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Manic Drive

Whiplash Records alt rock foursome Manic Drive returned last Fall with their sophomore effort "Reset & Rewind" and JFH's own Laura Sproull quizzed guitarist Michael Cavallo about the album, touring, and the band's origins...
This interview took place in February 10, 2008.

  • (Laura Sproull): What is the meaning behind the name "Manic Drive"? How did you transition from One Cross to what we all know as MD today?
    Michael Cavallo: We wanted to change the name as a way of showing the industry and our fans that we were maturing and growing up as artists and not that kid band "One Cross" people use to identify us with. How the new name came about was just my brother and I (Shawn) loved the word "manic" just cause we thought it described the band's personality and music. We later added the word "drive" as in to pursue or to be driven in life. As Christians, we want to live radically and manically for Christ in our lifestyle and pursue Him always.

  • JFH (Laura): Does your single "Eleven Regrets" play any role in your life and in the lives of the band? What is the story behind the song?
    Michael: "Eleven Regrets" is a song simply about falling short in life. For example, when a man shows his appreciation for a woman, he'll usually show up with a bouquet of flowers (a dozen flowers). Instead, he shows up with eleven regrets and one flower. Just a small token of what is expected with a trail of mistakes behind him. Sometimes that's what we feel like when we fall short of God. There are times in my life where I feel shallow of my mistakes that almost feel unforgivable. It's encouraging to know that God is graceful and forgiving.

  • JFH (Laura): How did it feel to work with someone as iconic in Christian music as Kevin Max?
    Michael: I was in the third grade when I bought dc Talk's "Free at Last" album and have been a huge fan of dc Talk ever since. I had seen them perform in front of tens of thousands in my hometown, Toronto, ON, and was just another screaming fan that admire their music. We had the opportunity to perform with him a couple of times in our touring, but when I heard through our label that Kevin was interested in singing on our record, I kicked my feet in a fit of joy. I was so thrilled to have him featured on our album. It was a great honor.

  • JFH (Laura): "December Mourning" seems to convey emotions of sadness and depression during a time of great joy and celebration. What inspired this song?
    Michael: My Grandmother passed away one Christmas and when Christmas comes around now, it reminds me of her. Many people lose loved ones at Christmas and so we wrote "December Mourning" knowing it would hit home with a lot of people.

  • JFH (Laura): When you guys aren't touring, what do you like to do in your spare time? Album cover
    Michael: There are so many things we love to do aside from touring. Sports, movies, fooseball, hitting the beach, working out, billiards, darts, shopping, video games, reading, dodgeball, horse back riding, hot tubbing, bubble baths, etc. Really the list goes on. We're pretty much up for anything.

  • JFH (Laura): Have you heard any bands or records in particular lately that you've been really excited about?
    Michael: Lately I have been digging New Orleans' very own Mute Math. I find their music to be quite brilliant and innovative. Also, I'm really excited to hear Kevin Max's new record "The Blood," which features Joanne Cash, Mary Mary, and fellow dc Talk'ers Michael Tait and TobyMac.

  • JFH (Laura): How do you, as a band, stay focused while on the road and off?
    Michael: It's simply our passion that keeps us focused as a group. We love performing and doing the music thing full time and, at the same time, share our faith. We make efforts to pray before shows and keep Christ as a focal point in our lives.

  • JFH (Laura): What has God been teaching you lately?
    Michael: Patience. When traveling for hours on end with four guys in a van, sometimes those walls come closing in. We are learning to be patient with each other and embrace one another as brothers and follow our passion and career of music. We are learning to count our blessings and be content where we are in our lives.

  • JFH (Laura): Any last comments?
    Michael: Beware of frozen cheeseburgers wrapped in plastic. They may look tasty, but trust me, you'll be in for a surprise.




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