 7, 2024. You can find everything about Mr. Weaverface at mrweaverface.com. I'm just starting out on this Christian rock journey, so I'm always looking for new fans and followers of Mr. Weaverface. Check me out on my socials and I hope to see you there!



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