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Listen to the new single from CJ Ray!


Soul P

As Beatmart Recordings readies to premiere what the label is considering their biggest release yet,'s Justin Mabee caught up with Soul P. to ask him a few questions about the artist's pending debut, his music, and the hip hop industry as a whole.
This interview took place on: November 20, 2006

  • JFH (Justin Mabee): What has your journey to getting signed been like? Tell us a bit about your history.
    Soul P: My journey has been a lot of work, a lot of hardships, and a lot of learning that has taught me a whole lot. So itís been a lot of fun. I released my first solo record in 2003 called Simply Soul and then released my second indie record The Soul Affect, and it dropped in January of this year. So I have been grinding for a little bit now, And now Iíve got The Premiere coming out.

  • Jesus freak Hideout: Where do you get the most inspiration for your songs?
    Soul P: Soul P album cover I get a lot of inspiration from lifeís surroundings. Really, thatís all I draw from, my own soul and what I deal with on a personal level.

  • JFH: We've heard from Beatmart Recordings that Todd Collins considers you to be the pioneer / best thing right now for the record label. How do you feel about a statement like that?
    Soul P: *laughs* I feel good if thatís what he thinks, thatís true to him. And I accept it and I just do me and be myself in the midst of everything.

  • JFH: Do you have a favorite song on your debut, The Premiere (which releases December 26)?
    Soul P: Man, I honestly love all of the joints! But at this moment, the joints I have been listening to the most are: ďGoodness,Ē ďHey Young Man,Ē ďHear My Cry,Ē and ďIím the Street.Ē

  • JFH: What can hip hop fans expect from the album, musically and lyrically?
    Soul P: It is a very musical record, a lot of live instruments - from strings and bass to guitar. So it is very soulful and when we go commercial, we take you there. Lyrically, itís Soul P doing what I do best. I deal with issues concerning the ghetto, America, love, grinding, trusting in Christ, etc. Iíve always kept what I do simple and straight to the point.

  • JFH: Is there any potential for mainstream exposure for The Premiere?
    Soul P: Yea, itís got a whole lot of potential, thatís why we are utilizing all the options that we have from shooting videos to radio to touring, etc. So for us, to push forward that potential into making it happen, it's a lot of foot we are doing, which any artist that has done anything major, they know itís a lot of work to make that potential pop.

  • JFH: Please explain the song "You Make Me."
    Soul P: Basically that is a joint talking about my wife and the way she makes me feel, and women that are in menís lives that stick by us through everything, even when we are not good men to the women we are with.

  • JFH: What about "I'm Grindin'?"
    Soul P: Pretty much what the title is. Grinding is working hard and doing it for God at the same time, but being relentless about it at the same time and not taking shorts. We Go Hard!

  • JFH: What can you tell us about the song "Money More?"
    Soul P: This is a joint about artists that just do it for the money and donít care about how their music is affecting [and] ruining lives. And the only reason they do it for is the money, without even considering the souls that are listening.

  • JFH: Are there any artists that you are looking at collaborating with on future records? Anyone in particular you'd like to connect with?
    Soul P: I would love to collaborate with Jonny Lang! That dudeís voice is sick and heís just got style! In the future, I am in talks with a few cats, just building relationships with cats, so we will see in the future...

  • JFH: What do you think would need to happen in the Christian hip hop community for it to rival (or directly affect) the mainstream scene?
    Soul P: Just better music and constant growth, and more stuff that is universal, I feel, for the masses without comprising the Good news. And I feel the artist needs to be more unified and not criticize other artists cause they donít do it like them. Cause I have done that before and realized that ainít helping the movement at all. We all need to support each other and I feel in that, the Spirit, God, would open a lot more doors for the genre as a whole.

  • JFH: Is there anything new you're working on currently (besides promoting the record)?
    Soul P: New joints for the next recordÖ doing a lot of brainstorming right now, collecting tracks and things like that. Iím also recording a few series for this thing we are doing called "Getting in with Soul P." It should be real cool for the people to see, it's me in another element just enjoying myself and clowning around with people I just met right on the spot.

  • JFH: Lastly, is there anything you'd like to say to your listeners or just hip hop fans in general?
    Soul P: Hopefully y'all go pick up the record and hopefully y'all enjoy it and hear my heart as an artist and a man. And look out for a lot more from ya boy Soul P. and always keep God first. Peace and Blessings from Soul P.

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