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07. Coronafication

A View of the World
by Birds of Accord


Coronafication, edu-muh-cation
Policies lined up, media lied (what?)
Reckless, feckless Chinese cabinet
Government got me a stimulus package
Wuhan virus – better watch out!
Quarantine the nation or spread it all out
Cough on your neighborhood market meat section
Claim it as a prank and watch the recession
What’s more important than hitting the panic button
than misinforming the public about a virus?
Pick or choose – either way you might lose
Hindsight’s 2020, I mean, Trump 2020 (Kamala 2020)
I just wanna go to the beach, but the beach sand covered up the halfpipe
and now my skate rights get taken away
Celebrities telling me it’ll be alright
But the state keeps tearing up the Bill of Rights.
Let’s shut down the economy now
You might just die going out of bounds
People can’t stay inside all of their life
When Covid-19’s not enough to justify national suicide
Big Poppa government goin’ do what it can
A trillion dollar deficit doesn’t matter to the Man
People poopin’ in the streets of San Francisco
But I guess somewhere on a list it must be essential
You better watch out for the pack of wolves
Lambs to the slaughter keep getting fooled
Shepherd outside keeps yelling for his sheep
The lazy man says, “There’s a lion in the street!”
State keeps saying, “Give it time –
Socialism is alright.
Just keep giving up your rights
In Communism no one dies.”
AOC on the internet says,
“Don’t go to work and stop paying rent.
Stay inside until its time
Crisis can’t be wasted, right?”
Help me with another package
China’s got my back
They’re scratchin’ tickets on the back of packets
Killin’ Christians is their passion
Don’t forget to mask the masses
Play along and receive your rations.
Democrats, liberals, and leftists
keep switching gears and changing directions
Moving the goalposts to help make their points
All social distancing away from the truth
BLM-fication is tribalism on steroids
Its not about forgiveness
and its certainly not about justice
They want apologies from me for things I didn’t do
Then they should apologize to me when Adam ate the fruit
How come black lives only matter when a white cop takes them?
Black babies are murdered in the womb, they’re forsaken
Black on black crime stats are looking pretty high
You’ll never hear about it cause it doesn’t fit the lie
Go and find the black cops murdered by looters
Listen to the black business owners you looted.
You say you’re all woke, but you really don’t care
I hope it was worth it, your cities are burning.
Peel back the skin
All I see is red.
All I see is red.

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