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Below are the currently existing Titles and their Tracks for "The Showdown".
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    Back Breaker (2008)
          01. Titanomachy - The Beginning
          02. Hephaestus - The Hammer of the Gods
          03. Aphrodite - The Disillusionaire
          04. Achilles - The Back Breaker
          05. Prometheus - The Fires of Deliverance
          06. Cerberus - The Hellhound Awaits
          07. Odysseus - A Song of Hope
          08. Ares - I Am Vengeance
          09. Infernus - You Will Move
          10. Nemesis - Give Us This Day
          11. Medea - One Foot In Hell

    Temptation Come My Way (2007)
          01. Head Down
          02. Six Feet Under
          03. We Die Young
          04. Breath of the Swamp
          05. It Drinks From Me
          06. Temptation Come My Way
          07. Forget My Name
          08. Spitting In the Wind
          09. I, Victim (Here's to the Year)
          10. Carry On My Wayward Son
          11. Death Finds Us Breathing

    A Chorus of Obliteration (2004)
          01. A Monument Encased In Ash
          02. Hell Can't Stop Us Now
          03. Epic: A Chorus of Obliteration
          04. From the Mouth of Gath Come Terror
          05. A Proclamation of Evil's Fate
          06. Dagon Undone (The Reckoning)
          07. Iscariot
          08. Dolor Per Proelium (Your Name Is Defeat)
          09. Deus Invictus (Your Name Is Victory)
          10. Laid to Rest
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