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10. I Think I'm Going To See You

The Fear Of God
by Showbread


madness is like love
it makes you see the world a different way
maybe love just helps you say the things that madness can't convey

when an evil spirit leaves a man
it goes flying through the desert
looks for a place to stay and then comes back
and that's what's got me hiding out
from rapists thieves and perverts
the newsman telling me we're under attack

because the more the world puts in my mouth
the less i feel like chewing it
i found the way to madness and i'm opening the door
the more they say what's on my mind
the more i feel i'm losing it
they tell me what to care about and i don't care anymore

cause there's a hole in the fabric of my sanity
and it's getting big enough to see through
and on the other side of losing my mind
i think i'm going to see you

i pledge allegiance to myself
don't make much sense to me
and if freedom frees the idiots
i don't think i've been set free
with all the emphasis on money and guns
and looking out for number one
seems like clouds in my coffee

cause the world is a lady with a veil over her face
but i'm tearing it away because she's got something to hide
and all our hopes and dreams i fear have been badly misplaced
cause life means giving up yourself and i'm not afraid to die

there's a fire on the flag that makes you who you are
and i think my mask is starting to slip
and now that everythings breaking down
i think i'm getting a grip

the more the world puts in my mouth
the more i feel like throwing up
i've found the way to freedom and i'm opening the door
the more they tell me how to care
the more and more i'm giving up
afraid of God and life and death, and i'm not afraid anymore




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