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04. The Gift (The Ballad of Jim and Della)

by Compliments Of Gus


It was December twenty four and she had naught
With which to buy her prince a gift worthy of his love
And it weren’t for want of saving, for she’d tried
But empty handed she now slumped, prayers flung open wide
And then in that moment, it all crystallized
She knew what she must do to remedy this need
With a sparkle in her eye she went to town
And traded brunette locks for a chain of gold

She was giving all she had for one she loved
To celebrate the Father’s gift to us

Peace, peace is here
Tell the world, Christ is near
Love, have no fear
Love has come, Christ is here

Della’s heart could only tremble at the thought
Of Jim’s reaction to her short crop of schoolboy hair
But she knew how grand his fob would match the chain
She was sure he’d understand the price she’d had to pay
“Darling Del, your hair is gone!” he cried
But then he saw the chain of gold and he sat down with a smile
“I sold the watch to buy these precious combs,
Merry Christmas Del, my love, our gifts can wait a while”

He had given all he had for one he loved
To celebrate the Father’s gift to us

And this gift bought with such sacrifice
For every woman, man and child
And this gift, bought at such great a price
No, we can’t understand, no, we can’t comprehend
No we just can’t explain it, we just know that peace is here

Words and music by Jared Haschek Based on the short story The Gift of the Magi by O. Porter, 1906 © Copyright 2009 Jared Haschek
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