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08. True

Flashing Lights
by Rio_24K


Hook: Keep it true you know i gotta keep it true
Living by the word I don't know if you heard i ain't worried about what them people do
Born Leader Trying to drink the good water no liter
I remember cold nights with no heater
I remember getting game with no teacher
Keep it true you know i got to keep it true
living by the word I dont know if you heard I aint worried bout what them people Do
Keep it true You know i Got to keep it true

Verse 1:
Following God And im living his word because i know that its true
All of my homies they with me no viben we do what it do
If and you know me you know how i do and you know that its real
Fresh out my city im fresh out my hood where i almost got killed
Im a say his name let it rang like a 4 4
As a younging i was running from the popo
Couple homies from my city done went pro
Rmemeber touching on my pockets it was lent tho
Hint tho from the lord that he want me
Man i got a little boy that i got to feed
I remember spending time with the Oz's
I remember getting game from the OG's
Keep it true was a young man raised on pickachu
till the street life came in creeping through
Got some homeboys gone thats sleeping to
Trying to spread the word to the people who people want to listen though
But the can't understand my vision though and not everybody got my mission though
Man i got to keep it true
everything done in the dark gone come to light so them people going to see it to
No flex zone, you riding come on, they see us we on, everywhere my home.
Verse 2:
Let me get it right back got a new mind
Trying to go around the world with a new grind
And they saying keep going boy it take time
Had to qiut my street job had to resign
Had to refine God got my back now i got a new spine
Music in the trap they saying giving dope lines
But i tell the truth im really giving hope lines
Keep it real man im really doing it for the vine
Do it for the vine yeah im really gone do it
I'm just out here in the world really do it through the music
I'm really trying to influence everybody on the right page
Old friends coming back from the ice age
Boy i been a different man since i got saved
talking bout where cash from the myspace
Want to talk to your boy come to my place
Boy i went and lost it all because a old case

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