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09. Poor God

by As Hell Retreats


You have done nothing
And You're becoming nothing in my life
I'm pushing You out, I'm getting rid of my faith
Because I want no part of this name
Because I don't want to be a part of this shame that we have created

I'm becoming a bastard, a fatherless son
My attempts to bring you back to the righteous core
Isn't working anymore.

"What were you thinking giving up on him?" They would ask me.
It's because it feels like He is never with me...
That monster.

As I sit back and watch the world take you over with greed and power
All I can think to myself is poor God.

Poor God, I've given up on him.
Poor God, for his name is being used for malice and violence
I'm going to try to pour God back in my life
And I'll fight, and I'll fight, and not hide.

But will it be worth it? Or will I still hear nothing?
Come on, you monster. Give me something.
I am waiting. I'm only waiting...

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Behind the Song:
"The song "Poor God" is about how I personally felt like I couldn't be a part of "Christianity" anymore because all I got from it was God being used for violence, greed, and corruption. That wasn't my style, I guess you can say, and I wanted no part of God's name anymore. I even tried to feel something from Him, and I just couldn't. Later, I realized that I walk away and it is still happening. His name being used for malice and violence, etc. So after thinking about mankind ruining the name of God, all I can think is "poor God", because it really isn't His fault that people are destroying His name. So now I want to try to come back and help his name be restored for love and hope. But then I have fear of whether or not I'll hear or feel from His spirit again, even though I'm trying to restore his name. It's basically just being real with everybody in this world. I wanted to show that I question and even doubt. I'm not a perfect man when trying to walk a faithful walk. That's impossible. I have troubles, so I wanted to show that to anybody who puts their time into reading these lyrics. I wanted to show "reality" I guess you can say when walking in a faithful path."




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