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06. I'm Not Here For Rage I'm Here For Revenge (More Than Your Hook Up)

We Do What We Want
by Emery


Your self destruction has become mine
Your reflection contains nothing but vacant eyes
Those vacant eyes tell the stories, tell the stories
You forsake all loyalties for lies

Youíre too late to decide
This canít go right
Cause I got this tonight, I got this tonight

I wondered how hurt youíd be
(the words weíve become)
after you read this
(were they yours or mine)
Did it even speed your heart beat
(is that what you thought)
or make you nervous
(thought that you would find)
I need say this, the best parts were hush, hush The
(what you waited for tonight, tonight)
best parts were pure luck
But I swore that this time I was more than your hook up

Those vacant eyes looking back
To see your words under my skin
And I am more than a moment
But I had to give in
A person gets just one chance
To say what they really mean
You said yours Iíll say mine
Itís all wasted, so fake it, at 19
The best years have passed you by
The best years have already passed

You forsake all loyalties for lies
You forsake all loyalties for lies

Your penny thoughts of leaving
(I can still hear the sound)
Together from this town
(We can work this out)
Convinced the boy inside me
(With the last of my strength)
To let his guard down
(I said everything)
You played me so well,
(Enjoy your time left)
I didnít notice when the floor fell
(Without the blame)
From underneath my feet
I thought we were floating

Is this the world passing by
Or is it turning, turning
This is the first time that I
Have ever looked inside myself

It was the first time that I
Ever looked inside myself

Now the world beneath my feet is turning, turning
Oh this silly world keeps turning, turning away

All this time the world I knew
Was turning, turning
All this time that I loved you
You were turning, turning away




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