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Monday Morning

Pop/rock band Monday Morning emerge from the underground with their Selectric Records debut Fool's Paradise. Our own Lauren Summerford recently got a moment to quiz the band's vocalist Derek Stipe on their name, their origin, and where they're headed...
This interview took place on: January, 2006

  • Jesus freak Hideout: How did Monday Morning get started as a band?
    Derek Stipe: We got started just jamming together as we met. Kevin and I obviously knew each other being brothers, and Kent and I had gone to high school together. We met Justin at church, and after playing music with a few other guys there, narrowed it down to our core four. We thought we kinda had something special, so we started playing out, getting better, and it just exploded from there.

  • JFH: What's the story behind the name Monday Morning?
    Derek: Monday Morning is a dose of reality. When you confront the world, yourself, and everything around you. No more games, masks, or half truths. That is the boldness we want our music to have.

  • JFH: How did you get hooked up with Selectric Records?
    Derek: David Bach (A&R) had his eye on us even before Selectric was a thought. So when we were free of our old record deal gone sour, Dave stepped in with the offers from Selectric. And we like Dave, so here we are.

  • JFH: Who has influenced the sound of the band?
    Derek: The list goes on and on, and continues to grow. However, some of our biggest influences musically are U2, Pearl Jam, Silverchair, Led Zeppelin, and Our Lady Peace.

  • JFH: Is there a favorite song you guys have from Fool's Paradise?
    Derek: My personal favorite is "Wonder of it All," due to its personal significance. It's my story of faith and hope above pain and bitterness. Reminds me where I was, and where I've been brought to. Humbling, yet empowering.

  • JFH: How would you describe the overall concept of Fool's Paradise, musically and lyrically?
    Derek: Fool's Paradise is our take on the world right now. What concerns us, what we want to change, who we want to be. It's full of songs that illustrate these thoughts, and we hope it inspires and/or challenges its listeners.

  • JFH: Did any songs from your two indie projects make it to Fool's Paradise?
    Derek: Derek Stipe Yes, in fact a lot did. All but three songs on Fool's Paradise were songs originally written for one of our independent records. We still like them, so there's no use in keeping them from everyone else.

  • JFH: Can you explain the album's cover art?
    Derek: True art has its own meaning for each person who views it. It's very symbolic, and to me has a meaning very similar to the album title. Paradise lost, but we still can't get enough.

  • JFH: What is the band's goal as Monday Morning?
    Derek: Besides world domination? :) We just want to continue writing and performing powerful music that challenges and inspires people, right to their core. Emotional and passionate music, with choruses that make you want to scream along.

  • JFH: Is the band interested in the mainstream? Have there been any opportunities?
    Derek: To answer "no" to this question seems just unimaginable. We want our music to be heard by the most amount of people possible. We have been well-received in all our mainstream opportunities, and feel very comfortable performing any crowd. Whether in a club or in a church, the spirit of our performance remains unchanged.

  • JFH: Do you have any upcoming tour plans?
    Derek: Mayyybe... keep checking our website at

  • JFH: Are any of you married? Anyone have children?
    Derek: None of us are married. And no children. Unless dogs count, and in that case, Justin has a really cool dog.

  • JFH: If you could perform with anyone past or present who would it be?
    Derek: This is where, as individuals in the band, we would all differ. But, I think everyone would agree they'd love to play with some great classic and modern rock bands like Zeppelin, STP, U2.

  • JFH: What song do you hear from another artist and wish the band wrote first?
    Derek: For me, I always thought Creed's 'My Own Prison' would have been that for me. Slightly different vocal tone of course. :)

  • JFH: What would your fans be surprised to know about you?
    Derek: That three of us (Kent, Justin, and I) are hardcore skiers and snowboarders. We spend as much off time riding at any resort we can get to.

  • JFH: What CD's are you currently listening to?
    Derek: I am currently listening to Butch Walker - Letters, and Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams.

  • JFH: For us "gearheads", what kind of musical equipment do you guys use (preference)?
    Derek: Kent uses Taye Drums, Kevin used Gallien Kruger bass equipment, and Justin uses Marshall guitar amps/cabs. He also plays Gibson guitars, and I use Audix microphones.

  • JFH: When life gets hectic, how do you maintain your focus on Christ?
    Derek: To answer honestly, there is no special formula. My relationship with Christ is a lot like my other relationships. I sometimes neglect Him, dissapoint Him. But that's the wonderful thing about Jesus, is He loves us anyway. I daily remind myself of His grace, and it can be a crippling thing to realize how dirty I am, and I still remain loved by God. That realization brings back a focus on Him, however brief or extended. For me to say that I keep my focus on Him always would be an outright fallacy. We all should do our best, and grow when He allows us to.

  • JFH: Any last comments?
    Derek: Yeah! Thanks for putting this up, and remember everyone, go out and get our record Fool's Paradise! I'd really appreciate it, and I hope to see everyone who reads this soon at one of our shows!

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