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05. Hear Your Voice

Even More
by Jonathan Jackson


Verse 1:
Chariots of Fire
Coming through the clouds
I've heard about
I've heard about
The words you would speak
Causing dead men to rise
They’re coming out
From underground

I wanna see you
Like a fire so bright
So There’s no where left to hide it
I try to pray through
The walls of my doubt
When there are no words left to say

I wanna hear Your voice
Every whisper that comes through
I wanna hear You
When there are no words left to say
I wanna hear Your voice

Verse 2:
You hold the stars
And cause oceans to part
I’ve heard about
I’ve heard about
Healing the sick
Causing lame men to walk
They’re running now
Yeah I’m running now

I've heard stories
I’ve felt you close to me
But I'm barely
Hanging on
To something I can't even see
I need a reason
Need You to move me
‘Cause right where You are
Is right where I wanna be

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