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Nine Lashes

While on their fall 2013 tour,'s Michael Weaver caught up with Nine Lashes' Jeremy Dunn on location in Bushnell, FL before the final night of the From Water Tour...
This interview took place on: October 5, 2013.

  • JFH (Michael Weaver): How has the tour been so far? Good turn outs?

    Jeremy Dunn: It's been great. Turnouts are up and down, but pretty good overall. I've really been impressed by the personnel on the tour; the bands have been awesome to work with. No head-butting, nothing like that, and everyone gets along great so it's always a plus.

  • JFH (Michael): It always makes things go a little smoother I imagine.

    Jeremy: Oh yeah. We're pretty difficult, but other than that… *laughs*

  • JFH (Michael): You had problems last night in northeast Florida with your bus. How trying is something like that, knowing you have to be somewhere by morning and to be stranded?

    Jeremy: We blew up the U-Haul website, the Penske website, the Enterprise website trying to rent something or whatever. We eventually figured it out. We did what where I'm from we call it "Jimmy Rig" -- where you make something work in a way it's not supposed to work (*laughs*) and it gets you by until you're able to fix it.

  • JFH (Michael): We say "Jerry Rig in Florida (*laughs*). What plans do you guys have coming up after the tour? This is the last date.

    Jeremy: Well, actually, now that the Fireflight thing is not happening, we're gonna go home for a while. I'm really excited about it though because we're gonna have plenty of time to-- we added two new songs for this tour, but we didn't have enough time to prepare for this tour and add more new stuff and with a new album coming out around the first of the year we're really excited about implementing all of that. I think we're going to work out a full-blown acoustic set, so you'll be happy about that. We're going to work out that and add a lot of new songs and it's going to be great.

  • JFH (Michael): Yeah, it'd be good to hear some of the new stuff live. How did you guys get involved with Grace Unplugged -- the movie and the soundtrack? From what I understand you guys are actually in it.

    Jeremy: Yeah! Well, Jared, Noah, and Jon play the band for the girl when she gets signed and goes out on tour; they're her band. That came through EMI actually. They were contacted and needed a band from Alabama. We were one and there as a worship band in Alabama, so we got suggested for the movie. It was cool because they took one of the songs too. The song was, I think, "The Void." [That] was in the movie, too. We actually saw it last night; it was pretty awesome.

  • JFH (Michael): Did you guys pick "The Void", or did they just say, "Here, this is one we want." How did that work?

    Jeremy: They had free reign over that. It's whatever they picked.

  • JFH (Michael): That's kinda neat though.

    Jeremy: Oh yeah, always exciting. I'll tell you, from that experience, if I had gone and watched The Dark Knight, and for some reason I just happened to know Christian Bale personally, the movie would have been ruined. I can't take my guys seriously. I know them, so when they're on the big screen, that's not random drummer #5… That's Noah. *laughs*

  • JFH (Michael): That's definitely really neat though. Your second album [as a signed band] isn't even out yet and you're already in a major motion picture. That's not bad.

    Jeremy: It was exciting. It was definitely all God, man. God is good.

  • JFH (Michael): We talked about it a little bit last night, but your new single, "Break the World" is out on radio. The song has some electronic elements that are a little heavier than what was in the last album. Is that something that's zoned into that particular song, or is that something you're putting throughout the whole album?

    Jeremy: We really did want to incorporate a lot more this go-around. I grew up on rock, but one of my favorite bands growing up was Linkin Park and so I've always loved that. We thought it was a side of our taste that we didn't know how to do before and now that we do, we just really wanted to incorporate it and try and bring it out. It's not a techno album by any means (*laughs*). You're still getting a rock album, but definitely some added emphasis on that.

  • JFH (Michael): The new album, From Water to War, is obviously where the tour name comes from. What's the meaning behind it?

    Jeremy: It's literally baptism. So, you give your life to Christ and then baptism represents the death. You die to yourself when you're submerged and then you come back up a new creation. I mean, baptism doesn't save you, but it represents what really takes place.

  • JFH (Michael): Yeah, yeah. It's the symbolism.

    Jeremy: We die to ourselves and we come to life in Christ. It's just the whole image, when you come alive in Christ you're introduced to this whole new world where there is a war waging for souls. Satan is trying to take as many people down with him as he can and God's trying to rescue as many as He can. You know?

  • JFH (Michael): Well, that makes tonight pretty special then. Given the name of the album and what it's about, this is the last night of the tour, and we are baptizing six crew members.

    Jeremy: Oh yeah. Yep! We brought it up as just a thought; Tank had the thought, "What if we just have a baptism? Is there anybody that hasn't been baptized before?" So, we're going to do that tonight, but we're opening it up the public too. So, anybody that makes a decision tonight, if they're over 18 they can get baptized; if they're under they have to ask their parents, but as long as they have permission… We're gonna be doing some baptizing tonight!

  • JFH (Michael): That's pretty good. Pretty good. You've worked with pretty good producers in [Travis] Wyrick and [Aaron] Sprinkle. Who do you have on board this time?

    Jeremy: Well, this album was split between Aaron Sprinkle and Jasen Rauch.

  • JFH (Michael): He just did the Love & Death album.

    Jeremy: Yeah, he did the Love & Death album. I think he -- it's not out yet, but I think he -- just did some work on the new Manafest, too. We worked with him on it and it really, really helped to balance out the album a lot. Aaron's really good at the programming stuff you were talking about on "Break the World" and everything. He really got to bring those elements and let it spread throughout the rest. Rauch is a really great rock producer; that's his specialty. You get a heavier riff and a good melody and he's right at home. It really helped keep us in the center. You have one this direction and in this direction and you end up in the center.

  • JFH (Michael): Rauch SHOULD be a good thing. I thought Love & Death's [album] was produced very well, but it didn't sound overproduced to me, personally. Hopefully that comes through in your new stuff. You said earlier in the year [for the new album]. Do you have a release date yet?

    Jeremy: Um… It's tentative.

  • JFH (Michael): I've been seeing random dates all over the internet.

    Jeremy: I can name the month. It got pushed back. It was almost this month, but it got pushed back because we missed some of the deadlines. Because we're so close to Christmas, even a little pushback turns into a big pushback because you can't release within a certain amount of time before Christmas or you just get destroyed. It will probably be January. January is what's being thrown around right now. Specific dates I don't know, but worst case scenario it will hit February. Right now, it's looking like January.

  • JFH (Michael): February will be right on the money for two years, right? The last one was in February [2012]?

    Jeremy: Yep, it was February 14th.

  • JFH (Michael): Look at you… All over it.

    Jeremy: All over it! So, we might do that. It just depends on the numbers. We gotta crunch numbers.

  • JFH (Michael): I've seen random dates all over the internet. Mainly New Year's Day and the week after are the two dates, [Jeremy: That's funny] and they are being announced like, "This is it. This is the release date."

    Jeremy: Oh, wow. Maybe we're out of the loop *laughter* Sweet, thanks for telling me.

  • JFH (Michael): We're talking about your music and the album, so what artists inspire you to do the things you do. You already said Linkin Park…

    Jeremy: Oh yeah, they are. It's crazy because there are so many bands that I love and there's so many different types of music that I love. As I've gotten older, I've rounded out. I was a metal head growing up. At one point in my life, it's just branched out into all these different kinds of music. I literally said the other day, talking to my wife, Julie, 'man now that I think about I think my favorite band of all time was Linkin Park.' I still love them; even their new stuff, I still love it. But as far as influence writing wise, I can't even… You can't pinpoint that. It's crazy. Everything from… I mean, the other day, I was listening to Tenth Avenue North and that inspired a song and then you turn around and got something heavy by Love & Death or something like that. You're surrounded by so many different genres it just comes from all directions really.

  • JFH (Michael): Oh yeah. Usually the question alone, "What's your favorite band" is usually followed by something like Christian band or secular band? Let's narrow this down some. I've got a ton on either side.

    Jeremy: Oh yeah. Definitely. And I'm always nervous answering that because I feel like the next day it's going to change. I feel like there's bands that were my favorite at one time and then I got over it and moved on, and then my favorite at another time and got over it and moved on. But, I kept coming back to Linkin Park, so I feel like that's a safe guess.

  • JFH (Michael): Their first two albums were pretty stellar.

    Jeremy: Oh, they were awesome. I think that's what it is. They kinda matured and they went a little bit of a different direction about the same time my tastes were starting to round out and broaden. So it's almost like I rediscovered a band for a different reason. I loved them because I loved to rock before and now I love them for a completely different reason.

  • JFH (Michael): It's getting close to show time so I won't hold you up long, but anything extra you want to add in?

    Jeremy: Just that the tour's been awesome. If anybody reads this interview, go check out LastWatch and Jason Dunn; they've got some stuff coming out. Jason Dunn's album should be releasing this month some time. So go check it out and keep a look out for ours in January.

  • JFH (Michael): January 1st, right? *laughs*

    Jeremy: Uh… It's January, Maybe-th of 2014…

    Nine Lashes's sophomore album, From Water To War will be available wherever music is sold January... something, 2014!

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