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02. These Things Take Time

Pieces Of A Real Heart
by Sanctus Real


I want to know why pain makes me stronger / I want to know why good men die / Why am I so afraid of the dark, but I stray from the light? / I want to know why You gave me eyes when faith is how I see / And tell me, is it easier to doubt or harder to believe? / Oh, thereís so many questions stirring in me // And Iím wondering why / Sometimes the truth ainít easy to find / I want to know all the answers / But Iím learning that these things take time/ Yeah, these things take time // How can success make us feel like failures? / And the harder we fall, the harder we try / The more I have, the more I need just to feel like Iím getting by / Oh, thereís so many questions in one short life // And we spend so much time chasing our tails / Hoping to find every last answer to everything in life / So many questions, not enough time // Hey, we all want to understand why evil lives, and good men die / On the way to Heaven, the truth unwinds / These things take time / These things take time / Yeah, these things take time

Written by Matt Hammitt, Chris Rohman, Mark Graalman, Pete Prevost, Dan Gartley, and Christopher Stevens // © 2010 Birdwing Music / Toledo Tomorrow Music / 1012 Rosedale Music / Even-The Music (ASCAP) / Olde Irish Publishing / River Oaks Music Company (BMI) / Look At My Beard / Stonebrook Music Company (SESAC) / Admin. by EMI CMG Publishing / Regisfunk Music (BMI)

Behind the Song:
"This song came from the realization that as long as people inhabit the earth there will be questions without answers. Why, then, did God give us these gifts of curiosity and rational thought? Doesnít He know we will confuse them for tools of doubt and disbelief? Yet still He encourages us to ponder what we donít understand.

When weíre younger, itís easy to pine for the answers to lifeís big questions; and to clarify; itís good to ask tough questions that can challenge our beliefs. The infinite Creator is bigger than our finite uncertainty. In other words, Heís not as afraid to answer, as we usually are to ask. We grow older though and begin to realize how dissatisfying it would be to know all the answers. The glory of God is revealed more greatly in the unrequited mystery.

This begs another question: Is having answers the only thing? Is knowledge the ultimate experience God wants us to accomplish? How often do we miss the glorious event because weíre fixated on aligning the details? This song is a reminder that God is found often in the journey itself as much as in the understanding of it." - Sanctus Real




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