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01. Wake UP

Flashing Lights
by Rio_24K


Found myself making other pieces of me that you discarded
So this is what they talk about when they say broken hearted
Thought I was a kind of person, the type who had a handle
As we would have it and exploding like a Roman candle
And it's pretty in the sky

Wake up wake, up wake, up wake up!
(And it's pretty in the sky
I done learned everything the hard way
Seems we done come a long way!)
Get up, get up, get up, get up!
(And it's pretty in the sky
to whom it may concern
Your blessing is on its way, wait your turn!)

Fresh out them boulevard of broken dreams
Keep it real what you seeing ain't really what it seem
As a younging I been running chasing for my dream
Now I'm living as royalty living for a king
Use to scheming for the money momma never notice
Summer time when my heart was really getting the coldest
Wanting Otis had some friends with ulterior motives
I decoded and they thought that I would never notice
Verse 2:

Seen a lot and done a lot I just count my blessings
When I almost went to jail I swear I learned a lesson
You can really have it all an lose it in a second
Use to failing but still I'm aiming up for perfection
My mind a weapon I'm just living like a living legend
Going through hell on this road I'm a make it to heaven
Number seven keep it G until the death of me
I admit it the streets was getting the best of me
People expecting me to do whatever that I gotta do
I did everything in this world except for keep it true
And follow u//////u the reason that I'm a man today
My brother praying I don't end up on first 48
Life and times of this artist some pictures you don't see
And if they love me they gone love me cuz I'm being me
Couple shots in the hood deflated some hoop dreams
But it's royalty on this side we some new kings

Verse 3:

Rip to my homies that never got to change
Same cash from the hood but trust I'm not the same
Wrote letter to The Lord expressing my pain
I'ma make a difference not trying to do it in vain

If I ain't spreading the truth then I ain't doing nothing
God spoke to me the moment that I lost my cousin
Been through a lot I'm just looking for blessings
I know it's after but on earth I'm just looking for heaven

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